Work/Life balance: why are so many Irish women unhappy?

Do you ever reach a Sunday night and have an absolute pity party for yourself?

You know in about eight hours your mind is going to be buzzing with all the work you've got to do.

Monday morning cues the beginning of another hectic week, with little or no time for you.

If this sounds all too feckin' familiar, know that you aren't alone.


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According to a study conducted by Canderel®, almost a third of women are unhappy with their work/life balance. 

In fact, three in ten gals said that they lack balance as they don’t have the right support. 

Another 32 percent revealed they felt it was off kilter because they took on way too much at once, and didn't calculate the impacts it would have on their own wellbeing.

A third of participants said this had a knock on effect to other aspects of their lives, such as the food choices they make (another pack of crisps please) and putting stress on relationships. 


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But the study also showed that we are a tough bunch – and we work to find solutions.

Almost half of the women surveyed said they could "take on anything" with the correct work/life balance, and said they strike that beautiful balance by giving themselves some essential 'me time.'

That "me-time" is pretty basic too. 32 percent said they take time out to enjoy a hot brew or a coffee.

Another 31 percent enjoy an ole stroll and 12 percent dig the beats to re-energise their soul.


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Those who actually take the time to recharge those batteries, massively benefit from it, half of them reported an energy boost.

Additionally, they said they were just generally better human beings around the fam and friends. – so, it's a win-win. 

We all know that our world demands a lot of us. But taking that time out for yourself will make a massive difference when your life commitments come calling.

There's nothing selfish about taking some you time, in fact, it's fundamental to your well-being.