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Mrs Doutbfire is one of those films you loved as a kid and are still just as attached to as an adult because it evokes such warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.

It's been 25 years since the movie hits our screens and with every passing year, it becomes even more of a classic.

Set in San Fran, voice actor Daniel Hilliard is going through a separation from his wife Miranda, played by Sally Field.

As Miranda gets custody of his three kids – Lydia, Chris and Natalie –  he must go undercover as their nanny to spend time with them.

Cue the teary eyes. 

It's a feel-good flick, if a bit of a tearjerker, and the cast have gotten together to celebrate the quarter-of-a-century anniversary of its release.

And it makes us feel old as f*ck.

The beloved main character, played brilliantly by Robin Williams, has sadly passed away and is missed dearly by the rest of the cast.

Lisa Jakub, who played eldest kid Lydia, took to social media to post a snap of herself alongside the actors who played her two siblings, Matt and Mara Wilson and their mother's love interest Stu, played by Pierce Brosnan. 

She captioned the picture, ''so this happened. #mrsdoubtfire #reunion #25yearslater.''

Fans were delighted at this reunion and commented in their droves to say so.

One wrote, ''this is one of my favourite films Robin Williams will always be a legend.''

Another said, ''such a wonderful moment. Hope your reunion was just as magical!!! #mrsdoubtfire.''

Pierce has spoken before of how his first meeting with Robin went on the set of the film.

He said, ''I went into the makeup trailer and Robin was sitting there in a pair of boots and his hairy legs, and a Hawaiian shirt, and his hairy arms, and there he sat, but with Mrs. Doubtfire's head on. I never really worked with Robin Williams, to tell you the truth. I worked with Mrs. Doubtfire.''

He continued, ''he was a magnificent human being, and a beautiful person."

We've no doubt he was watching over the cast, proud of the iconic movie they made together. 


Movie lovers, rejoice! Marlay Park has just released the list of movies they’ll be screening at their outdoor cinema event and we cannot wait.

Dlrevents have revealed that they will be screening timeless classics like Mrs Doubtfire and School of Rock, as well as newer releases like Coco and Paddington.

Musical fans, brace yourselves. They’re also screening the glorious Mamma Mia too, so get your dancing shoes on and warm up your vocal chords.

The free movie screenings will take place on Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19.

Outdoor Movies in the Park is the perfect event. The summer may be drawing to an end but what better way to end it than watching a movie under the stars.

You can tune into childhood classics and recent releases on a high definition screen, which is supposedly half the size of a house.

Make sure to bring plenty of blankets and snacks for all the gang as you watch some of the most-loved movies.

You can pick up plenty of delicious treats from the dlr COCO Market before the movie begins. A few market vendors will even open late on Saturday and Sunday to cater for the movie-goers.

The team couldn’t have picked a better selection of movies.


Gather up the troops and head along to the Outdoor Movies in the Park on August 18 and 19. The free movie screening is the perfect weekend event.

See below for the full list of movies at this year’s Outdoor Movies in the Park:


As with most classic films that we watch over and over again, it's easy to forget that the cast of Mrs Doubtfire are not all frozen in time back in 1993.

Mara Wilson's gone on to ditch acting in favour of writing, Sally Field has been in everything from Brothers and Sisters to The Amazing Spider-Man, and while Robin Williams has since sadly passed away, his career also took off in a million different directions post-Doubtfire.

One cast member we haven't heard much from in a few years though is Matthew Lawrence, the teen actor who played Robin and Sally's son Chris.

After Mrs Doubtfire, Matthew went on to star in Boy Meets World, but there has been relative radio silence from him since 2000, aside from a few cameos for Nickelodeon.

Well, we've tracked him down, and we can confirm that the adult Matthew is 100% HOT. 

Here he is (FYI, he's now 36) posing for a selfie:


On my way to set all bundled up! Love my job and the places it takes me to! Hood Canal Seattle Washington

A photo posted by Matt Lawrence (@themattlawrence) on

Oh, and there he is out for a hike.


This is what I am looking at right now. At the summit of Glacier point looking at half dome YOSEMITE!

A photo posted by Matt Lawrence (@themattlawrence) on

Seems like the last 16 years have been very kind to him indeed.



Tissues at the ready people because these eight minutes of deleted scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire is enough to send anyone into an emotional spiral today. 

Someone has just uploaded a series of never-before-seen footage from the classic comedy film and it is a true testament to the talent that was Robin Williams. 

From his comedic timing to his emotional capabilities, this video captures the late actor at his best. 

Robin tragically took his own life in 2014. 

Watch the heart-wrenching clip below:




The legendary Hollywood actor Robin Williams would have turned 64 today.

On the eve of his birth date, his 25-year old daughter Zelda announced that she would be taking a break from all social media.

She posted a photo on her Instagram account to inform her followers: "In my absence, I understand there will be those who wish to leave messages regarding Dad on my board," she continued.

"But please attempt to be respectful and kind to one another in the process, both because I will not be here to delete or mediate trolling, and because kindness is in short supply these days anyhow."

Most of the comments left on the photograph are birthday wishes for Robin along with many messages of support for Zelda herself.

This isn’t the first time Zelda has taken a break from social media following her father’s death. In February of this year she spoke for the first time with Today about life after her father’s death.

She said: "It's going to take a lot of work to allow myself to have the sort of fun, happy life that I had, but that's important," she said.

"Anybody who has ever lost anyone works very hard to continue that memory in a positive way."

It is not quite a year since news of Robin William’s death came to light and many still find it hard to believe the man who played the hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire is no longer with us.

Robin’s final film Boulevard is sure to be a tear jerker but the trailer is also incredibly beautiful and uplifting.

We put together a couple of the many times Robin Williams was able to put a smile on our faces. 

This dance scene

"All you have to do is think one happy thought…"

Every time the Genie gave some sass

"Oh Captain, my captain."




For any fans out there of Mrs.Doubtfire (and frankly, who isn't one?!), we have some pretty amazing news for you!

It has been announced that the 1993 smash hit comedy is being turned into a musical! We know, we squealed too.

Commenting on the project, Oscar- winnning composer Alan Menken has said: "It's going very well. It's in its early stages and that's probably all I can say!"

Alan is collaborating with David Zippel, who is currently working on lyrics for the production's songs, and went on to admit: "We're really enjoying working on it."

This is very welcome news following the tragic death of Robin Williams last year who starred as the Scottish nanny desperate to spend time with his family.

We can't wait for it to hit theatres! 




She was everyone’s favourite nanny.

And now, some 20 years after the film became a worldwide hit, a Mrs Doubtfire sequel is said to be on the way.

Robin Williams starred in the original as a divorced dad who disguised himself as the Scottish nanny to take care of his kids

The actor is reportedly ready to step into the role of Mrs Euphegenia Doubtfire again, with Chris Columbus set to direct.

Elf writer David Berenbaum has been tapped to the write the script.

The studio have apparently been trying to get a sequel off the ground since 2001 when Bonnie Hunt was signed up to write a script.

But despite a slew of rewrites, Robin, 62, and Chris, 55, weren’t happy with the story lines – until now!