80pc of people polled would vote YES to repeal the 8th amendment

80 percent of Irish people would vote yes in a referendum to repeal the the 8th amendment, according to a study by Amnesty International Ireland.

The data gathered in a study of over 1000 people across all genders, social classes and counties showed that Irish people are in favour of repealing the 8th amendment, with only 12 percent saying that they would vote no should a referendum occur. 

"The concept that abortion rights is a deeply divisive opinion is nonsense." Colm O'Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland, told SHEmazing!

"Remarkably few people refuse to answer or don't know either, the data shows that overwhelmingly people are very progressive." 

"Only 5 percent of people are personally against abortion."

Red C and Amnesty International "Public Attitudes Towards Abortion in Ireland"

"The parties cannot pretend this is a divided or divisive issue."

"Our poll clearly shows that support for expanding access and repealing the Eighth is shared strongly right across the country and all age groups and social groups. People in Ireland are clear on the need to expand access to abortion and they want women’s and girls’ human rights to be respected."

The poll also shows that almost three quarters of people agree that the fact that women must travel abroad to access abortion unfairly discriminates against women who are unable to or cannot afford to travel. 

Red C and Amnesty International "Public Attitudes Towards Abortion in Ireland"

The study reveals that 55 percent of people agree with the United Nation's Human Rights Committee, and think that Ireland's abortion ban is "cruel and inhumane."

Another key finding was that almost three quarters, 72 percent, believe that the Government should hold a referendum to allow people to vote on whether or not to remove the 8th amendment from the Constitution. 

Two-thirds of people also believe that it is hypocritical that Ireland’s constitution bans abortion in Ireland but allows women to travel abroad for abortions.

 Red C and Amnesty International "Public Attitudes Towards Abortion in Ireland"

Even among the aforementioned 5 percent of respondents personally opposed to abortion in all circumstances (i.e. even where the woman or girl’s life is at risk), 34 percent would vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment, rising to half if there was legislation placing “reasonable restrictions” on access to abortion.

"This poll demonstrates yet again, that on the issue of abortion, Ireland’s people are way ahead of their political leaders," said Colm O'Gorman,