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He's reportedly spent some €7m keeping his HIV positive status a secret, but Charlie Sheen may now be facing yet more financial – and indeed, legal – woes. 

The 50-year-old Hollywood star has been married three times and is resident in California. There, it is a crime for someone to have unprotected sex when that person knows he or she is infected with a "communicable disease" (such as HIV). 

If convicted, he'd face six months in jail. And if it was proven in court that he knowingly had sex with another person with the specific intent of transmitting the disease, then he could be looking at eight years in prison. 

Of course, Charlie has not specifically said if he's had unprotected sex or not. However, he's already settled several cases with people who were involved with the actor and who were unaware of his HIV status.

One settlement is said to have occurred as recently as last month.

Police sources have told TMZ that as of yet, no one has come forward yet complaining Mr Sheen exposed them to the virus.

The actor is father to five children by three different women: Cassandra, 30, with ex-girlfriend Paula Profit; Sam, 11, and Lola, 10, with ex-wife Denise Richards; and twins Bob and Max, 6, with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

He was fired from Two And A Half Men last year after going on repeated drug and alcohol benders. Charlie then went on to have a very public breakdown, giving a semi-incoherent, now-infamous interview to ABC’s 20/20.

Today, Mail Online is reporting an exclusive which details Mr Sheen's many personal troubles.

Saying he has become a "recluse in his own home," the website adds that the actor is addicted to crack cocaine, which he would smoke while repeatedly watching his old movies.

Mail Online adds that both male and female porn stars were paid anything from €23,000 to €32,000 a night each to "hang out with him" at his upmarket home. He is said to have had sexual relations with numerous men and women working in the adult entertainment industry.

Radar Online says Mr Sheen has been HIV positive for four years, with The National ENQUIRER breaking the details of his cover-up yesterday.



Actor Charlie Sheen is facing huge legal controversy at the moment, with news emerging that a dental technician has filed a case against him for assault, sexual battery and emotional distress.

Margarita Palestino was assisting Los Angeles dentist Dr. George Bogen on the day that Charlie visited to have an abscess removed. She claims that the actor ripped off his oxygen mask while in the dentist's chair and began shouting "I'm going to f***ing kill you" at those present in the room.

When Ms. Palestino tried to replace the mask under the dentist's orders, the Two and a Half Men actor grabbed her left breast and began tugging at her bra strap as if trying to open it. 

As staff tried to calm Charlie down, he shouted "F**k you," and again told Ms. Palestino he was going to kill her. She also claims that later in the visit Charlie bolted from the chair and punched her in the chest.

As the actor was leaving, his personal assistant reportedly handed Dr. Bogen $500, saying it was for "your troubles." Ms. Palestino claims she was later told by her boss that Charlie was high "on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol."

Charlie's reps say he was on prescription medication for a bad shoulder injury, which may have reacted to the nitrous oxide administered during his dentist visit.



Charlie Sheen has made it perfectly clear that he’s not a Rihanna fan.

The Stay singer, apparently snubbed the Two and Half Men star and his fiancée Brett Rossii at a fancy restaurant recently and needless to say, Charlie was not impressed.

Sheen took to Twitter to have a massive rant about the singer and said it was rude not to wish his fiancée a happy birthday.

“so, I took my gal out to dinner last night with her best friends for her Bday. we heard Rihanna was present as well. I sent a request over to her table to introduce my fiancé Scotty to her, as she is a huge fan. (personally I couldn’t pick her out of a line-up at gunpoint) well, the word we received back was that there were too many paps outside and it just wasn’t possible at this time,”

It seems Charlie didn’t buy that excuse, even though he said he wasn’t bothered about meeting the singer himself, he was upset for his fiancée.

“My Gal, however, was NOT OK with it. Nice impression you left behind, Bday or not. Sorry we’re not KOOL enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess. (or in this case the Village idiot) you see THIS is the reason that I ALWAYS take the time. THIS is why I’m in this thing 31 awesome years.”

And the Twitter rant didn’t stop there, as Charlie went on to talk about manners and of course, commented in not so nice way about her new hairstyle.

“Good will and common courtesy, carefully established over time to exist radically in concert with a code of gratitude! I guess ‘Talk That Talk’ was just a big ol lie from a big ol liar. oh and Riahnna, Halloween isn’t for a while. but good on you for testing out your costume in public. it’s close; a more muted pink might be the answer, as in: none. See ya on the way down, (we always do) and actually, it was a pleasure NOT meeting you. clearly we have NOTHING in common when it comes to respect for those who’ve gone before you. I’m guessing you needed those precious 84 seconds to situate that bad wig before you left the restaurant,”

Charlie then signed off his epic Twitter rant, telling Rihanna if she doesn’t want to get bothered in public maybe she shouldn’t leave her house.

Ouch! We wonder what Rihanna will have to say to any of this?



SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 Second Update rounding up the showbiz news!

Today’s highlights include an update on the latest Michael Jackson abuse claim, we tell you who released the Jay Z and Solange elevator video, you’ll find out which hit TV show is coming to an end and much more.

Watch the video for the full report.



There is disappointing news for Ashton Kutcher today as it has been revealed that this season of Two and a Half Men will be the last.

Ashton has starred in the show since taking over from Charlie Sheen back in 2011.

However, the ratings for the show have been decreasing every year, and now creator Chuck Lorre has said the show will get a “season long finale,” similar to How I Met Your Mother did.

Two and a Half Men has been the longest running comedy on US broadcast television so we have no doubt this comes as sad news to all involved in the show.

We wonder what Charlie will have to say about all of this…




A clip of Mila Kunis starring in the hit sitcom, Two and Half Men has appeared online.

Of course Mila’s appearance on the show has gotten everyone excited, as she will be starring with her off screen fiancé, Ashton Kutcher.

Kunis plays Vivian a world traveller who makes a connection with Ashton’s character, Walden on the sitcom.

The clip’s appearance is not long after last week’s reveal that Mila is expecting her first child with Ashton.

Mila’s appearance on Two and a Half Men will air on Comedy Central at 8pm on Monday, April 21.



First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby… and then comes a TV reunion!

Pregnant Mila Kunis will be joining her fiancé Ashton Kutcher for a guest appearance on his comedy show Two and a Half Men this season.

It’s been eight years since the couple last graced the small screen together on That 70s Show, and now the newly engaged and newly pregnant couple will be reuniting on another hit TV show.

30-year-old Mila will take on the role of a potential love interest for Walden, played by her hubby-to-be.

The special episode will air on Comedy Central on April 10th.

We’ll definitely be tuning in!



Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has just got engaged to porn star Brett Rossi, but he admits that he will “absolutely be getting a prenup”.

The Anger Management actor has already gone through four divorces, most of which were messy, particularly his divorce from Brooke Mueller. With a net worth of about $125 million, it’s not really all that surprising that the 48-year-old wants to protect his fortune.

A source close to the star said: “Once his current FX Show, Anger Management, goes into syndication, he will be earning even more money. The prenup will be very generous for Brett, but Charlie has to protect his finances even though he doesn’t think the agreement will be needed, because he believes Brett is his soul mate.”

However, the 24-year-old must be feeling very special as according to an insider: “[Charlie]will be a little more generous with [her] in regards to the prenup, than he was with Brooke.”

They added: “[Charlie will] pay for Brett’s legal fees as they work out the details of the prenup. For him, this is only a formality. He doesn’t think Brett is after his money. This time, it’s different.”

Whoever said romance was dead obviously hadn’t met Charlie…



Charlie Sheen has announced his engagement to former porn star Brett Rossi.

Charlie proposed on Saturday morning and if these two love birds make it to the alter, it will be his fourth  – yes, fourth – marriage.

You’ve got to respect a man who just doesn’t give up.

Well, we hope this will spur his Two and a Half Men replacement into getting down on one knee for our girl crush, Mila Kunis.

Here’s hoping!




Ashton Kutcher was a guest on US talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it appears the Two and a Half Men star has finally had enough of Charlie Sheen.

Ashton replaced Charlie as the show’s lead three years ago and since then, the Hot Shots actor has spoken extensively about the show, regularly tweeting his criticism of Ashton.

Charlie currently has his own show called Anger Management, but doesn’t seem to be able to let go of his Two and a Half Men past, so Ashton decided to call him out.

“I’m gonna public plea right now with Charlie,” he said, straight into the camera. “Dude, shut the f*ck up! Seriously. Enough already. It’s three years later and you’re still blowing me up on Twitter? Come on, dude. Really?”

Charlie, who’s not one stay quiet, took to Twitter shortly afterwards:




Eeek! Wonder what will happen next…