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You couldn't make this stuff up.

Joey Gaydos Jr,is best known for playing insanely talented guitarist  Zack Mooneyham in the now-iconic 2003 Jack Black flick, School of Rock. And it seems that the 27-year-old is now living out the real rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

Joey has been arrested for allegedly stealing guitars and selling them in pawn shops in Florida.

Sticking it to the man or what?

According to TMZ, police said he would walk into shops and ask to test a guitar, before sauntering out without paying.

He is supposed to have nicked a Gibson Les Paul worth a cool $1900 (£1,440) and a Fender Stratocaster worth $699 (£530).

But perhaps the most far-fetched part of all is that he also stole guitar amps, including ONE FROM HIS OWN DAD. 

Like, how does that even happen? 

Joking aside, hes now he's facing felonies for larceny and grand theft.

Joey reportedly blamed the theft on his drug problem and later entered a not guilty plea in court.

The child star hasn't acted since his School of Rock heyday and is apparently unemployed at present.

Oh and btw – there is actual footage of him walking out of a store with a Buddy Guy Fender Stratocaster…so you're kinda busted Joey.


Movie lovers, rejoice! Marlay Park has just released the list of movies they’ll be screening at their outdoor cinema event and we cannot wait.

Dlrevents have revealed that they will be screening timeless classics like Mrs Doubtfire and School of Rock, as well as newer releases like Coco and Paddington.

Musical fans, brace yourselves. They’re also screening the glorious Mamma Mia too, so get your dancing shoes on and warm up your vocal chords.

The free movie screenings will take place on Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19.

Outdoor Movies in the Park is the perfect event. The summer may be drawing to an end but what better way to end it than watching a movie under the stars.

You can tune into childhood classics and recent releases on a high definition screen, which is supposedly half the size of a house.

Make sure to bring plenty of blankets and snacks for all the gang as you watch some of the most-loved movies.

You can pick up plenty of delicious treats from the dlr COCO Market before the movie begins. A few market vendors will even open late on Saturday and Sunday to cater for the movie-goers.

The team couldn’t have picked a better selection of movies.


Gather up the troops and head along to the Outdoor Movies in the Park on August 18 and 19. The free movie screening is the perfect weekend event.

See below for the full list of movies at this year’s Outdoor Movies in the Park:



School of Rock was a fab film.

It made every primary school kid dream that some day a really cool teacher would come in and bring us all on school trips and let us laze about listening to music all day.

Ah… dreams.

That might have never happened in real life, but one actress from the movie actually turned into a rock star after her stint in the 2003 flick.

Actress Rebecca Brown, who played Katie (a.k.a. Posh Spice) in the movie has persued a career as a musician.


it's my bday. hair is on point. eyebrows are on point. life is on point.

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A photo posted by Becca Brown. (@usuallybeccabrown) on


A photo posted by Becca Brown. (@usuallybeccabrown) on

Well, actually she considers herself much more than that. Her Twitter bio says that she's also a comedian, a bar tender and a feminist. You go, girl.

Rebecca had to learn how to play the bass for School of Rock, and has kept it up ever since. Just check her out: