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Ah the glorious freedom that is moving away from home.

Whether you’re heading off to college or just finally managed to figure out how to fund both rent and your wardrobe essentials, there’s nothing quite like that first big move.

If you are in fact heading off to embrace the college experience and find yourself wondering what will happen on the big move-in day, here’s a little break down. Fair warning: sometimes Hollywood lies to us and it’s not all amazing parties and tanning on the roof, this is real life and someone will have to hoover eventually…

You might have to share a room, that will get awkward some day

You will become an expert nap taker

Budgeting will get really real, really fast


There will be a lot of house parties, choose wisely

You will try to 'spring clean' at some point

There will be people who just cannot share

'Free food' become the two most exciting words in your mind

Study week is a whole new world of adventures

Having a clean floor becomes the ultimate luxury

Someone is going to try and enforce 'house rules', good luck with that





Living alone is not something that many twenty-somethings have experience of.

If you were lucky enough to move out of home for college, you most likely lived in a den of cider cans and stolen traffic cones with at least three others. Those of us who took off on J1 summers will know the pain/joy of three months on an air mattress, living with 16 others in a house built for four. Oh, adult life!

After college the thought of renting alone can seem a little daunting. I know for me it did, but after four months of house-sharing with one silent German girl who refused to make eye contact, and another who had pretty much taken on her boyfriend as a fourth (non-paying) renter, I decided it was time for a change.

None of my pals were looking to move out at the time, so I took the plunge and rented a one-bedroom flat. It wasn’t a major decision – the one-bed apartment just happened to be the nicest, best value and most conveniently located of all the places I’d viewed. Before I knew it, I’d moved my stuff in and was suddenly living solo á la Carrie Bradshaw.

Things definitely took a lot of getting used to – there’s something strange about arriving home and realising you’re the only person who’s been in the house all day. And when I ran out of teabags for the first time, for some reason it felt a little lonely not to be able to borrow one from a roomie. It’s the little things!

Aside from that though, living by myself was the best decision I’d ever made. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time alone in the house to be honest – either I was out, at work or having friends over – but I came to cherish the moments I did get to spend there by myself.

There was no one to silently judge my choice of TV (yes, I happen to adore University Challenge – what of it?!), no one to come barrelling into the living room with a gang of mates when I’d planned a quiet night, and no one to hog the shower/kitchen/Wi-Fi. Plus, if I didn’t particularly feel like wearing a bra of an evening, well, who was to know? Bliss!

There is definitely a psychological hurdle that comes with moving into a place by yourself. Just like it can feel slightly odd at first to sit in a restaurant alone or order a drink in a bar with no-one sitting beside you, living alone does take some getting used to. But I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Your twenties are all about getting to know yourself and who you are – and what better way to embrace these years than by going it alone? Never again will you have the opportunity to be so fiercely independent.

Although I only lived my lovely little one-bed for less than a year before a room came up in a pal’s house, it was enough to make me realise that I didn’t necessarily need to rely on other people to be content.

Yes, it certainly takes a period of adjustment and it mightn’t be for everyone, but I truly believe that living by yourself is one of the most satisfying and enriching experiences you’ll ever have. Give it a go!



Whether you moved away for college or are finally renting your own place now that you have a paying job, the time comes when you need to say goodbye to your good old single bed and step out into the big, bad world.

Here are a few things you'll only realise when you're living out of home…

1. Laundry doesn't do itself
And, even worse, it's VERY time-consuming. All that washing, drying and ironing, only to wear your clothes and get them dirty again. It's a vicious circle!

2. Food is VERY expensive
Since when did chicken breasts start costing approximately 1 million euro apiece?! Your mum might have turned her nose up at the Tesco Value products but they'll do just fine for you, thank you very much

3. Not only that, food goes off way too fast
You had such good intentions for that bag of lettuce and those bananas. But now they're all slimy and stinky. How did your parents keep your fridge constantly stocked with fresh food?! It's a mystery.

4. Bathrooms get dirty very quickly
Oh… so the toilet doesn't stay clean forever. And what's all this grotty stuff on the shower doors? Can I move home now please?

5. A cosy house = heating = bills
Your new place never has that warm and inviting feeling when you walk in, because you're terrified of leaving the heating on for too long. Sure it's grand, you can just throw on a jumper… over your jumper.

6. Your mum is a kitchen hero
Cooking for six people with different tastes… every night? Without retreating to the sitting room and crying? You can barely manage to feed yourself, let alone the entire house.

7. Housemates can be HARD WORK
Either they never, ever wash their own dishes, or they love having people over at 3am on a Tuesday. There's always something that'll grind your gears. And as they're not your little brother or sister, you can't start shouting at them. Boo.

8. Nothing beats a cheeky weekend trip back home
All the food. All!



If you’re just starting college, or you’ve just got a job and can finally afford to move out of home, you may be in the midst of making the decision between living with your parents, or living with your friends (or strangers too).

While moving out sounds like the best option at first glance, things aren’t always as simple as they seem…

Benefits of living with your parents

Even if you are paying your parents rent, it’s not going to be as much as what you would pay a landlord in the city centre. You need to think about whether or not you want to save your money, or splash the cash. What kind of future do you want – a memory bank full of good times, or a bank account full of money to get your own place somewhere?

Nothing beats your mammy’s cooking. Even if you don’t like it now, a couple of weeks of beans and toast will have you running back for the Sunday roast. The fridge in your parent’s house will never be as stark as the fridge in your rented flat either. There’s ALWAYS a few slices of ham kickin’ around!

It’s getting into those winter months now, which means you’ll want to be curled up in front of the fire every night. Heating costs money though, and if you’re renting you may find yourself doubling up on jumpers instead of flicking that switch. Not so cosy!

If you move in with strangers, you don’t know how messy they’re going to be. At least at home you can rely on a certain level of cleanliness!

Benefits of living with friends

Living away from home gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. No questions asked! What could be better?

Irish mammies are known for their snooping skills, but living away from home means you don’t have to lock your diary away in a bullet proof safe. If you don’t change your address though, be warned: they WILL open your post!

Woohoo! You can invite your boyfriend over, and he can even stay the night! In fact, you can invite all your friends over and have a party, brilliant!

If you’re living with friends, you’ll probably all like similar TV shows so there won’t be too many arguments over the remote. Unlike living with your parents where you have to watch everything on your laptop because Nationwide is never ending. Ugh!