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Armani, Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, Donna Karen, Marc Jacobs, Karen Millen; Imagine these iconic designer labels being within your grasp?

Luckily for you, Dress for Success Dublin are having a flash fashion sale this Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22, and legendary brands are up for grabs.

The charity supports women who are hoping to achieve economic independence, offering them clothing needed to attend job interviews and employer meetings, among other uses.


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Their annual Flash Fashion Sale will take place at the organisation's Smithfield offices at 4 Ellis Quay, Dublin 7. 

Bargain-hunters can discover pre-loved and brand-new items, shoes, bags, accessories and threads for a fraction of their former retail price.

Their incredible designer rail will feature pieces from amazing designers, with proceeds going straight into Dress for Success Dublin's valuable work to empower women.


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Sonya Lennon, designer, broadcaster, entrepreneur and brilliant founder of Dress for Success Dublin, described the high-quality clothes on offer;

“Our annual Flash Fashion Sale is a must for fashion-loving bargain-hunters. This year, once again, we’ve some unbelievable designer items – going for a mere fraction of their original cost. In fact, the majority of pieces are being priced at €5 and below. 

“We’re running the sale at our Ellis Quay premises over two days next week. I’d advise you to get there early to get the best deals.”


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She elaborated on the hugely important contribution which the flash sale will make to Dress for Success Dublin’s work.

“By supporting the sale, you’re helping us support more women back to work and enabling us to continue the work we do campaigning at all levels of government and industry to make the workforce a more equitable place,” she said.  

“All items on offer in the sale have been donated to Dress for Success Dublin, and all money raised will go to supporting our work.”

For further information about Dress for Success Dublin’s Flash Fashion Sale, check out their website. The sale will be running from midday until 4pm on Saturday, and midday until 3pm this Sunday.



School uniforms have been used as fashion statements in the past – think Britney Spears in the 'Baby One More Time' video – but who thought they'd be dressing their kids in luxury brands for school?

The Taimei Elementary School in Toyko's upscale Ginza shopping district plans on introducing optional Giorgio Armani uniforms in April.

The full set comes at 80,000 yen a pop (about €590), which is three times more expensive than current school attire. The move has raised eyebrows of parents and government officials alike, Harper's Bazaar reports.

"I was surprised and wondered why such luxury uniforms have been picked for a public elementary school," one mum told Huffington Post Japan.

"I‘m worried that a wrong notion that something expensive is good and something cheap is bad could be imprinted on children," she continued.

The dress code change for incoming students was made known in a letter last November. In the letter, headmaster Toshitsugu Wada also hailed the school as a 'landmark' in the area.

Another landmark in the area? Armani's head office, which is a mere 656 ft. away from the school.

Government education officials are not pleased with the school's change in uniform.

In parliament, the officials discussed how, while school principals are free to set school rules and uniforms, this new policy in Taimei Elementary School did not have the consensus of the parents.

Following backlash against the Armani uniforms, the headmaster shared a statement on the school's official website.

"With humility, I take the criticism that explanation has been insufficient and not well-timed," it stated, "I will go on explaining carefully to those concerned."

He says there will be an explanation on uniform arrangements, though it remains unclear if the Armani ensembles will be mandatory.

What would you do if such a policy was put in place at your child's school?


As well as being one of the biggest DJs in the world, he's well-known for his stints as an underwear model.

And it seems that Calvin Harris could bag yet more work in front of the camera – if he can convince his girlfriend Taylor Swift to join him.

The sweetener? The couple is being offered a cool €9m to strip off and bare (pretty much) all.

Putting the cash on the table is once again Armani; the brand whom Calvin worked with previously and also the same label that got Victoria and David Beckham to star in their own intimate shoot a few years ago.

There could be a bonus too: word is that if the campaign is globally successful, Taylvin Swariss will be entitled to bag an additional €18m via a promotional tour.

There's certainly no denying that 25-year-old US singer-songwriter Ms Swift and 31-year-old Scottish composer Mr Harris are pretty much the hottest coupling going right now.

Indeed, as a source told the Daily Star: "Calvin's adverts have done really well and helped the brand reach a different audience." They added: "The offer is on the table and it is now up to Taylor's team to see if it is the right thing to do for her image."

According to Forbes, the duo brought in €130m last year and are now the most powerful couple in the world – bigger than even Beyonce and JayZ.



Oops. Kim Kardashian just had an epic Twitter fail. #morto

While it’s unclear if Kim was genuinely devastated over the fact that her favourite foundation is being discontinued (we feel you, Kim), or if she was hoping for a few freebies to be tossed her way (we get that too), she made a serious faux-pas in the process.

Autocorrect couldn’t save her this time as the famous Kardashian, for shame, misspelled designer Giorgio Armani’s name, adding in an unnecessary ‘e’.

As if that typo wasn’t bad enough, the brand picked up on her slip and replied to the star with such a level of sass, we’re all feeling a little second-hand embarrassment.

The brand’s reply has been retweeted more than the original tweet sent out by Kim. Which is pretty impressive seeing as she has more than 32million followers.

It’s not all bad news for Kim though, as the brand did say it was more than happy to help her out and supply her with some of the foundation. 

We can only imagine Kim’s relief because her contouring regime would be all over the place without such a life-giving product.

Never mind the fact that the Kardashians seem to have a glam squad shadowing them 24-hours a day, we can all sympathise with Kim’s fear of running out of a much-loved. And presumably she couldn’t be without it at her forthcoming make-up master-class.

To be fair, the 34-year old reality star has had a pretty busy few weeks with Kanye’s birthday surprise, rumours everywhere about her second pregnancy and North’s massive Disneyland birthday party to plan. 

Meaning on this occasion we'll forgive the slip-up.

Still, we reckon Kimmy might skip Milan Fashion Week this year all the same… 



Designer Giorgio Armani is not very happy with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the moment.

Armani is upset following Wintour’s noted absence at his show at Milan Fashion Week. At a press release after the show, he said: “There are some who prefer to snub the Giorgio Armani show and got to Paris … She took an aeroplane, dumped Mr. Armani and went to Paris.”

The Armani show was the last major designer collection to be shown at the Milan Fashion Week which could be the reason for Wintour’s premature move to Paris.

Anna’s repersentative went on to explain her absence had nothing to do with her feelings for Armani or his designs saying that the new fashion calender was to blame: “with the fashion calendar now running for more than a month, there are some shows Anna is not able to attend.”