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When we all moved on from Impulse and Charlie sprays, we thought we'd be moving up to the more mature fragrances… until we found out they cost around 100 quid each.

Yep, it ain't cheap to smell nice.

We resort to buying perfumes and expensive sprays for birthdays and Christmas, but after that, we basically go back to Impulse every single time.

But now, Tom Ford has released body sprays, and it's like the midway point between Impulse and Chanel.

Coming in around €50, they promise to last longer on the skin than their competitor sprays.

The Tom Ford All Over Body Sprays will be available from March 31 and we're all going to be smelling like superstars.



When we think of lipstick shades that anyone can pull off, we think of the nudes, the pinks and the classic reds. They're the fool-proof ones, right? 

Most woman shy away from dark hues – especially on a daily basis – but this new shade seems to hit the mark for every skin tone out there. 

Tom Ford's lip colour, Matte in Black Dahlia has been described as a balanced shade by make-up artists because it has a slightly cool undertone as well as a hint of warmth to it. 

Elle tested the shade on a number of women and found that just one quick swipe of this delicious hue will totally set up for the day:









The Internet went Drake crazy this week with the release of his new song and his mesmerising dance moves (which were made into many, many gifs).

But now the rapper is the muse behind a new shade of Tom Ford lipstick.

Featured in Ford's second annual Lips & Boys Collection, a capsule collection of lippy inspired by inspiring male figures in the designer's life.

Drake's namesake shade is a shimmery burgundy plum hue. The lipstick (also available in a mini-sized tube so you can take Drake everywhere with you) will launch with the rest of the collection on TomFord.com on October 30.



Immy Waterhouse is enjoying her last few months of being unknown.

Of course, the teen has had a few cameras in her face over the years, but it's mostly been in the vein of have-you-met-Suki's-sister?

As Hollywood is going crazy over star sister duos lately, (Dakota and Elle, Beyoncé and Solange, Cara and Poppy), it'll be no surprise that Immy could be the next big thing… and she's just landed a huge film role.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Immy told them all about her big break, and how she's feeling about it all.

"I'm moving to Los Angeles soon, because I've gotten a small role in Tom Ford's next film, Nocturnal Animals," she explained.

"I've never met him, but I loved his last movie [A Single Man]. It was so beautiful and so well done.

"I auditioned through video tape so I've actually not met him yet. Should I be nervous?" 

But despite any possible nerves, the blonde beauty said she has only heard good things.

"My friend Georgia [May Jagger] worked with him on a fragrance campaign and she said he was super nice."

Immy will appear alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams in the new flick – but before she was confirmed for the gig, she had to show Mr Ford her best American accent. 

"Do you know how all British actors learn how to speak American?" she asks.

"From Friends."

"If you listen to any British actor, even the really big ones, when they're playing American people, they probably sound like Rachel or Monica. 

"Friends is so huge over here that we just watch it all the time."

She finished the interview on a rather strange, but charming, note.

"I love facts and I love sharks. Like, did you know there's a really cool shark named the Greenland Shark?

"It lives its whole life with a parasite in its eye, and eventually, the parasite turns the shark completely blind. There you go. That's something I bet no other actress can tell you."

Something tells us we're going to be seeing a lot more of Immy Waterhouse… and her shark obsession.


There's nothing better than wearing your favourite scent and a fresh new season is the perfect way to update your fragrance. 

From the first ever Miu Miu scent to Tom Ford's new blockbuster, autumn's launches range from perky florals, to hearty, woody scents that linger. 

Jo Malone – Mimosa and Cardamom 

Jo Malone London's Mimosa and Cardamom is the fragrance equivalent of a cosy cashmere jumper – spicy cardamom paired with warm mimosa and tempered with a base of tonka bean. 


Marc Jacobs – Decadence

Top marks for the slick bottle design for starters. There is a blend of plum, iris and saffron in the top notes, followed by a heart of rose, orris and jasmine sambac and base notes of amber, vetiver and papyrus woods. Fancy!


Miu Miu – Eau de Parfum

Ths is Miu Miu's first fragrance, and the scent itself is pretty floral; just as feminine as the clothes themselves. A strong lily-of-the-valley top note is joined by rose and jasmine at the heart. 


Tom Ford – Venetian Bergamot

This fragrance has punchy top notes of ginger, bergamot and black and pink pepper give way to a heart of magnolia, gardenia, ylang ylang, cedar and pepperwood. This is a real autumn hearty treat.


Chloé – Eau de Toilette

This is a new, lighter take on Chloé's classic rose fragrance, Chloé Eau de Toilette is based upon the white rose and then complemented by bergamot, lemon, magnolia, gardenia, rose buds, cotton flower and musk.


Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

YSL's Black Opium gorgeous Eau de Parfum launched last year, and this year's new eau de toilette of the same name is a softer and fresher take on the scent's key coffee note. Fruity top notes of citrus, pear and blackcurrant introduce a heart of coffee, jasmine, orange blossom.

It smells like Halloween already!


She's been spotted with the professional basketball player since at least June

And it seems things are definitely hotting up between Khloe Kardashian and James Harden. 

Not only has he been seen at a load of high-profile Kardashian-Jenner family events in recent months, but his reality TV love also threw him a mega bash for his recent 26th birthday.

Last night, the duo enjoyed a date together, and suffice to say that 31-year-old Khloe looked incredible. 

Donning a full-length Mugler dress in dark navy, she teamed her gown with Tom Ford shoes and accessories from Shay Jewelry

Indeed, the family is a fan of the Mugler label: one of Kylie Jenner's two outfits – a white leather skirt and matching crop-top – for her high-profile 18th birthday in Canada was also from the same designer.


The MVP goes to Kanye and Kris!!! The Turn Up is real!!!

A photo posted by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on

This year, Khloe has also regularly been spotted in Mugler attire. Available from modaoperani.com, her latest example costs in the region of €3,600.

For James's birthday bash, which she hosted on board a luxurious yacht in California, Khloe afterwards admitted that she was incredibly nervous that everything went to plan.

Indeed, she said that her stylist had to endure "hundreds of crazy and controlling texts" in the run-up to the big night. 

"I know I stress you out but you work great under pressure," she added in an Instagram post directed at Monica Rose. 


James Harden alongside Khloe Kardashian at his 26th birthday in Marina Del Rey on Tuesday night.

A photo posted by Phillip Network (@phillipnetwork) on

And although a late-night, celebratory fire-works display caused anger among residents in the area, in the end her outfit at least was widely applauded: a white lace bodysuit and full-length white skirt with a high split.

She also carried a Givenchy bag and wore nude Laboutins


Late last year, Tom Ford released an all-new lipstick collection called Lips And Boys

It was hugely popular and sold-out within weeks.

And now, he has just announced that an updated range will be coming back for 2015… and it can be yours for around €2,000. Ouch. 

The 50-shade collection will have all the best from last years lot – plus 25 new shades will be introduced in a variety of colours – and once again, they'll all be named after men (just like the first collection).

The new lipsticks use the original formula… which admittedly is an absolute dream to work with. There’s Soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamelia flower oil which all nourish the lips and make application really easy.

They hold a deep shot of colour too so there is no worries about this beauty fading or rubbing off – it's there to stay. 

If you want to splash out and get the collection it's not available until November… so start saving!

Or if you just want one or two shades (rather than the whole lot), they can be sold separately at just under €40 a pop. 

The Lips And Boys second collection will be available in Brown Thomas or on the Tom Ford website. 



It takes a lot to faze Beyoncé but we reckon these recent events might have done it… almost!

The singer had just arrived at Tom Ford's AW15 womenswear catwalk show in Los Angeles on Friday when she had to make a quick dash backstage as her dress completely ripped along her backside.

Bey, who was apparently wearing a Tom Ford dress at the time, had to find a replacement from the stylists at the show. "Beyoncé had a huge wardrobe malfunction at the show," a source told Us Weekly. "Her dress ripped all the way up the back and she had to run backstage to find something else to wear." 

Given that a fashion show generally only lasts five to ten minutes, the Single Ladies singer missed most of the show and left husband Jay-Z sitting next to an empty seat. "The people back there couldn't get it [the dress] fixed in time, so she had to miss the show," the source continued. "Beyonce was so embarrassed, [but] she was really cool about it." 

Although the label missed out on a pretty lucrative photo op with Beyoncé in their new collection, the Tom Ford stylists were able to track down another dress which they fitted to Beyoncé in double quick time – a black crystal-embellished dress from the label's Spring 2014 collection.

"She was the latest person to the show and only caught the last few minutes of it," said the source.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z stayed around to pose for some photos afterwards – and we have to say the singer looks as chilled as anything despite her epic wardrobe malfunction!

What a professional!