Ellen caught this woman stealing and called her out… on live TV

Let's be honest here, we all see Ellen DeGeneres as a cool auntie.

She's warm, she's spirited and she's mischievous, but she'll call you the hell out if it comes to the crunch.

And that's exactly what one unfortunate member of Ellen's audience realised recently when she made the mistake of stealing from Ellen and her crew.

In a move which had us squirming in our seats, Ellen and her crew set up hidden cameras and then told the audience that they were welcome to take one piece of show swag each before they took to their seats in the studio.

Thankfully, the vast majority of audience members played by the rules, but there's always one who tests the limits. right?!

And when Ellen clapped eyes on her, she wasn't letting her off easy.

Warning: You may end up watching between your fingers.