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Let's be honest here, we all see Ellen DeGeneres as a cool auntie.

She's warm, she's spirited and she's mischievous, but she'll call you the hell out if it comes to the crunch.

And that's exactly what one unfortunate member of Ellen's audience realised recently when she made the mistake of stealing from Ellen and her crew.

In a move which had us squirming in our seats, Ellen and her crew set up hidden cameras and then told the audience that they were welcome to take one piece of show swag each before they took to their seats in the studio.

Thankfully, the vast majority of audience members played by the rules, but there's always one who tests the limits. right?!

And when Ellen clapped eyes on her, she wasn't letting her off easy.

Warning: You may end up watching between your fingers.




Old grease is pretty rotten.

Don't get us wrong, we love anything fried… but stealing old restaurant grease is a weird thing to do.

Weird, until you find out how lucrative it is.

Bloomberg has reported an increase of thieves robbing old vegetable oil, and while it's completely gross, it makes them a hella loada cash.

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In fact, 30 per cent of 'golden goo' as they call it, now gets turned into biofuel, enough to make restaurants’ vats of grease the centerpiece of a thriving $75 million (€69m) black market industry.

Sumit Majumdar, who runs a grease-collection business in New York state, told Bloomberg, “It’s like crack money. There’s an actual market for stolen oil.

"It’s almost like a pawn shop or scrap-metal business," he added.

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This isn't a new crime either, as USA Today has noted that thefts of grease have been reported as early as 2010.

Do you think this kinda thing will catch on in Ireland? Or is it already happening…?



The young man who made the infamous hoax bomb call to Intel last year has appeared in court again.

The hoax call shut down a motorway, disrupted air traffic control and stopped over 3,000 Intel staff from going to work; and the man behind all of it has now admitted to stealing a €5 wallet for a "dare."

Colin Hammond, who is 21-years-old, appeared in court yesterday and admitted that his behaviour was "completely stupid."

Colin was in Pavillions Shopping Centre, Swords when he stole the wallet. He admitted that he had enough money to pay for a new wallet, but took the man's because his friends dared him.

The Independent reported that Judge Dermot Dempsey fined Colin €100 for his actions and also sentenced him to complete 240 hours of community service instead of three months in prison.

This will sit on top of his previous order to complete community service after he admitted to making the false call. 

Colin had been drinking with friends when one of them dared him to make a bomb call because he didn't want to go into work.

He made two 999 calls claiming there were bombs located in Intel, Leixlip which would go off in 12 hours. When asked who was calling, the 21-year-old replied, "Islamic State."

The court heard that Mr Hammond also admitted to the possession of cannabis as well as having it for sale in his home. The drug was found after a search was conducted in his house in Balbriggan following the hoax call.

His solicitor said that although Colin has a good relationship with his family, he "lacked positive role models" while growing up. 



Ah, Kanye, you just can't seem to get things right at the moment, huh? The rapper is in deep water today, and he really didn't see it coming.

The 38-year-old took to Twitter last night to share a photo of his laptop screen to show his fans he was playing Sufjan Stevens – but some eagle-eyed fans noticed something much more peculiar.

One of the tabs Kanye had opened read "Pirate Bay Torrent Xfe.." which led the viewers to believe he was illegally downloading music.

And one pretty famous DJ completely slammed him when he saw the allegations. Deadmau5 accused him of stealing the synthesiser programme which retails for nearly €200.

The DJ wrote: "What the f*** @kanyewest … Can't afford serum? D***."

But he didn't stop there. The 35-year-old music producer continued:  "Let's start a Kickstarter to help @kanyewest afford a copy of Serum.

"He needs a small loan of 200$ #prayforyeezy."

Kanye has yet to reply to the claims (but knowing him, he will soon). Saying that, we can't see this ending very well for him. 


Amy Schumer has been accused of stealing jokes made by other female comedians.

The Trainwreck star was blasted on Twitter by Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan and Tammy Pescatelli, who said she robbed them of their lines and used them in her popular TV shows and movie.

The tweets have since been deleted, but not before Refinery 29 caught sight of them. 

The women didn't hold back in their tweets, saying, "What has always been amazing to me is that she purports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians."

Tammy also said that Amy was the opening act for one of her shows, and this is where she got a few of her jokes from. 

But, after seeing what a stir the tweets were causing online, Tammy and the other girls deleted their previous tweets and Wendy said, "I never said Amy Schumer stole my joke. I just said it was the same. It's possible we both wrote it. I just wanted you to know I wrote it first."

Ouch ladies, there's some serious beef there. 


Being mugged can be a terrifying experience for anyone, and model Vogue Williams has taken to social media to share her unfortunate news that she was robbed this afternoon.

The Dublin native admitted to her followers on Twitter that she was pushed to the ground in London and two men stole her phone in the process. 

She wrote, "Just had two men on a moped push me to the ground and steal my phone when I was on it, be really careful using your phone in public"

Ms Williams warned her fans to be extra vigilant about using phones in public after the shocking incident.


There is something about seeing a ticket inspector that makes you feeling guilty even when you have your ticket sitting comfortably in your pocket.

When you see that orange visor step on board there is a brief moment of panic when you think, “oh no, what if I HAVE lost it?”

While most of us wouldn’t dare to not buy a ticket on public transport (as it is exactly the same as stealing) a surprising amount of people do.

According to Journal.ie, Dublin Bus have revealed that approximately 90 people a week are caught paying the wrong or no fare on buses every week.

The team of Dublin Bus inspectors carry out random inspections on journeys, issuing €100 fines to those who have not paid their fares, or paid the incorrect amount. If the fine is paid within 21 days it is reduced to €50.

And when it comes to not paying their fares, some people REALLY chance their arm. One train commuter was caught in February using a ticket that had been expired for EIGHT months!

But, instead of charging the man the €100 fine per journey over that time period, they simply charged him the cost of each ticket… which amounted to €5,544! 


Two women were caught trying to make away with someone’s stuff on a beach in Florida. That someone happened to come by and catch them in the act. This guy could not have been more polite when met with the thieving pair. Watch as he catches the entire event on camera.