Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s bromance has made an EPIC song

Ed Sheeran's Brit Awards performance was absolutely deadly, and when Stormzy arrived on stage to assist Ed with his symphonic sounds, we nearly lost it. 

He performed his two new singles Castle On The Hill and Shape Of You, with Stormzy collaborating on the latter to create an amazing new song. 

The new song is absolutely unbelievable, and is being hailed as a "work of art" by fans, who are keeping their fingers crossed that grime artist Stormzy might make a guest appearance at some of Ed's shows on his world tour.

Not content with re-creating one amazing tune, Ed Sheeran followed in his own footsteps by dropping not one, but two new versions of Shape Of You this morning.

The second remix is by Major Lazer, who headlined at Longitude last year, and the electronic music collective have made their version of the song almost unrecognisable.

Ed Sheeran has clearly brought his A-game after his 365 day sabbatical.