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It's been a year of highs and lows, losses and successes, happiness and sadness. To celebrate all of these moments – and some in between – we have selected some of 2014's most emotional moments below. Grab your tissues, there will be tears.


1. Omar and Sue's engagement video

Who didn't well up at Omar's amazing, romantic proposal to the lovely Sue? The couple had not seen each other in four months, due to the fact that Omar's job took him away from home regularly. When he decided to propose, he went all out, getting Sue's family and friends around to serenade her before surprising her. This is emotional stuff – you will most likely cry!



2. Lorraine Whyman's wedding

Lorraine Whyman's wedding to Jon Callahan looked just like any other wedding – beautiful bride, beautiful dress, smiling and happy newlyweds. However, the couple's wedding day was bittersweet, as Lorraine may only have two years to live. The stunning bride was diagnosed with breast cancer last May, and decided to exchange vows with the love of her life in a dream ceremony. Speaking to a local paper at the time, she said: "I know what’s going to happen, I’ve seen it happen. But we just have to enjoy whatever time we have left."


3. Emma Watson's speech at the UN

We have all come to love Emma Watson for the talented actress and stunning style icon that she is, however this year, she became one of our most important role models. As part of the United Nations' campaign to bring about gender equality, the Harry Potter actress gave an impassioned speech about feminism that roused a standing ovation and brought a lump to our throats.



4. Diane Guerrero breaks down on live TV

Fans of Orange Is the New Black will recognise Diane Guerrero as Maritza on the hit show, however we saw a completely different side to the actress as she opened up recently on her devastation over the deportation of her parents and brother to Columbia when she was just 14 years old. Diane is clearly trying to hold back the tears as she recalls being left completely alone to fend for herself, and eventually breaks down as she explains just how scared and lonely she was. Diane's is an unbelievable and sad story.



5. Lea Michele's Teen Choice Awards speech

Glee actress Lea Michele showed incredible bravery when she got up on stage to accept her Choice TV Actress award, just weeks after the tragic death of her fiancé and co-star Cory Monteith. With tears flowing down her face, the star wore a smile for her entire speech and thanked fans for their support. We imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house.



6. Pharrell is overcome with happiness

His song Happy was undoubtedly one of the year's biggest hits, with its feel-good message resonating with so many people all over the world. While he likes to let on he's cool as an ice cube however, Pharrell was so overwhelmed with emotion by people's homemade Happy videos that he full-on bawled over it during an interview with Oprah. The chat show host made things ten times worse by mentioning his grandmother, but thankfully a crew member was on hand with a box of tissues!



7. Irish man's surprise homecoming

There are so many homecoming videos popping up on our timelines at the moment, but this one took so much planning that we had to give him a spot on our list. Part of why we are so heavily invested in this homecoming by the end of the video is because Bryan has brought us along every stage of his journey home. We just love his mum's and sister's reactions when he pops up.



8. Tom Fletcher introduces baby Buzz

Given how romantic his wedding speech video was, we should have known to expect a tearjerker when Tom and wife Giovanna introduced baby Buzz to the world. Not only did Tom serenade Giovanna with a song that he had written especially for this son, but he also included time lapse footage of his wife's growing baby bump to bring us along on their journey. Can you say perfect husband?





We all know how cute Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna's relationship is, and it doesn't look as if the arrival of baby Buzz has changed that at all!

Seeing as Tom is going to be away from Giovanna and their son Buzz for a while on McBusted duties, he decided to do something nice.

Giovanna shared a photo on her Instagram account of a box of Ferrero Rocher he had bought for her, captioned: “BEST HUSBAND EVER!!! Xxx.”



A photo posted by Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher) on

Fast forward 24 hours and the new mum shared a photo of an empty box of Ferrero Rocher with a note stuck on that reads: “Dear Wife, I have hidden all the Ferrero Rochers.  I will reveal the location of 1 chocolate for every photo you send me of our son whilst I am away. Love Husband.”


This is the meanest thing Tom has EVER done… EVER! …and possibly the funniest. Xxx

A photo posted by Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher) on

While we think this may be the CUTEST thing that ever happened, poor Giovanna clearly thinks differently, and captioned the image: “This is the meanest thing Tom has EVER done..EVER! … and possibly the funniest Xxx.”

Seriously, could these two get any damn cuter? We hope not…Please don’t take that as a challenge Tom. 



This may be the cutest thing you see today!

OK so, not as cute as one of Tom Fletcher’s YouTube videos but still.

In a recent interview, Hollywood actor, Russell Crowe, revealed that he is a massive fan of Tom Fletcher!

Calling him “special” with a very rich “internal life”, it would seem Russell is deeply impressed by Tom’s moving videos.

We bet Tom is one happy lad after hearing about his latest fan!



We love McFly star Tom Fletcher for endlessly coming up for creative ways of sharing his good news with us.

Ever since Tom and his wife Giovanna welcomed baby Buzz Michelangelo into the world on March 13th, we’ve been dying to get a proper look at him.

Well, the couple certainly delivered in more ways than one, by revealing the first pictures of their one week old son in an adorable way via a YouTube video.

We defy you not to melt at this super cute video.



McFly’s Tom Fletcher has welcomed a baby boy as his wife Giovanna Fletcher gives birth and took to Twitter to share his happy news.

The 28-year-old wrote:  “Sorry for my twitter silence over the last 24hrs, I’ve been far too busy cuddling my son… :). He added: “Yep, @MrsGiFletcher gave birth to our insanely gorgeous son yesterday at 7pm. He is healthy, beautiful and I’ve already changed his nappy.”

Giovanna also took to the social media site to let her fans know how happy she was. She tweeted: “THRILLED to announce the safe arrival of our little BOY! Born last night at 7pm. I can’t stop staring at and kissing him! I’m in love! Xxx”

Recently, the new mum wrote on her blog: “It’s mindboggling to think that the little human I’ve been growing for the last eight and a half months is about to come out and meet us. I can’t wait!””

The baby’s name is yet to be released but #BabyFletcher has already started trending.