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Do you ever pressure yourself into going to the gym after a rubbish day at work? It’s one of those days where nothing goes right for you. You missed your bus, forgot your lunch and the rain hasn’t stopped pouring all day.

But you still drag yourself to the gym even though all you want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch Friends for the evening.

And that’s exactly what you should do.

A new study has found that exercising when you’re in a bad mood is actually dangerous.

The Heart Association revealed that working out when you’re in bad can increase your chances of heart attack.

The researchers analysed 12,561 patients who had suffered heart attacks. The results of their research showed them that one out seven patients were upset or worked out just before they had a heart attack.

They also found that people were three times more likely to suffer a heart attack if they were feeling sad or exercised strenuously an hour before.

So sweating out your anger and frustration isn’t the best move at all. We all know that regular exercise is key to being happy and healthy, but skipping the gym every so often isn’t the end of the world.

If you’re feeling a little grumpy or cranky then take it easy and head home instead.


We hate to admit that going to the gym isn’t part of our dream evening routine. We’d love to be one of those people that skips down to the gym wearing our spotless runners and finest gym gear, but we’re not.

We sulk like toddlers when we realise it’s time for our 6 pm spinning class, but we know exercising is good for us so we persevere, even though we’d much rather spend the evening curled up on the sofa.

There are dozens of benefits to exercising regularly, but despite the fact that it’s good for our mental health and bone development, we struggle to make it through our workouts.

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Luckily, a new study has found a little trick that is set to make your workouts a hell of a lot easier, and it will even make them last longer.

In a study conducted by the American College of Cardiology, researchers found that music helps motivate you when exercising.

Lead researcher, Dr Waseem Shami revealed, “Music has shown to increase exercise capacity in a smaller group of patients, which gives some evidence that music can be a key resource in a stress-testing lab and during regular exercise."

The researchers analysed 127 patients whilst they ran on a treadmill. Half of the participants, aged between 20 and 70, listened to Latin music, whilst the other half didn’t listen to any music.

They found that the group who listened to music worked out for longer than the group who did not.

Experts believe that you should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, which is achievable if you motivate yourself.

Stick on a cheesy pop playlist or maybe some 90s rock ballads and you’ll be ready to workout.


Fitness brands might have us believe that the only acceptable workout attire is a crop top, banging neon leggings and spotlessly new runners, but one look around your local gym or running route should confirm that's not really the case.

Most of us Irish ladies fall more into the 'random t-shirt, college hoody, thermal vest and bright red face' category, but that doesn't mean we work any less hard.

Fact is, you can deadlift 40kg or kill it at a 10k run just as well in basic, comfy workout gear, as a group of Irish women are proving on social media this week.

Journalist Sinéad O'Carroll took to Twitter to share her #GettingFitNotLookingFit selfie in response to a post shared by an Irish fitness brand.

"[T]his is what training in January actually looks like," she wrote, posting a picture of herself wrapped up and ready to work out.

Sinéad's post has since sparked other women to share their own no-filter workout selfies:

Sinéad's original tweet even led to a pretty sound response from the brand in question:

We're loving this trend – here's to us red-faced, fake tan-free fitness fanatics.


Next time you're considering sleeping through that 6.30am alarm and giving the gym a miss, take some motivation from Instagram's fittest ladies.

From workout inspiration to protein-packed #foodporn, these Irish health and fitness fanatics never fail to deliver. While some of these amazing women are personal trainers or nutritionists by trade, others are fitting their passion in around a normal 9-5 lifestyle.

Here are just five of our favourite Instagrammers…

Sinéad Forde (@sineforde)
After battling anorexia and bulimia during her two 'past lives', Sinéad has now found a balanced, healthy lifestyle that works for her. She's currently training for her first fitness competition this November, and you can follow her journey on Instagram.


A photo posted by Sinead Forde (@sineforde) on


Amanda Moroney (@recalibratedbodies)
This Clare-based personal trainer has abs to make your eyes water. Amanda and her boyfriend Daniel set up online company Recalibrated Bodies to share their "knowledge & passion for health, fitness and wellbeing" and have been enjoying huge success with clients worldwide.


A photo posted by @recalibratedbodies on


Sarah Moloney (@sarstri)
At just 17, Sarah has already abandoned the world of fad dieting for a different approach – flexible dieting involving counting the macros (grams of protein, carbs and fat) in each meal. Combined with a regular training routine, Sarah has seen amazing results.


A photo posted by Sarah Moloney (@sarstri) on


Georgia Hickey (@georgiasfitlife)
Personal trainer Georgia is another advocate of the macro-counting diet and we LOVE her creative takes on mealtime. Expect lots of tasty, filling treats that for once AREN'T considered a "cheat meal."


Woke up late this morning… Oops! Having some 85% dark chocolate on my egg white oats this morning!

A photo posted by Georgia Hickey – BTY Fitness (@georgiasfitlife) on


Joanna Larby (@makeupfairypro)
Make-up artist and model Joanna began her fitness journey earlier this year and has had an incredible transformation so far, all through clean eating and regular training. She's also kept her amazing (and all natural) curves, tailoring her exercises to tone and tighten those areas rather than lose her shape completely.



Motivating yourself to get to the gym for a workout is hard enough, so don't waste your time by slacking off when you get there.

If you're keen to see better results, a few simple changes could be all you need to boost your metabolism and burn even more calories.

These six things are proven to maximise calorie burn and make your body work even harder than usual, so give them a try next time you're exercising.

1. Work out in the morning
Your energy levels are generally at their highest in the morning as you've just woken up from a night's sleep, so it's natural that you'll be able to work harder at this time of the day. If you're not a morning person though, choose a time when you usually feel most energised, be it after work or on your lunch break.

2. Warm up well
Stretching or jogging for 5 – 10 minutes before an exercise session not only loosens the muscle but also gets the blood flowing so that you're burning calories before your workout has even begun. Ease your body into your workout to see better results.

3. Mix it up
A slow and steady workout might seem like the best way to do things, but it's important to give your body variety. Try a series of high-intensity exercises like jumping jacks, wall sits, lunges or push-ups, doing 30 seconds of each and taking a 10 second break between each one. If you're doing strength training, make each set a "superset" by combining two exercises in quick succession before a short break.

4. Don't be scared to use heavier weights
Many women have a tendency to go for small 2kg or 3kg weights for fear of getting "bulky," but using heavier weights is the best way to burn calories, and we promise you won't look anything more than toned and lean. Research has shown that using heavier weights for fewer reps burns 25% more calories than using smaller weights for more reps (eg. 5kg 10 times versus 10kg 5 times).

5. Eat shortly after your workout
Refuelling your muscles after a workout is essential for helping them to repair themselves and get stronger. The stronger your muscles are, the more calories you'll burn every day. Simple. So be sure to eat a protein-rich snack within 2 hours of finishing your exercise session.


We’ve all been there – getting home from work in the evening after a long day (or lying on the couch on a Sunday afternoon) and praying that the willpower to go and workout will find us.

When (if) we finally do peel ourselves away from whatever position we were in in front of the TV, the reward is always more than worth it.

There really is nothing quite like the triumphant feeling and the tingling adrenaline rush that you get after a really good workout.

But, how do we make ourselves get up and go?

Well… MUSIC of course!!

In order to help you lift that bum off the couch, we have compiled a list of the 10 best workout songs.

Listening to these it will be almost impossible not to want to get up and move!

1. Shawn Mendes – Something Big


2. C+C Music Factory ft. Freedom Williams – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance)


3. Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea – Pretty Girls


4. Junior Senior – Move Your Feet


5. A-Trak ft. Andrew Wyatt – Push


6. Jackson 5 – Shake Your Body Down To The Ground 


7. Sia – Elastic Heart 


8. Daft Punk – One More Time/Aerodynamic 


9. Carly Rae Jepsen (Blasterjaxx Remix) – I Really Like You 


10. Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk



Much as we’re loving the hint of summer that Ireland’s getting at the moment, extra heat and humidity can be a bit of a pain, too.

If you’re a fan of exercising outdoors, be it running, cycling, walking or anything else, you’ll need to change up your choice of clothing come summer.

There’s nothing worse than having to stop every five minutes to fix slipping bra straps, brush your hair out of your eyes or remove yet another layer of clothing, so prepare for your next exercise session by choosing the right gear for the season. Staying cool and feeling comfortable will not only make your workout more enjoyable, but you’re likely to keep going for longer. 

Here are a few summer workout essentials to add to your arsenal…

1. A headband
Even with your hair tied up, humidity means you’ll be more prone to flyaways, so keep it all off your face with a non-slip headband like this retro-style Nike one.

Nike Womens Pro Headband, €16, Life Style Sports

2. A lightweight tank
Forget clingy fabrics and straps that chafe with a loose and light running tank top. This Adidas one is ultra-breathable, and we love the coral colour.

Adidas Womens Hi5 Tank, €20, Life Style Sports

3. A breathable sports bra
Breathability is as important as fit when it comes to choosing a sports bra for summer exercise, and it’s worth investing in a good one. Look for one with lightweight or mesh panels to avoid sweat pooling on your back or between/under your boobs… cos we all know that ain’t pretty.

Amoena White Mesh Performance Sports Bra, €39, Debenhams

4. Light runners
Avoid sweaty, achy feet with a pair of runners specially designed to ventilate feet and keep them cool as you run.

Adidas ClimaChill Ride Boost, €120, JD Sports

5. Non-cotton leggings
Go for leggings or pants in breathable fabric that won’t leave you feeling overheated when the sun comes out. These Dunnes ones are great value.

Matt & Shine Leggings, €25, Dunnes Stores

6. Running shorts
If you prefer shorts over leggings, go for a pair with moisture-wicking fabric and a good fit. This UnderArmour pair are perfect for indoor and outdoor exercise.  If its tight fitting shorts you find comfy, check out this run down of the best crossfit shorts available

Under Armour Womens Perfect Pace Shorts, €25, Life Style Sports

7. Non-slip headphones
Avoid having to pop your earbuds back in every two minutes by going for a specially designed pair of sports earphones that’ll stay secured.

Philips Sports Headphones, €14.99, Argos


It's no secret that just like fashion trends, workout fads come and go.

There's no doubt, for example, that SoulCycle has been the fitness craze of the last few years.

Celebs such as Kim K, Victoria and David Beckham, Nicole Kidman, and Oprah Winfrey were all swearing – and sweating – by it. 

Even Irish models couldn't resist testing it out: Roz Lipsett and Nadia Forde have both admitted they've attended classes Stateside.

But are we now approaching the end of SoulCyle's dominance? Because slowly and surely, waves and waves of A-listers are stepping out of the gym and into the ring.

In fact, dare we say it, we're on the verge of a brand-new, high-profile exercise movement.

Really though, when Roz Purcell said in an exclusive interview with SHEmazing! back in April that boxing was her latest fitness obsession, we should have known then that the sport was about to become a serious celeb trend.

"I started boxing about three or four months ago in Beau Jack’s off Camden Street," she revealed at the time. "I had friends tell me ‘oh you think you’re fit – you need to try these boxing classes.’ 

"The first class almost killed me. Afterwards I felt like I needed to go lie down for the rest of the day.


A video posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

"But now I’ve found my stride and I’m loving it. The classes are packed full of guys too so you really have no choice but to push yourself."

Since then, we've started see the sport crop up just everywhere: from our favourite BBF trio of Kendall, Gigi and Cara, to a load of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, boxing is where it’s at. 

Think Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Doutzen Kroes, and Adriana Lima – all of whom credit the ferocious sport with their long, toned limbs.

Aside from Cara Delevingne's latest Chanel campaign (shot by Karl Lagerfeld, natch) being set in the boxing ring, the 22-year-old beauty has also attributed her slim torso to intense boxing training. 

Alexander Wang's collection for H&M last November also, significantly, included boxing gloves. 

So why are the hottest models in the world ditching the gym for the ring?

Well, for one thing, fans say it's far more exciting than your average workout. Furthermore, it works your whole body.

Then, you also have to concentrate on footwork and choreography which can help you forget about the tiresomeness of working out.

Somehow we don’t think it’s going to be too long before the boxing classes in Irish gyms have a queue out the door too. Bye-bye SoulCycle, hello boxing ring.


Lena Dunham got fans talking last month when she revealed that exercise had helped her to deal with anxiety and depression in ways she had "never dreamed possible."

The actress and writer posted a picture of herself looking fighting fit in a crop top and leggings, praising fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for her improved physique – and her calmer mind. Lena has been using a mix of AcroYoga and resistance training, and says Tracy's methods have shown her "the light."

Lena's not the only one hitting the gym hard, though. Check out any red carpet pictures of late and you're more likely to see strong, toned arms and healthy bodies than caved in stomachs and gaunt faces.

As any fitness addict knows, there's more to life than depriving yourself of good food, and the high you get after a great gym session just can't be topped. Here are a few other female celebs who are embracing a healthier way of life…

Ellie Goulding
As well as being a keen runner (she completed her last half marathon in 1 hour 41 minutes), Ellie also boxes regularly and does high intensity yoga, saying "I treat fitness as an essential part of my life. I see it as [important] as a meal time, or something else I have to do, like go to a meeting." To top it off, she sticks to a vegan, plant-based diet. We're loving how fierce she looks in this video:


A video posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on


Charlotte Crosby
Geordie Shore's Charlotte dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 in less than a year, after some particularly unflattering bikini shots of her on the beach last summer prompted her to change her lifestyle. Her exercise programme, Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz, has outsold Frozen in DVD sales, and she keeps fans updated on her own fitness progress via her social media outlets.


Vanessa Hudgens
The High School Musical star has a naturally slim physique, but calls exercise her "serious addiction." To get her fix (and her washboard abs), Vanessa uses a mix of spinning, yoga and anything involving music. Speaking about the natural high she gets from working out, the actress said, "You just feel like you can accomplish anything. When you push yourself through a really hard workout, it’s a mental thing rather than a physical thing … and I love that. It’s a good self-esteem booster.” Word.


Rozanna Purcell
Irish model Roz was the envy of women all over the country last month when she shared this picture of herself looking seriously toned during a shoot for Primark. Chatting to SHEmazing! about her exercise routine, Roz says she cycles, swims and boxes regularly, and loves to run when she's injury free. Chatting about her first go at boxing, the 24-year-old said, "The first class almost killed me. Afterward I felt like I needed to go lie down for the rest of the day. But now I’ve found my stride and I’m loving it."



Red face, streaming mascara, sweat patches everywhere (and we mean everywhere)… yup, sounds like a fairly standard gym session.

But it doesn't have to be that way! While we can't stop you getting sweaty and bothered, we can at least help you look good while doing it.

With some key make-up and style tweaks, it's easier than you'd think to look like the picture of exercise elegance… until you trip and fall off the treadmill before you've even switched it on, that is.

Here are a few things we'll be stocking up on for gym sessions this year…

Hair and make-up

1. Dry shampoo
A spritz of this before you begin your workout will soak up excess oil and sweat, meaning your 'do will stay fresh and full of volume!

TreSemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, €6.49, Boots

2. Moisturising lip gloss

Keep your lips from drying out with salt and sweat by using a moisturising balm or gloss. This Clinique one is light enough for wearing during a workout and is available in a range of colours.

Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss, €19, Debenhams

3. Waterproof Mascara
It's recommended to keep make-up to a minimum to allow your skin to breathe at the gym, but if your eyes disappear without a slick of mascara, then opt for a waterproof version. This budget buy from Miss Sporty is perfect for stashing in your gym bag.

Miss Sporty Lash Boost Waterproof Mascara, €5.04, Boots

4. Make-up Setting Spray
If you really can't live without foundation at the gym, go for a lightweight creamy one and ensure it doesn't cake or wear off by using a make-up setting spray. This Urban Decay spray deflects shine, too.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Make-Up Setting Spray, €29, Debenhams

Workout wear

1. A great pair of leggings
Gym pants are worth spending a little extra for – go for a pair that fits like a glove and is flattering to your shape, rather than a budget buy that you'll only have to replace again in two months time when they rip or sag. We adore these Lululemon full-length gym pants – they're super-comfy and make your legs look lean and long!

Lululemon Wonder Under Pant, €108, Lululemon (eu.lululemon.com)

2. A flattering sports bra
Compression bras aren't the only option for great support. This Nike racerback one has separate cups for a more flattering silhouette than won't leave you looking like you're wearing a straitjacket underneath your t-shirt!

Nike Pro Rival High Support Sports Bra, €47, Elverys Sports

3. A cute headband
Stay cool and keep your hair off your face with an elastic headband. Ditch the boring black and liven up your look with these glitter bands from New Look.

Two Pack Black and Blue Shimmer Headbands, €4.99, New Look

4. Bright runners
These coral pink runners will cheer up a boring gym session! Pro tip: if you can't afford brand new runners, swap out your black or white laces for a neon pair that will brighten them up without the extra cost.

Women's Nike Free 5.0, €115, Lifestyle Sports