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With the winter weather still making going outside a total nightmare, it’ll take more than a spinning class to lure you out of bed for a morning workout.

If you’re looking for a workout with a difference, then take your #fitspo from Gigi, Karlie, Vogue and the other stars kicking ass at the gym.

A new survey by Avonmore Slimline Milk found that an incredible 58.5% of Irish women felt at their best straight after exercise, meaning it’s not just celebrities who are reaping the benefits of a great workout.

So grab your gym gear and prepare to feel fighting fit. Here are some of the celeb-endorsed workout trends we’re dying to try.

​Vogue Williams has long been an advocate of High Intensity Interval Training, a form of exercise alternating between intense bursts of activity and less-intense bursts or rest periods, for a cardio workout that burns fat and builds core strength. Most gyms incorporate some form of HIIT into their strength-training or cardio classes these days, or you could simply check out one of the many 15-minute HIIT workouts doing the rounds on YouTube.


Reformer Pilates
​The Reformer is a machine developed by Pilates creator Joseph Pilates, consisting of a bed-style frame with a flat moving platform on top of it. The stability challenge of working on a Reformer means that you have to work hard to support your own body weight – helping to build long, lean muscles. Miranda Kerr, Khloé Kardashian, Kate Hudson and Karlie Kloss are all fans.


Gigi Hadid credits her Victoria’s Secret worthy body with a mix of both ballet and boxing, and one look at her killer abs is proof she’s on the right track. You won’t get a better cardio workout anywhere, so get your gloves on and pack a punch.


Ballet Barre
You might still get nightmares from that time your mam forced you along to a ballet class aged seven, but Ballet Barre is different. It’s a high-tempo workout that’s great for strengthening and lengthening. Jourdan Dunn and Doutzen Kroes are both BB converts.


How to make a lunge, plank or bicep curl HEAPS more effective? Use a TRX Suspension Trainer. You’ll notice TRX equipment in a lot of Irish gyms these days, but if you’ve been too nervous to try it out, head along to a class – we guarantee you’ll be hooked. Plus, if it gives you a bod like Holly Carpenter, it’s worth a few first-day nerves…


It tones, it relaxes you and it makes you hella strong – what’s not to love about yoga? For a proper workout try fast-paced forms of yoga like Power or Vinyasa Flow, which will have you sweating out those toxins in no time. Celebrity fans include Hailey Baldwin, Russell Brand and Vanessa Hudgens.

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When Lena Dunham took to Instagram a couple of months back to tell the world she had realised exercise was a better cure for her anxiety issues than medication ever could be, we knew there were changes afoot for the actress/writer.

Now the Girls star has revealed that she's loving her fitness routine even more, after a friend encouraged her to go to a running training session. Posting a paparazzi photo of herself running through the streets of New York to Instagram last night, Lena wrote, "Not usually one to post a paparazzi shot but this fills me with pride. Basically my whole life I have hated running and run like a wounded baby Pterodactyl."


A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

The actress said her fear of running was "embarrassing" and joked that she didn't trust herself to "escape a burning building or even move briskly towards a buffet." However when Girls' executive producer Jenni Konner suggested that Lena's character Hannah Horvath develop a love of running on the show, the real life Lena had to follow suit.

"@jennikonner is directing the season finale of Girls and decided that as Hannah evolved so would her run, so she got me a training session with Matt Wilpers from Mile High Run Club. Within an hour I had a different relationship to this formerly torturous activity. I felt strong, swift and proud," the actress wrote. 


A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on

"I'm not about to embrace that triathlon life but it's a true joy to continue getting more connected to my body and its powers." 

Although she still maintains her curvy frame, Lena is looking fitter and more toned than ever, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the papped running shot. After all, how many of us can say we'd look that put-together in a candid shot of us running down the street in our workout gear?

As well as jogging, Lena is also an advocate of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, and often works out at her New York studio, saying Tracy's workouts have shown her "the light."


Lena Dunham got fans talking last month when she revealed that exercise had helped her to deal with anxiety and depression in ways she had "never dreamed possible."

The actress and writer posted a picture of herself looking fighting fit in a crop top and leggings, praising fitness trainer Tracy Anderson for her improved physique – and her calmer mind. Lena has been using a mix of AcroYoga and resistance training, and says Tracy's methods have shown her "the light."

Lena's not the only one hitting the gym hard, though. Check out any red carpet pictures of late and you're more likely to see strong, toned arms and healthy bodies than caved in stomachs and gaunt faces.

As any fitness addict knows, there's more to life than depriving yourself of good food, and the high you get after a great gym session just can't be topped. Here are a few other female celebs who are embracing a healthier way of life…

Ellie Goulding
As well as being a keen runner (she completed her last half marathon in 1 hour 41 minutes), Ellie also boxes regularly and does high intensity yoga, saying "I treat fitness as an essential part of my life. I see it as [important] as a meal time, or something else I have to do, like go to a meeting." To top it off, she sticks to a vegan, plant-based diet. We're loving how fierce she looks in this video:


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Charlotte Crosby
Geordie Shore's Charlotte dropped from a size 14 to a size 8 in less than a year, after some particularly unflattering bikini shots of her on the beach last summer prompted her to change her lifestyle. Her exercise programme, Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz, has outsold Frozen in DVD sales, and she keeps fans updated on her own fitness progress via her social media outlets.


Vanessa Hudgens
The High School Musical star has a naturally slim physique, but calls exercise her "serious addiction." To get her fix (and her washboard abs), Vanessa uses a mix of spinning, yoga and anything involving music. Speaking about the natural high she gets from working out, the actress said, "You just feel like you can accomplish anything. When you push yourself through a really hard workout, it’s a mental thing rather than a physical thing … and I love that. It’s a good self-esteem booster.” Word.


Rozanna Purcell
Irish model Roz was the envy of women all over the country last month when she shared this picture of herself looking seriously toned during a shoot for Primark. Chatting to SHEmazing! about her exercise routine, Roz says she cycles, swims and boxes regularly, and loves to run when she's injury free. Chatting about her first go at boxing, the 24-year-old said, "The first class almost killed me. Afterward I felt like I needed to go lie down for the rest of the day. But now I’ve found my stride and I’m loving it."