Eight white lies all women tell each other!


Telling white lies is something we all do, and to be honest, if we stopped, the world would be a tougher place to live in.

Sometimes there's just no point in telling the cold hard truth, when it really doesn't matter either way. So what if you're not a fan of your bestie's new haircut? She looks fab all the same!

Here are a few things lies we all tell our gal pals… every so often, anyway!

1. "You look GRAND!"
Now, we're not saying it's okay to sit back and shut up if your BFF looks truly awful in a certain outfit, but when you're just popping down to Tesco for movie nibbles and you both have your hair scraped back and trackie pants on, it's okay to convince one another that you're total stunners. 


2. "I'm not annoyed, it's fine."
Sometimes when you're a little miffed about something, it's better just to hold your tongue than start an unnecessary argument. Of course this policy should not be applied to all grievances, but if you were left waiting in the rain for ten minutes while she was stuck in rush-hour traffic, there's not a whole lot either of you can really do about it, is there?


3. "I know, she's a total b**ch."
Look, if your pal has a problem with another lady for a good reason, it's your duty as a friend to be equally annoyed. So, NO, now is not the time to say, "but she's always been so nice to me!"


4. "I'm going to cook/work out/study every night this week."
Good intentions. Sometimes you just need to say something out loud so that you can feel good about it for a while… even if you know in your heart of hearts you'll be calling Four Star Pizza the second you get home tomorrow evening.


5. "I'm two minutes away!"
Translation: "I have just left the house and will be with you in fifteen minutes. Please don't be angry."


6. "Oh, no I don't LIKE him, it's very casual."
Sometimes it's just easier not to admit that you've spent the last week daydreaming about how he's going to propose. After all, if your pal knows you well enough, you don't need to say anything for her to work out that you're smitten.


7. "But I'm only having one drink."


8. "I'm just wrecked from work, I can't make it out."
This convenient lie is easier than admitting you only want to spend time with your couch, your hot water bottle and the cast of Orange Is The New Black tonight. Helloooo, Netflix. Of course, a true BFF will be right there on the sofa next to you.