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Bookworms, we have some wonderful news.

Jojo Moyes’ book The Last Letter From Your Lover is being made into a Netflix movie.

The streaming service confirmed the exciting news and even announced the cast for the adaption. And trust us, you’ll be extremely happy.

Felicity Jones, Shailene Woodley, Ncuti Gatwa, Callum Turner and Joe Alwyn will star in the romantic movie.

The Last Letter From Your Lover is a heart wrenching tale set in modern-day London. The dual-narrative story follows Ellie (Felicity Jones), a journalist who finds the love letters of star-crossed lovers from the 1960s.

The love affair is so enchanting that Ellie decides to find the couple, Jennifer Stirling (Woodley) and Anthony O’ Hare (Callum Turner) so she can find out if they ended up together.


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Augustine Frizell will direct The Last Letter From Your Lover. The film will be shot in Mallorca and then later in London.

Nick Payne and Esta Spalding have penned the script.


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Moye’s book Me Before You was also made into a film in 2016 and if The Last Letter From Your Lover is half as moving as that then you’ll certainly need the tissues by your side when it lands on Netflix.

A release date has yet to be released but keep your eyes peeled!


Big Little Lies season one had us absolutely GRIPPED with the underlying tension and complex relationships, not to mention the stellar acting from stars like Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern and Nicole Kidman.

We can't get enough of the Monterey mums and their crazy tale, and jumped for joy when HBO commissioned a season two with seven new episodes. Oh, and MERYL STREEP. *Weeps*

The sophomore series is due to premiere on June 9, 2019 and the first-look images are ridiculously intense. It looks like plenty of confrontations will take place, and epiphany moments.

The teaser shows plenty of screaming, which proves weirdly entertaining. Meryl is seen throwing some world class shade at the end, playing the role of Perry's mother. If you've forgotten, Perry is six feet under after his abuse escalated and he was pushed down the steps by Bonnie.

We just KNOW that Meryl is going to bring something special to the show. Perry's mum arrives in town with plenty of questions about her son's death.

Nicole Kidman shared the first picture of Mary Louise Wright (Meryl's character) last August, alongside Celeste's "darling boys." What are they looking at, we wonder? Perry's mum and Madeleine also appear to have a showdown.

Reese and Meryl were seen filming a scene involving an ice cream cone being thrown in Los Angeles; basically Madeleine hurls the cone at Mary Louise. They both appear to be fiery characters, and it's unsurprising that they clash.

The show finally has it's own Instagram account, so we're guessing that it'll be riddled with BLL hints about the new season fairly soon. Currently, it's just a grid of videos and gallery posts about the cast.


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A new director is also attached to the project: Andrea Arnold. Every episode of season one was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, but he was quoted saying, "If we do a season 2, we’ll break a beautiful thing and spoil it."

He decided not to do season two, basically. Arnold previously worked on episodes of Transparent and the Oscar-winning short film Wasp.

News also broke that This Is Us and American Horror Story actor Denis O'Hare is set to become a regular cast member for season two. His role is yet to be described though, we're waiting.

It also looks like all the OG members of the Monterey Mom patrol are returning. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman will also return as executive producers (girl power) and Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz are reprising their cast roles.

Rumour has it, Alexander Skarsgård could be back? The actor won a Golden Globe, an Emmy and a SAG Award for his incredible portrayal of Celeste's abusive husband, Perry. Though he's definitely dead (thank you, stairs)…he could appear in flashbacks.


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Celeste's husband could still appear in her nightmares. Executive producer Bruna Papandrea recently responded “not that I know of” when asked if Alexander will return.

Alexander has also teased, “I don’t even know if I’m really dead or not. I feel okay right now, but we’ll see.” He's keeping the option open, it would seem.

Liane Moriarty is the author of the book, Big Little Lies. She also wrote the story for season two, despite never publishing a sequel to the book. The season one showrunner and writer David E. Kelley is also returning.


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Word on the street is that Bonnie's parents show up to stir trouble. In April 2018, the Hollywood Reporter broke everyone's hearts by claiming Zoë’s real-life VIP parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet will not play Bonnie’s parents on BLL. 

Crystal Fox plays Elizabeth Howard, and Martin Donovan (Weeds) will portray Bonnie's father, Martin. Bonnie will struggle to process what she did to Perry, and it has an important emotional link to her past. Deadline reports that Perry's death drags up unsavoury memories from her childhood.

Renata is also due to have a few alterations to her marriage, according to Deadline.


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Good news: a hot, "offbeat" surfer hits up Monterey. Give a warm round of applause to actor Douglas Smith, who will play Corey Brockfield. The character is an “aspiring marine biologist” and Jane’s (Shailene) co-worker. Romance alert?

The Canadian actor has worked on The AlienistCSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Big Love. All we know about him is that he looks damn good on the beach.


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The cast are getting some TASTY pay raises (#TimesUp). ABC News reported in April 2018 that the cast will get increases for the season season.

Casey Bloys, president of HBO programming told THR in a different interview that this was a “direct result” of the Time’s Up movement, so clap clap to Reese for that; 

“One of the things that’s come out of thinking about the movement and some conversations with Reese, who’s really at the forefront, is something we’ve done recently. We’ve proactively gone through all of our shows- in fact, we just finished our process where we went through and made sure that there were no inappropriate disparities in pay, and where there were, if we found any, we corrected it going forward.”


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THR claimed in January of last year that Nicole and Reese, who produce the show, will earn $1 million per episode on season two, compared to $250,000 to $350,000 per episode on season one.Did someone say, "glow up"?

Their children's school will get a brand new teacher at Otter Bay Elementary. Mo McRae, of Pitch fame, will play Michael Perkins; a second grade teacher who causes Renata's daughter to have panic attacks about the environment. 

HBO confirmed that P. J. Byrne will reprise his role as the school’s principal last May, and Poora Jagannathan (GypsyThe Night Of) will play a new character named Katie Richmond. We're assuming she's a mum, but nothing's been set in stone.


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Meryl has been having a WHALE of a time on set with the ladies, even going group bowling with the cast. Nicole Kidman is set to create more projects with Liane Moriarty, specifically her upcoming book Nine Perfect Strangers.

Nicole has bought the film and tv rights, so we're in for a treat. We have no word on whether or not there'll be a Big Little Lies season three. BLL creator and executive producer Kelley has said,

“It’s one and two, and we like our closure with season two, but that will probably be it.” Nicole seemed to disagree, saying, “There’s no plan for it to end, specifically. This was a long shoot for us, and it was an enormous amount of work, and we’re just amazed that we can be here.” Hmmm


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Production wrapped in August of 2018, and we're predicting big things…especially after seeing Perry's mother/Meryl say: 

“I want to know what happened that night” while the camera pans to the ladies in a lineup at the police station.

The excitement is officially building: only 40 days left to wait.

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(Warning: This article contains BLL season one spoilers)

We already love Nicole Kidman, that's confirmed. However, we may just have fallen in love with the actress even more after she dropped a huge hint regarding Big Little Lies season two…

Poor Reese Witherspoon had to tell Kidman to stop talking, before she spoiled the entire season. *gasps*

reese witherspoon hbo GIF by Big Little Lies

We've been feeling down in the dumps ever since season one ended, after Zoe Kravitz pushed Alexander Skarsgård's abusive character down a flight of stairs at a costume party.

Bonnie killing Perry was a twist none of us saw coming, and HBO is taking it's sweet time bringing us back to Monterey Bay, California. We are CRAVING more drama from the mums in the community.

The cast had a panel discussion recently to celebrate the upcoming launch of season two, but Nicole Kidman may have let a few things slip about the plot that could get her in trouble.


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Nicole was mentioning how incredible it was to act alongside Alexander in the debut season, and dropped a huge spoiler regarding his return to season two…But he's dead? He went splat on the tarmac?

According to People, the 51-year-old veteran actress said,

"He was the most incredible acting partner, and then he came back for season two." Directly after this comment, her co-star and fellow producer Reese Witherspoon laughed and immediately made a gesture that was literally code for; "SHUT YO MOUTH."

Nicole tried to dig herself out of that massive hole and added, "He has a little bit of a part in the sense of…the basis of…okay, I’ll be quiet. He didn’t abandon us. We’ll put it that way." AHHHHH.


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In the teaser trailer for the next season, Perry is nowhere to be seen so the fact that he'll be in the coming episodes is a MAJOR suprise.

Perry is confirmed as a dead character, unless he somehow gained rejuvenating powers to bring himself back to life. Somebody needs to make sure Melisandre from Game of Thrones is nowhere near him.

Nicole's truth bomb could mean that there will be flashbacks involving Perry, and his assault on Shailene Woodley's character, Jane. His abuse of his wife Celeste, portrayed beautifully by Kidman, may also be a focus.


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Perry's mother will be played by Meryl Streep, who comes to Monterey to find answers about his shady death, so that should be interesting.

Big Little Lies season two returns to HBO on June 9, get ready gals for some high-quality gossip to obsess over. These mums have mad sh*t going on in their lives, and now a murder case to escape from.

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Actress Shailene Woodley has been arrested in North Dakota during a protest opposing the construction of a cross-state oil pipeline.

The 24-year-old star – who first rose to fame as part of the US television series Secret Life of the American Teenager – was live streaming the protest on Facebook to around 40,000 people at the time she was arrested for criminal trespassing.

The Divergent star has been an outspoken member of a campaign opposing the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, a project which would transfer oil through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois.


yo, #standingrock. we on our way. #protectcleanwater #NoDAPL #uptous

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Protestors believe the pipeline has the potential to contaminate the main water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s reservation, which stands just half a mile from the line.

According to Cosmopolitan, the controversial work could also destroy some of the Native American tribe’s sacred sites.

Before her arrest, Shailene could be heard saying: “I’m being arrested.  I was down there with everybody else.  It’s because I’m well known.  It’s because I have 40,000 people watching.”

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It’s no secret that Divergent actress Shailene Woodley is a huge fanatic for eating healthy and well.

Now, she has divulged her ultimate health food tip – and it is NOT what we were expecting.

It would seem that the actress has jumped on the recent bandwagon for drinking bone broth – yes, that is exactly what you think it is.

Speaking to MTV News, Shailene describes how she makes bone broth in a slow cooker, simmering animal bones for 24 hours with onion and herbs. Erm, yum?

However, not everyone is a fan of Shailene’s tips, as her co-stars describe how she often gives them advice – but not all of them listen to it!

So there you have it, a healthy body is just one bone broth away, according to Shailene Woodley! 



It looks like it’s true love for The Fault In Our Stars actor, Ansel Elgort and his dancer girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan with this sweet news! Despite a break-up five months ago, the cute couple have been spotted together with a source telling US magazine that it is back on.

Ansel and Violetta called an end to their relationship in August due to busy schedules and being apart a lot. At the time, Ansel was doing press tours for both FIOS and Divergent.

A source for the magazine said that he hadn’t been seeing anyone else during the break: “They just missed each other. He didn’t really see anyone else seriously while they’re were split.”

It is reported that despite the break-up, the young couple were in contact the whole time and so things seem to have just fallen back into place.

Since his appearance in The Fault In Our Stars opposite Shailene Woodley, Ansel has been experiencing a lot of female attention, and many of his fans are sure to be disappointed by this latest news! 

Ansel and Violetta have been a couple ever since meeting at New York's prestigious performing arts school, LaGuardia High School. 


Actress Shailene Woodley has become the latest Hollywood actress to go blonde, ditching her brunette locks for a stunning platinum look.

The Divergent star showed off her new style at the Miu Miu show in Paris. We love the darker roots, too!

The 22-year-old has been going progressively lighter with her hair colour since the summer, when she first showed off a golden brown hue at the Met Gala, but this new style is her boldest yet.

Shailene famously cried when she had her her chopped off last August for her role in The Fault in Our Stars. Despite her initial worries though, the actress says she really came around to her shorter hair.

"I love it. It’s so easy," she said in an interview. “Not having hair, the lack of hair, even the weight on your head, reveals so much about your body’s chemistry I cannot even tell you." Deep!

We can imagine it was a big shock going from long wavy locks to a gamine pixie cut, but we think it was definitely a great style move!

What do you think?



Miley is always surrounded by some form of criticism mostly due to her crazy on-stage antics, but actress, Shailene Woodley believes that the critics need to lay off Miley.

The Fault in Our Stars actress was commenting on how people are quick to judge her and Miley for the way they’re often portrayed in the media.

“Miley isn’t rude or mean or cruel to anyone in her actions. She just does herself. And regardless of whether you agree with what she’s doing or not, it’s none of your business what she does.”

Shaline says she sympathises with Miley, as she also knows what it’s like to be misunderstood. She went on to say that people should focus on other things instead of constantly criticising the singer.

“She’s not in the world doing mean things. Why are all these parents or all these people freaking out about Miley being herself? If you don’t want your kids to watch it, you know, you can change that situation at home, but don’t make a big deal of what she’s doing. Make a big deal about the bullies at school who are beating kids up.”

Well it seems Shailene is a Miley fan, we wonder what the Wrecking Ball singer thinks about this?




The tearjerker, The Fault In Our Stars, may have just hit cinema screens in America today but Shailene Woodley is already being tipped with a possible Oscar win, thanks to her performance in the film.

Critics have praised the film adaption of John Green’s hit book especially Shailene who plays the lead, Hazel Grace, in the film.

Forbes magazine said that the film is a “generational classic” and Woodley’s acting in the film “would be an Oscar contending-performance if the film were considered more prestigious”.

That’s the not only critic to tip Shailene for the academy awards as Hollywood News have already put her under their hot contenders for a 2015 Best Actress, calling her portrayal of TFIOS Hazel Grace the “best performance of her career.”

Well with these reviews, it looks likely that Shailene could be on the nomination list for the 2015 Oscars. Watch out JLaw!




It was revealed this afternoon that Naomi Watts has been cast for Divergent’s upcoming sequels, Insurgent and Allegiant.

Naomi will star as Evelyn, the estranged mother of Tris’ boyfriend Four/Tobias.

However, not all fans have reacted well to the casting of Naomi, as many have argued that Naomi looks nothing like her character’s description in the hit book series.

Veronica Roth, author of the novels described Evelyn as having “curly black hair and olive skin” and that her and Tobias, “… also have the same strong jaw, distinct chin, spare upper lip, stick-out ears. Only her eyes are different— instead of blue, they are so dark they look black”.

While that doesn’t sound exactly like Naomi, we still think the actress will be able to pull off the role when filming stars for Insurgent this month.

Watts will be joining an all-star cast which includes, Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and Octavia Spencer.




Octavia Spencer has been cast in the forthcoming sequel to sci-fi blockbuster Divergent.

The Oscar-winning actress will star opposite Shailene Woodley in the second part of the hit series, Insurgent.

This is yet another big role for the 43-year-old actress, who shot to fame after bagging an Oscar for her amazing performance in 2011 drama The Help.

Octavia will play faction leader Johanna in the sci-fi sequel.

Divergent stars Shailene, Theo James and Kate Winslet will all be taking up their roles again in Insurgent.

Octavia has a hectic schedule ahead of her, starring in seven major movies in the next year.

The star has signed on to a few very exciting roles in forthcoming movies like Get on Up, a biographical drama on soul singer James Brown, and The Great Gilly Hopkins, a film about a foster child who finds a stable home.

She will next be seen in comedy Car Dogs, which is due for release in US theatres later on this year.




Lionsgate are following the trilogy pattern of splitting Divergent‘s final movie installation into two separate movies.

The second installation of the trilogy, Insurgent, is due to be released in 2015, followed by the first part of Allegiant in 2016.

The announcement was made by the vice chairman for Lionsgate, Michael Burns, though it came as no surprise to many.

Sources say the decision derived from the content of Allegiant, “Veronica Roth brings her captivating story to a masterful conclusion in Allegiant, a rich, action-packed book with material that is ideally suited to two strong and fulfilling movies.”

This strategy is familiar to fans of both the Twilight and The Hunger Games trilogies, both of which had their final movie split into two separate instalments.