Bella Hadid protected a female pap from her own security guard

When we think of the celeb life, we think luxurious yacht trips, glamorous red carpet events and shopping at designer stores. 

However, we often forget about the realities of being a public figure, as well-known mega stars battle to get from A to B due to the sheer mass of photographers and fans which surround them at every opportunity. 

Unsurprisingly, Bella Hadid is one such celeb who is swarmed with paparazzi whenever she steps out in public. 


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The model is currently in New York for Fashion Week, and stepped out with her many bodyguards when leaving the Michael Kors fashion show to get to her waiting car. 

The security guards pushed and shoved paps out of the way to get Bella through safely, and almost ended up in an altercation with one. 

However, things went a step too far for Bella when one of her burly minders pushed a female pap out of their way. 


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Bella intervened in the pushing, protecting the photographer from the minder. 

'Hey! Can you please not touch her!' she can be heard shouting in the clip. 

Bella then stopped to check the pap was okay, before continuing to scold her security guard.