There is something about seeing a ticket inspector that makes you feeling guilty even when you have your ticket sitting comfortably in your pocket.

When you see that orange visor step on board there is a brief moment of panic when you think, “oh no, what if I HAVE lost it?”

While most of us wouldn’t dare to not buy a ticket on public transport (as it is exactly the same as stealing) a surprising amount of people do.

According to, Dublin Bus have revealed that approximately 90 people a week are caught paying the wrong or no fare on buses every week.

The team of Dublin Bus inspectors carry out random inspections on journeys, issuing €100 fines to those who have not paid their fares, or paid the incorrect amount. If the fine is paid within 21 days it is reduced to €50.

And when it comes to not paying their fares, some people REALLY chance their arm. One train commuter was caught in February using a ticket that had been expired for EIGHT months!

But, instead of charging the man the €100 fine per journey over that time period, they simply charged him the cost of each ticket… which amounted to €5,544!