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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has us wrapped around it's teen-horror finger; we LIVE and breathe witchcraft and drama.

Of course, the show-runner for the Netflix show, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is also the creator of Riverdale, and both shows are based on the classic Archie comics.

How great would it be if the two magical shows aligned? We'd be 100% here for it, that's for sure.


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According to Shipka, spicing up the lives of Greendale's inhabitants would be easy for Archie Andrews; “My idea, personally, is that I think we need to get one of the Riverdale characters over on our show,"

A mash-up would make absolutely perfect sense since Greendale is actually Riverdale's neighbouring town, and both series' were adapted by the same person.

Just imagine the interactions, Ambrose and Jughead would be moody yet sassy BFF's, Sabrina and Betty would probably braid each other's hair, and Salem would be taken good care of by Dark Betty.

Anything is possible lads.


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Shipka spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her simple yet effective idea for a Riverdale crossover;

"I think Archie should just wander over to Greendale. Like, he goes on runs. He's athletic. He can run into Greendale one day….Right?"

"I honestly think that Archie hopping on over into our show would be awesome. My main pitch is always that… Forget the Gargoyle King! What is happening in the town over?," she continued.

What would Sabrina order at Pop's Diner?

Would Sabrina and Archie have a romance plot, similar to the comics? 

There are just SO MANY exciting things that could happen, fingers crossed that this actually happens.


A heartwarming picture uploaded onto Reddit four days ago has touched people around the world – notching up almost 4million views and thousands of comments in the process. 

The snap, taken in Vancouver, was published under a headline which simply says: 'Dads'.

It shows a smartly dressed man walking the city's streets soaking wet. Over a small, t-shirt-clad boy with a brightly-coloured lion rucksack on his back – a child presumed to be his son – he holds an umbrella to shelter him from the heavy rain.

Understandably, the photograph has sparked a social media storm since being shared.

One description of it reads: "My dad wasn't around for me as a child, so I've got no role model. Can I be a good dad to my kid?"

While another commenter points out: "But you see, dad is doing more than keeping him dry. He's teaching him how to put others before himself."

A third user states: "You're the only father this kid is going to have, so do your absolute best every second of the day."



We are all shocked to hear that Ryan Reynolds was the victim of a hit-and-run in Vancouver on Sunday.

While making his way through a hotel carpark the 38-year-old was hit by a paparazzi driving a car through an underground parking garage. “The man fled the scene. Ryan is okay,” his publicist Leslie Sloane has confirmed.


Luckily, Ryan isn’t too distraught after the incident after being left unharmed and even tweeted joking about the unfortunate situation. A reporter from CBC tweeted him to ask how he was doing and sent him his phone number. Ryan replied “Put Beachcombers back on the air and I’ll call.”

Ryan has been back in his home city of Vancouver for some weeks to film Deadpool, an upcoming Superhero movie.

Ryan plays the lead role in the film as former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson who is left with healing powers after being subjected to an experiment. He then takes on the alter ego Deadpool to search for the man who ruined his life.

In between his busy schedule, Ryan is enjoying fatherhood as he welcomed baby girl James in December with wife Blake Lively.

Ryan has described fatherhood as “the best” while on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Aw, we can’t help but love Ryan and we are so glad that he is okay. 



Cory Monteith’s mum Ann McGregor, has spoken for the first time about the loss of her son.

Cory lost his battle with alcohol and drug addiction last July, when the Glee star was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver.

"The loss is horrendous … until three days ago I couldn't look at a picture of Cory. So there's been progress."

Ann reveals that she is still in touch with Lea Michele who was going out with Cory at the time.

"She’s hurting too … you see the sadness. I know her pain."

McGregor also revealed that her son had his first drug scare when he was just 15.

“Cory was 15, he did a code blue. I think that was the turning point. He had a lot of emotional things he was trying to figure out – a lot of it was he really wanted a relationship with his father. I think when a child gets invalidated they keep reaching even harder. They want to find out why."

The mother then offered advice to parents who were going through similar issues.

“I don't think we have power to change the choices they're making. I think with the kind of connection Cory and I had, if we couldn't prevent that situation, I don’t have the answer. What could I say to them? Live every moment. Grab the second."