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There have been plenty of dangerous body 'trends' that have emerged in recent years.

These trends, such as the thigh gap, bikini bridge and ab crack, are used by some people as a marker of diet and exercise success, but for some, the pursuit of these attributes (which are completely un-obtainable for some, depending on body type) can lead to a dangerous diet and exercise attitude. 

A new trend is emerging, which has been coined by The Daily Mail as 'ribcage bragging.'


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The popularisation of the term has been blamed on celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

These women all have visible rib cages when posing perfectly in bikinis, looking glamorous and elegant, which could lead those who are susceptible to body envy to wishing for a prominent rib cage themselves.


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Like most of these 'thinspirational' concepts, a visible ribcage isn't necessarily a reality for everyone, and could promote a visible ribcage as an unachievable accolade to people susceptible to low body confidence. 

Others think that this is officially 'the stupidest' marker of a desirable body ever, because some can simply suck in the stomachs and take a deep breath to reveal their ribs.

Luckily, most Twitter users agree with us in thinking that this 'body trend' is completely ludicrous. 

'Ribcage bragging – showing the bones of your ribs is trending on Instagram. This is not healthy and celebrities need to stop this craze,' said one.

Others are enraged by the concept of a ribcage being a trend, as some slim women have visible ribs without trying to conform to the latest Instagram fad. 

Bella Hadid has previously faced criticism for her slim figure and visible ribs, and has been accused of glamorising a low weight. 

'Your ribs. Eat. Dangerous role model for young girls looking at you as an idol,' said one critic.

The trending fad is seen as potentially dangerous, and much like the thigh gap and the bikini bridge, it could prompt disordered eating or dangerous exercising habits in those racing to achieve one. 


Ah, you've finally nailed getting a date on Valentine's, and it's even better if you're MEGA into the person too. So, why ruin it with a curry or ribs, huh?

If you really want to impress on V-Day, dodge these foods (you'll thank us later):

1. Broccoli

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower should ALL be avoided. They will make you super gassy and don't forget those little florets and seeds that get stuck in your teeth. Ugh.


2. Spicy food

It's cool if you like a bit of spice, but what if your date doesn't? Don't make them sit through a dinner where they feel like their lips are on fire. 


3. Ramen

You might think it shows that you're a super foodie, but it's impossible to eat these noodles and still look polite. Slurping is not a good look.


4. Ribs

Yes, we know there's nothing better than munching down on sweet baby ribs. But you don't want to look like a savage dog on your date. Plus it's waaay too messy.


5. Tacos

OK, question: how the hell are you even supposed to eat these things properly? They crack and drip and you will just end up getting salsa all over your new top. Not good.