Shock for fans as Ryan Reynolds is involved in hit-and-run


We are all shocked to hear that Ryan Reynolds was the victim of a hit-and-run in Vancouver on Sunday.

While making his way through a hotel carpark the 38-year-old was hit by a paparazzi driving a car through an underground parking garage. “The man fled the scene. Ryan is okay,” his publicist Leslie Sloane has confirmed.


Luckily, Ryan isn’t too distraught after the incident after being left unharmed and even tweeted joking about the unfortunate situation. A reporter from CBC tweeted him to ask how he was doing and sent him his phone number. Ryan replied “Put Beachcombers back on the air and I’ll call.”

Ryan has been back in his home city of Vancouver for some weeks to film Deadpool, an upcoming Superhero movie.

Ryan plays the lead role in the film as former Special Forces operative Wade Wilson who is left with healing powers after being subjected to an experiment. He then takes on the alter ego Deadpool to search for the man who ruined his life.

In between his busy schedule, Ryan is enjoying fatherhood as he welcomed baby girl James in December with wife Blake Lively.

Ryan has described fatherhood as “the best” while on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Aw, we can’t help but love Ryan and we are so glad that he is okay.