Actor sued for sexual battery after dentist visit goes wrong

Actor Charlie Sheen is facing huge legal controversy at the moment, with news emerging that a dental technician has filed a case against him for assault, sexual battery and emotional distress.

Margarita Palestino was assisting Los Angeles dentist Dr. George Bogen on the day that Charlie visited to have an abscess removed. She claims that the actor ripped off his oxygen mask while in the dentist's chair and began shouting "I'm going to f***ing kill you" at those present in the room.

When Ms. Palestino tried to replace the mask under the dentist's orders, the Two and a Half Men actor grabbed her left breast and began tugging at her bra strap as if trying to open it. 

As staff tried to calm Charlie down, he shouted "F**k you," and again told Ms. Palestino he was going to kill her. She also claims that later in the visit Charlie bolted from the chair and punched her in the chest.

As the actor was leaving, his personal assistant reportedly handed Dr. Bogen $500, saying it was for "your troubles." Ms. Palestino claims she was later told by her boss that Charlie was high "on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol and alcohol."

Charlie's reps say he was on prescription medication for a bad shoulder injury, which may have reacted to the nitrous oxide administered during his dentist visit.