School of Rock was a fab film.

It made every primary school kid dream that some day a really cool teacher would come in and bring us all on school trips and let us laze about listening to music all day.

Ah… dreams.

That might have never happened in real life, but one actress from the movie actually turned into a rock star after her stint in the 2003 flick.

Actress Rebecca Brown, who played Katie (a.k.a. Posh Spice) in the movie has persued a career as a musician.


it's my bday. hair is on point. eyebrows are on point. life is on point.

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Well, actually she considers herself much more than that. Her Twitter bio says that she's also a comedian, a bar tender and a feminist. You go, girl.

Rebecca had to learn how to play the bass for School of Rock, and has kept it up ever since. Just check her out: