We’re dying! Nick Jonas revealed he pitched a tent on the red carpet

We imagine walking the red carpet is just part and parcel of celebrity life, but when you've gone to town on a weed lollipop and can't control certain bodily functions, it sounds like it could be a right old living nightmare as Nick Jonas explained during a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the 23-year-old popstar revealed that he suffered a serious NARB – also known as a 'No-Apparent Reason Boner,' fact fans –  on the day of the Young Hollywood Awards, and had to do everything in his power to conceal it.

Rocking a very questionable red suit in front of the press and public, Nick was snapped clutching himself in the style of a footballer preparing to defend against a penalty kick, and personally we're dying inside about it now.

Anyway, enough from us, we'll let the man himself do the talking on this one.