Sweaty and proud! Irish women are sharing their REAL workout selfies

Fitness brands might have us believe that the only acceptable workout attire is a crop top, banging neon leggings and spotlessly new runners, but one look around your local gym or running route should confirm that's not really the case.

Most of us Irish ladies fall more into the 'random t-shirt, college hoody, thermal vest and bright red face' category, but that doesn't mean we work any less hard.

Fact is, you can deadlift 40kg or kill it at a 10k run just as well in basic, comfy workout gear, as a group of Irish women are proving on social media this week.

Journalist Sinéad O'Carroll took to Twitter to share her #GettingFitNotLookingFit selfie in response to a post shared by an Irish fitness brand.

"[T]his is what training in January actually looks like," she wrote, posting a picture of herself wrapped up and ready to work out.

Sinéad's post has since sparked other women to share their own no-filter workout selfies:

Sinéad's original tweet even led to a pretty sound response from the brand in question:

We're loving this trend – here's to us red-faced, fake tan-free fitness fanatics.