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So back in February of 2018, which seems like decades ago at this stage, Heidi Klum declared that she'd be down to f*ck with none other than DRAKE himself.

Imagine that combo? We'd be here for it. Unfortunately, Drake texted her "a week too late", and she ended up ghosting him.

She has now apologised for her Casper move, and it's such a gas. She's the gift that keeps on giving.


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Back when Klum was single, she went on The Ellen Show and played a game of 'Who'd You Rather' with Queen Ellen DeGeneres herself.

It was revealed that the Canadian rap god reached out to the 45-year-old model, but she didn't reply. 'But why??' I hear you ask.

Well, she'd met her now-fiancé; Tom Kaulitz. Case closed.



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She spoke to Ellen yesterday about her now-infamous ghosting of Drake, saying;

“I said I’m sorry, because I know I made a huge wave after I was here, and he just made that face,” Klum imitated the emoji which the 32-year-old rapper replied with.

Ellen, being the sh*t-stirring wizard that she is, responded, “That’s all he responded? Oh, he’s mad.”

Poor Drakey. You snooze, you lose, henny.


Ed Sheeran has just announced that his iconic tune, Shape of You, has just become the most listened to Spotify song EVER.

The song just surpassed an unbelievable TWO BILLION streams on the music platform, meaning that you'd literally have to start listening to it in 12,758BC to play it two billion times consecutively.

That. Is. Insane.


Thank you world. First song to 2 billion streams on @spotify xx

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Sheeran himself commented on the feat through his Instagram account, writing;

“Thank you world. First song to two billion streams on Spotify”.

This essentially confirms the fact that it's the most popular song in the world, which is no easy achievement.

That's not all the records that Sheeran has broken, he has yet ANOTHER song in the top ten Spotify songs; Thinking Out Loud.

The 2014 ballad which is now played at every wedding ever sits at number five with 1.2 million streams… not bad, not bad.

Canadian rapper Drake’s single God’s Plan was the most listened-to song of 2018, with an impressive 1.1 billion streams.

Ariana Grande took the title of most listened to female artist of 2018 on Spotify, with her Sweetener album deservedly breaking numerous records. Slay queen.

Congrats Ed, you're always on our A-Team.


We can't say we are surprised by Drake securing the top spot and his crown is well deserved.

For months on end, we bopped along to tunes like God's Plan and In My Feelings.

And our love of his album, Scorpion has earned the Canadian the most-streamed artist of the year worldwide. 

The music platform announced the rapper had a staggering 8.2 BILLION streams in 2018. 


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He also claimed the title of the most-streamed album with Scorpion and God's Plan was the most-streamed song of this year. 

Hot on his heels, the top artists of the year on Spotify are Post Malone, XXXTentacion, J Balvin and Ed Sheeran – Cough, cough, where are the women at???

Though the list is seriously lacking women, Ariana Grande did rank top of the board for the female artists globally.


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Ariana was followed by Dua Lipa, Cardi B, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello.

Here's hoping that for 2019 we will have some more ladies in the top positions. 



Sophia Sanchez is currently in hospital awaiting a heart transplant, and has two very special wishes: to meet Drake and get a new heart. 

The 11-year-old is such a huge fan of the In My Feelings singer that she did the Kiki Challenge while hooked up to her IVF.

A video of her dancing was posted to social media. 



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And it is thanks to this video that the two of them met.

After seeing her dance, Drake decided that he would take a trip to Lurie's Children Hospital of Chicago, where the pair hung out and bonded over basketball, owls and Justin Bieber! 


Me and my love Sofia talking about Bieber and Owls and Basketball

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The young girl, who, according to the MailOnline, has cardiomyopathy and underwent open heart surgery just three weeks ago, was in absolute shock when the 31-year-old walked up to her.

"Oh my god," she screams, before giving him a hug.

"You asked me to come; I'm here" he says to her, like it's a normal thing for a superstar to pop in and say hey. 

The two chatted about Riverdale, which the rapper has seen "once or twice", took selfies, and exchanged autographs! 

The rapper sang her God's Plan and gifted her with merchandise. 

But the sweetness doesn't stop there!

The rapper wasn't just going past the hospital and decided to pop in – he cancelled a concert just so he could meet her. 

Like, melting!