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Your work wife makes those long, exhausting and downright dull days in the office bearable. They’re the person you gossip with as the kettle boils, the gal who will never say no to a midweek trip to the chipper and the person who will always give you a pep talk in the loo before a big meeting.

The friendship you share with your work wife is like no other, but a new study has found that this friendship may be having a negative impact on your work.

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According to Dr Sangyoon Park, having a work bestie slows down your productivity by 6 percent. 

Dr Park found that people sitting next to your pals in work reduced your productivity, but only if you were sitting next to each other as opposed to across from one another.

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He explained, “I find that employees are less productive when working with friends but only when friends are close enough to socialize with each other. 

“I find no effect when friends are working at positions further away from her such as across the table or at a neighbouring table.”

Despite the lack of productivity, Dr Park did stress the importance of socializing with your work colleagues.

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“An employee is willing to forgo approximately 6 percent of her wage to socialize with friends at work.”

We may chat too much and make way too many cups of tea, but they make work far better. Having strong relationships in work even makes employees want to stay in that company longer, so it’s a win-win for everyone really.


Do you ever reach a Sunday night and have an absolute pity party for yourself?

You know in about eight hours your mind is going to be buzzing with all the work you've got to do.

Monday morning cues the beginning of another hectic week, with little or no time for you.

If this sounds all too feckin' familiar, know that you aren't alone.


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According to a study conducted by Canderel®, almost a third of women are unhappy with their work/life balance. 

In fact, three in ten gals said that they lack balance as they don’t have the right support. 

Another 32 percent revealed they felt it was off kilter because they took on way too much at once, and didn't calculate the impacts it would have on their own wellbeing.

A third of participants said this had a knock on effect to other aspects of their lives, such as the food choices they make (another pack of crisps please) and putting stress on relationships. 


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But the study also showed that we are a tough bunch – and we work to find solutions.

Almost half of the women surveyed said they could "take on anything" with the correct work/life balance, and said they strike that beautiful balance by giving themselves some essential 'me time.'

That "me-time" is pretty basic too. 32 percent said they take time out to enjoy a hot brew or a coffee.

Another 31 percent enjoy an ole stroll and 12 percent dig the beats to re-energise their soul.


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Those who actually take the time to recharge those batteries, massively benefit from it, half of them reported an energy boost.

Additionally, they said they were just generally better human beings around the fam and friends. – so, it's a win-win. 

We all know that our world demands a lot of us. But taking that time out for yourself will make a massive difference when your life commitments come calling.

There's nothing selfish about taking some you time, in fact, it's fundamental to your well-being.



If you want a job that essentially doesn't require you to sleep under your desk (don't we all?!), then there are 25 gigs with particularly great hours that you should have on your radar. 

Glassdoor asked reviewers to rate their work/life balance on a scale from 0 to 5, and they found out some very interesting facts. 

With every year that goes by, the survey revealed that people are feeling less and less balanced every year. Back in 2009, the average rating was 3.5, but now it's down to 3.2. 

There are, however, some jobs that employees rate highly – like data scientists that ranked first on their list. They had the highest rating for a work/life balance, coming in at 4.2 out of 5. They also had the highest salary on the list, racking in nearly €155,000. 

Here's the top ten jobs, but you can check out the full 25 over here:

1. Data scientist

2. SEO manager

3. Talent acquisition specialist

4. Social media manager

5. Substitute teacher

6. Recruiting coordinator

7. UX designer

8. Digital marketing manager

9. Marketing assistant

10. Web developer


Imagine the working week was reduced to just four days, think of the possibilities an extra day off would mean! And it could actually become a reality, well that’s if Britain’s leading doctor Professor John Ashton gets his way.

Professor Ashton believes that work-life balance has been forgotten and people are enduring very high stress levels, saying: “We need a four-day week so that people can enjoy their lives, have more time with their families, and maybe reduce high blood pressure because people might start exercising on that extra day”

Yes, yes we would exercise more if we had an extra day off, sure.

However, Neil Shah, founder of Stress Management Society has burst the bubble with his realistic notion that trying to fit five days work into four will just make people even more stressed.

He said: “In theory the idea of a 4 day work week is fantastic! However, in practice what often happens is that people will become more stressed when having to face the reality of squeezing five days’ worth of work into four days. This has the potential to exacerbate the problem of a high workload rather than fix it.”

We knew it was too good to be true.

Although, Neil does has a happy medium and suggests strategies are put in place to help people handle their work load like working from home or enjoying shorter working days.