Giorgio Armani is not happy at Anna Wintour’s “snub”


Designer Giorgio Armani is not very happy with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the moment.

Armani is upset following Wintour’s noted absence at his show at Milan Fashion Week. At a press release after the show, he said: “There are some who prefer to snub the Giorgio Armani show and got to Paris … She took an aeroplane, dumped Mr. Armani and went to Paris.”

The Armani show was the last major designer collection to be shown at the Milan Fashion Week which could be the reason for Wintour’s premature move to Paris.

Anna’s repersentative went on to explain her absence had nothing to do with her feelings for Armani or his designs saying that the new fashion calender was to blame: “with the fashion calendar now running for more than a month, there are some shows Anna is not able to attend.”