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Well, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Cara Delevingne has been on the promotional trail for her upcoming film Paper Towns over the last few months, but it seems the constant interviews got a bit too much for her when she appeared on a US morning show this week.

The model-turned-actress was interview by the hosts of Good Day Sacramento via Skype link-up, but couldn't seem to get on board with their chirpiness. Things got off to a rocky start when the female anchor introduced her as "Carla" Delevingne, and the mood wasn't helped by a five-second Skype delay which saw the actress talking over the hosts numerous times.

Cara's signature sarcasm and smart humour didn't seem to translate to US TV, with the hosts getting a little overwhelmed when she answered repeated questions with snarky answers. When asked if she had read the book on which Paper Towns was based, the 22-year-old deadpanned, "Uh, no I never read the book, or the script. I kind of winged it."

Later on she responded to a question about her character Margo by saying, "No, I actually hate her," another joke that fell flat with the Good Day Sacramento crew.

In the end, the anchors asked if she was "exhausted" or simply "irritated," to which Cara replied, "Perhaps it is just you." Ouch.

As soon as the Skype link-up ended, the hosts continued to slate their interviewee, with one saying, "Wow! She was in a mood!" and another adding, "You make $5 million for six weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph."

Talk about car crash TV…



Cara Delevingne has been appearing on the catwalks less and less lately, with only one appearance at the recent Paris Fashion Week.

Now it's clear where she's been hiding though – as the first official trailer for her new film Paper Towns has just been released.

Based on the book by The Fault In Our Stars author John Green, Paper Towns stars Cara as the enigmatic and unavailable Margo, who has always been the object of her neighbour Quentin (Nat Wolff)'s affection.

Aside from a small part in Anna Karenina back in 2012, this is Cara's first time on the big screen, but with five other movies also in production at the moment, it looks like we'll be seeing more and more of Cara in our cinemas!



UK model Cara Delevingne seems to be everywhere at the moment and it looks like she’s only getting bigger!

Last week the actress spoke about her small role in The Face of An Angel, based on the story of Amanda Knox.  Now though, she’s been announced as the lead in what is set to be a huge film for 2015. She’ll be playing the role of Margo in Paper Towns, based on the book by John Green – author of the young adult favourite, The Fault In Our Stars.

The Fault In Our Stars made huge waves at the box office when the film adaptation was released earlier this year, and we bet Paper Towns will be no different. Exciting!

The plot of the book centres on Cara’s character, who runs away from home, leaving clues behind to lead her lovesick friend Quentin to her hiding place. Nat Wolff, who played Isaac in The Fault In Our Stars, will play the besotted Quentin.

Author John Green tweeted his excitement at the casting news earlier today:

And Cara seemed equally elated in her reply to director Jake Schreier!

Cara has had a few breakout roles so far – she starred in the 2012 adaptation of Anna Karenina, and next year she will appear alongside Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried in Pan. And that's all on top of strutting the catwalk for Chanel and being the face of both Topshop and Burberry. Talk about a high achiever!



The tearjerker, The Fault In Our Stars, may have just hit cinema screens in America today but Shailene Woodley is already being tipped with a possible Oscar win, thanks to her performance in the film.

Critics have praised the film adaption of John Green’s hit book especially Shailene who plays the lead, Hazel Grace, in the film.

Forbes magazine said that the film is a “generational classic” and Woodley’s acting in the film “would be an Oscar contending-performance if the film were considered more prestigious”.

That’s the not only critic to tip Shailene for the academy awards as Hollywood News have already put her under their hot contenders for a 2015 Best Actress, calling her portrayal of TFIOS Hazel Grace the “best performance of her career.”

Well with these reviews, it looks likely that Shailene could be on the nomination list for the 2015 Oscars. Watch out JLaw!




Based on the novel by John Green and starring Shailene Woodley, this movie is set for release this summer and we cannot wait to see Augustus Waters on the big screen.



For those of you who have read John Green’s best-selling and elegantly beautiful novel, The Fault in Our Stars, news of the upcoming movie is set to delight and excite.

Set for release this summer, the movie follows Hazel, a teenage girl suffering from cancer, as she battles the common teen issues, especially the biggest issue of all – boys.

Enter Augustus Waters, whom she meets at the cancer support group her mother makes her attend. Hazel’s dry humour, stubbornness and honesty about her condition marks this novel as far removed from anything seen before. Let’s hope this translates on-screen.

The film adaptation stars Shailene Woodley as protagonist Hazel and Ansel Elgort as love interest, Augustus Waters.

If you don’t already know the story, you’ll either have to pick up the book or wait for the movie. Set to be the romantic film of the year, The Fault in our Stars is set to tug at your heart string in a major way!