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There have been plenty of dangerous body 'trends' that have emerged in recent years.

These trends, such as the thigh gap, bikini bridge and ab crack, are used by some people as a marker of diet and exercise success, but for some, the pursuit of these attributes (which are completely un-obtainable for some, depending on body type) can lead to a dangerous diet and exercise attitude. 

A new trend is emerging, which has been coined by The Daily Mail as 'ribcage bragging.'


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The popularisation of the term has been blamed on celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

These women all have visible rib cages when posing perfectly in bikinis, looking glamorous and elegant, which could lead those who are susceptible to body envy to wishing for a prominent rib cage themselves.


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Like most of these 'thinspirational' concepts, a visible ribcage isn't necessarily a reality for everyone, and could promote a visible ribcage as an unachievable accolade to people susceptible to low body confidence. 

Others think that this is officially 'the stupidest' marker of a desirable body ever, because some can simply suck in the stomachs and take a deep breath to reveal their ribs.

Luckily, most Twitter users agree with us in thinking that this 'body trend' is completely ludicrous. 

'Ribcage bragging – showing the bones of your ribs is trending on Instagram. This is not healthy and celebrities need to stop this craze,' said one.

Others are enraged by the concept of a ribcage being a trend, as some slim women have visible ribs without trying to conform to the latest Instagram fad. 

Bella Hadid has previously faced criticism for her slim figure and visible ribs, and has been accused of glamorising a low weight. 

'Your ribs. Eat. Dangerous role model for young girls looking at you as an idol,' said one critic.

The trending fad is seen as potentially dangerous, and much like the thigh gap and the bikini bridge, it could prompt disordered eating or dangerous exercising habits in those racing to achieve one. 



Bella Hadid has taken over the fashion world, and no runway is complete without her or her blonde bombshell of a sister taking to the stage.

It seems that H&M feels this way, as the high street fashion house booked both sisters for their Paris Fashion Week show last night.

While the siblings took to the catwalk, a particular ex of Bella's was also booked to perform on the night. 


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The exes crossed paths at the show, but after their previous run-in at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the pair kept their cool. 

According to E!, the model didn't move to the singer's serenade or catch his eye, and instead kept her gaze forward ike a true professional. 

The pair began dating back in back in April 2015 when Bella agreed to pose for the Canadian musician's album artwork for the Beauty Behind The Madness.

The Starboy singer and the super model reportedly split last year due to hectic work schedules. 

The Weeknd has since started publicly dating singer Selena Gomez.



Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were one of the cutest celebrity couples, and after they split they had to endure the most awkward of encounters on the Victoria's Secret runway.

The pair have kept tight lipped about their break up, and in the two months since the split, The Weeknd has very publicly began dating fellow musician Selena Gomez.

Bella, who seemed to be handling the split very well, has finally decided to speak up about her feelings in the aftermath of the break up. 


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The model admits that it wasn't as easy to deal with as it may have seemed to the public. 

"It was my first breakup—or second, next to the horse—and so public. As an outsider, you might think I handled it so well, but it's always in your heart, and you always feel it very heavily," the model told Teen Vogue.

"It'll be hard for a while. Love hurts, but you have to pull through," said the striking beauty, who recently deleted Selena Gomez on Instagram after pictures of her and The Weeknd were released. 

"I'll always respect him, and I'll always love him," she said.

"Sometimes you want to be sad about it or handle it differently, but at the end of the day, you never want to burn a bridge that you've fought so hard to build."

We think Bella has handled the break up with total grace. 

The pair began dating back in back in April 2015 when Bella agreed to pose for the Canadian musician's album artwork for the Beauty Behind The Madness.

The couple allegedly split due to clashing work schedules.




The Hadid sisters proved they're more than just pretty faces when they joined a protest against Trump's controversial Muslim ban.

The girls took to the streets in New York to denounce Trump's ban on residents of seven Muslim countries entering America.

The Hadid family have close ties with the Muslim community as their dad Mohamed Hadid is Muslim, as is Gigi's boyfriend Zayn Malik. 

A photo from the protest showed Gigi and Bella proudly holding a sign which read: "We are all Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, Jews."

The supermodel sisters joined a large crowd in Battery Park, shouting: "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here."

And it seems like they aren't the only ones with strong feelings on the subject.

Fellow model Cara Delevinge echoed their sentiments as she posted the following photo from a protest to her Instagram account.

We're glad to see Gigi and Bella are using their influence to stand up for others and defying stereotypes about models while they're at it!



This week, Bella Hadid stepped out at the Dior ball wearing a completely sheer dress that showed her nipples.

Predictably, the world fell into apparent disarray at the sight of them (God forbid) with headlines blasting "Bella Hadid flashes nipples," "Bella Hadid nipple show," and (most bizarrely), "Bella Hadid's nipples still aren't over that Selena Gomez thing."

She attended the Couture Week event with fellow nipple-freeing pal Kendall Jenner, yet even with the most popular of social media stars and models flouting the unwritten rule of never letting the nip slip, it's still seen as a faux pas. 

Why, as a society, aren't we over female nipples? After all, we see them plastered on the glamour pull-outs in teenage boy's bedrooms, on beaches, on benches seating breast feeding mums and on couture runways, so why are they still such an inflammatory novelty? 

As a feminist, the fact that women's nipples are so often censored is more of an irksome inequality rather than a big, Repeal the 8th-style issue, but it's still an example of how women are made to feel ashamed of their sexuality rather than being encouraged to own it. 

The fact that the female nipple offends is bizarre, after all it is just a small pigmented circle on the chest that marks the spot of lactation, if you really break it down to its true utilitarian purpose.

It's the suggestiveness that society assigns to nipples that's the problem. 

And men have them too, obviously, a point that Instagram page Genderless Nipples proved by uploading close ups of both male and female nipples to see which would be censored (spoiler alert, no one can tell the difference).

People may argue that it is not the nipple itself that is the issue, but the overall breast it is attached to. 

One has to call bull**** on that too, as after all, underboob and women flaunting their breasts in nipple pasties is rarely shamed or censored. 

Even the outline of a nipple, or the suggestion of bralessness under a T-shirt is hyper sexualised and shamed, as we saw when world class athlete Serena Williams was shamed for her "distracting" nipples on the tennis court during Wimbledon 2016.

Because after she won her 7th Wimbledon title she was planning on gyrating, NSFW style, on the asphalt.


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Instagram also seems to take issue with female nipples, swatting them down each time they appear like they're a personal pet peeve of the social media site. 

Women are regularly excluded from the site for showing a sliver of areola, and the FreetheNipple hashtag is rife with censorship. 

Celebrities like Chrissy Tiegan, Miley Cyrus and Scout Willis have all been silenced for posting a suggestion of a nip.

Even within the fashion industry, where nudity is seen as tasteful and artistic, only small breasts peep coyly through swathes of fabric (like Bella's) while anything over a B-cup is considered pornographic. 

Back in the 1930s, men's nipples were seen as taboo too, but a few protests and some brief news coverage later, 1936 rolled around and men were free to present their pectorals in public without any grievances.

81 years later, women still have not managed to detangle their nipples (ouch) from the elaborately crocheted mess that is sexualisation in society. 

While there is no argument to be made for universal, mandatory bralessness, a departure from the slut-shaming and scandalization of female breasts would be nice for a change. 



Many of us don't take much notice during the haute couture fashion weeks.

Yes, we'll stare in awe of the embellished gowns, but in reality, we know we're never going to actually wear one of them.

However, a moment needs to be made for Chanel's haute couture fashion show in Paris this week.

Kendall, Bella and Lily-Rose Depp all got to dress up as princesses for the day, and the dresses all look like something from a fairytale:

Lily Rose Depp at Chanel

Bella Hadid in Chanel

Kendall Jenner in Chanel haute couture

Chanel haute couture 2017

Chanel haute couture 2017

One day… *sighs*


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Two months after his split with Victoria's Secret model Bella Hadid, the Weeknd was spotted out on a date with singer Selena Gomez. 

The Cant Keep My Hands To Myself singer and the Weekend were seen kissing behind a dumpster (not very Hollywood glam) in Los Angeles. 

The pair were photographed cuddling as they walked down the street and were generally acting like a cutsie loved up couple.

Bella Hadid isn't too happy about this, and understandably unfollowed Selena on Instagram. 

However she still follows her ex The Weeknd, real name Abel Tesfaye. 

Just in case you want to have a quick creep, right Bella? 

Bella and The Weeknd dated for almost two years after they met in back in April 2015 when Bella agreed to pose for the Canadian musician's album artwork for the Beauty Behind The Madness.

The pair split two months ago, reportedly due to hectic work schedules. 

Their schedules became synchronised at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in December, when The Weeknd performed a string of his most popular hits while Bella stormed the catwalk.

Selena Gomez aso performed at the event. 



They may be two of the most recognisable faces in the world right now, but that doesn't mean Gigi and Bella Hadid have the market cornered on everything as Instagram soon learned when footage of the siblings rapping Starships by Nicki Minaj made its way online this week.

Uploaded by the woman behind the 2012 track, the two Victoria's Secret angels can be seen giving it their all backstage, but not everyone is impressed.

"Even tho they are models and unreal please learn the words before you are posted on the World Wide Web," wrote one Instagram user. (sic)

"They can't do it like Nicki," added another while a fellow Nicki Minaj follower wrote: "New level of cringe."

We'll let Gigi and Bella take it from here…


#Bella #Gigi

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Bella Hadid just achieved a major modelling milestone by storming the catwalk at the Victoria's Secret fashion show.

While we're sure modelling will always be her first love, the model is swapping out her angel wings for a sketch pad and sewing needle, as she just revealed her plans to move into fashion design.

The famous model's first foray into design comes in the form of a collaborative collection with fashion house Chrome Hearts.


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Taking to Instagram to announce her next business move, the model added a snap of herself in a stylised t-shirt of her own design. 

Captioning the shot, Bella said: "So damn excited ! You have no idea what's coming! My new collection with @chromeheartsofficial designed by me, shot by my angel mother."


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We're assuming that the t-shirt will be a trophy piece in the collection, but Bella is currently keeping the other items under wraps. 

With Chrome Hearts being renowned for it's jewellery, we're sure we'll see some statement chokers and Hadid-style stackable rings in the covetable collab. 

We're keeping our eyes peeled for a launch date. 



Bella Hadid recently achieved a major modelling milestone by walking in her first Victoria's Secret fashion show.

Now the star has been seen posing up a storm in the pages of Paper Magazine (the publication that helped Kim Kardashian "break the internet" don't you know) looking a little different.

Getting an out-there hair change is synonymous with a break up, so it's no wonder that while rumours fly about her and long time beau the Weekend, Bella has gone for a dramatic platinum blonde.


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 A serious departure from her usually raven locks, the model worked her new do on set as she posed for her cover shoot.

The Starboy singer and the super model reportedly split last month due to hectic work schedules, though neither parties have commented on the rumours.  


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Bella received a mixed response from fans about her new lighter locks.

Some were quick to say how much they loved her new hair look for the edgy editorial shoot, while others hoped it was a wig.

Either way, we think Bella can pull off pretty much any look,as she proved at the VS fashion show when she strutted her stuff down the runway in front of her rumoured ex. 


Bella Hadid achieved a major modelling milestone by walking in her first Victoria's Secret fashion show last night.

The catch?  Part of the job involved sashaying past her ex-boyfriend The Weekend as he performed in the show. 


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The Starboy singer and the super model reportedly split last week due to hectic work schedules. 

However, their schedules became synchronised last night at the fashion show, which will air on December 5. 

"Their schedules have been too hard to coordinate and he is focusing on finishing and promoting his album" a source told People.

“They still have a great deal of love for one another and will remain friends.”

The pair began dating back in back in April 2015 when Bella agreed to pose for the Canadian musician's album artwork for the Beauty Behind The Madness.

Snapshots of their awkward runway encounter have gone viral, and the priceless moment has spawned hundreds of memes.


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The model was also spotted looking at photos of her and the Canadian singer while en route to Paris to perform in the show, leading to speculation that the model was hoping to reunite with her ex.

The image also caused some speculation among fans who feel that the break may be "promo stunt" to draw attention to the VS show, as the photo was taken on board the Victoria's Secret private plane. 

However, other fans have taken to Twitter to praise the pair of former flames for their performance.

Neither Bella Hadid nor the Weekend have commented on the alleged split. 


After it was announced yesterday that The Weeknd will be performing at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, the singing sensation and Victoria's Secret model Bella Hadid have split.

The Starboy singer and the supermodel reportedly split due to hectic work schedules. 

The pair began dating back in back in April 2015 when Bella agreed to pose for the Canadian musician's album artwork for the Beauty Behind The Madness.

"Their schedules have been too hard to coordinate and he is focusing on finishing and promoting his album" a source told People.

“They still have a great deal of love for one another and will remain friends.”

Twitter was swamped with messages for the pair, with most users devastated to hear of the split.

"Can't believe Bella Hadid and The Weekend split up! Really thought those two had what it takes," tweeted one fan.

However, other fans of the artist's music are looking on the bright side, hoping that his next album will be inspired by the split. 

Neither celebs have released a statement regarding the split. Until then we'll be watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion show for any signs of awkwardness.