Think you’re a sophisticated fashionista, Kimmy? Think again

Oops. Kim Kardashian just had an epic Twitter fail. #morto

While it’s unclear if Kim was genuinely devastated over the fact that her favourite foundation is being discontinued (we feel you, Kim), or if she was hoping for a few freebies to be tossed her way (we get that too), she made a serious faux-pas in the process.

Autocorrect couldn’t save her this time as the famous Kardashian, for shame, misspelled designer Giorgio Armani’s name, adding in an unnecessary ‘e’.

As if that typo wasn’t bad enough, the brand picked up on her slip and replied to the star with such a level of sass, we’re all feeling a little second-hand embarrassment.

The brand’s reply has been retweeted more than the original tweet sent out by Kim. Which is pretty impressive seeing as she has more than 32million followers.

It’s not all bad news for Kim though, as the brand did say it was more than happy to help her out and supply her with some of the foundation. 

We can only imagine Kim’s relief because her contouring regime would be all over the place without such a life-giving product.

Never mind the fact that the Kardashians seem to have a glam squad shadowing them 24-hours a day, we can all sympathise with Kim’s fear of running out of a much-loved. And presumably she couldn’t be without it at her forthcoming make-up master-class.

To be fair, the 34-year old reality star has had a pretty busy few weeks with Kanye’s birthday surprise, rumours everywhere about her second pregnancy and North’s massive Disneyland birthday party to plan. 

Meaning on this occasion we'll forgive the slip-up.

Still, we reckon Kimmy might skip Milan Fashion Week this year all the same…