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Movie lovers, rejoice! Marlay Park has just released the list of movies they’ll be screening at their outdoor cinema event and we cannot wait.

Dlrevents have revealed that they will be screening timeless classics like Mrs Doubtfire and School of Rock, as well as newer releases like Coco and Paddington.

Musical fans, brace yourselves. They’re also screening the glorious Mamma Mia too, so get your dancing shoes on and warm up your vocal chords.

The free movie screenings will take place on Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19.

Outdoor Movies in the Park is the perfect event. The summer may be drawing to an end but what better way to end it than watching a movie under the stars.

You can tune into childhood classics and recent releases on a high definition screen, which is supposedly half the size of a house.

Make sure to bring plenty of blankets and snacks for all the gang as you watch some of the most-loved movies.

You can pick up plenty of delicious treats from the dlr COCO Market before the movie begins. A few market vendors will even open late on Saturday and Sunday to cater for the movie-goers.

The team couldn’t have picked a better selection of movies.


Gather up the troops and head along to the Outdoor Movies in the Park on August 18 and 19. The free movie screening is the perfect weekend event.

See below for the full list of movies at this year’s Outdoor Movies in the Park:



If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to get people smiling around these parts, it is going to be an adorable dog.

Another thing that makes us really happy, when the adorable dog has some equally adorable best friends.

That is exactly what happened when Annie, from Tasmania, Australia introduced her shar pei Paddington to her other pets, London, Butler and Sailor. Paddington and his three feline friends live a life that is just made to give us all of the feels and want to run out and buy our own super soft dog with ridiculously cute wrinkles.

Paddington also has a great wardrobe:

He will even coordinate his colour scheme to his pals:

Paddington is also a fan of the original Paddington:

Paddington and Butler make teamwork look easy:

They also enjoying napping together:

Thank you Paddington and pals for brightening up our day. If you feel the need to spend more time with the cuddly guy, the group have their own Facebook page, enjoy. 



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Christmas is all about rekindling the magic of childhood and we can think of no better way to do this than to sit back and enjoy the wonder that is Paddington.

The film, starring Nicole Kidman and Julie Walters, brings to life Paddington Bear, the little Peruvian bear fascinated by all things British. And frankly girls, it is the perfect antidote to a tough day in the office or a long evening Christmas shopping.

While not a Christmas movie as such, the film still explores the importance of magic and imagination, and like all fantastic children’s films allows good to triumph over evil every single time!

Here’s what to expect from this must-see flick!

1.  An array of colours

From the pastel paint decorating the houses on the Brown’s street in London to the vivid red of Paddington’s cherished hat and the deep blue of his iconic duffel coat, this film is a total treat for the eyes!

2. Classic British accents

Is there anything more comforting than an old-fashioned British accent? This film, despite its modern setting, hints at an era gone by with its quaint English accents and British mannerisms.

3. Laugh-out-loud moments

There’s nothing quite as charming or funny as the personification of animals so watching little Paddington navigate day-to-day life in a modern family home is cute, touching and downright hilarious at times.

4. Good vs. Evil theme

The good vs. evil theme plays a massive role throughout the entire film and reminds us why family films are so important, especially at this time of year!

5. The urge to have a little Paddington of your own

Once you watch the flick, you’ll see what we mean. Having a well-meaning, but clumsy little bear wander around your house eating maramalade sandwiches is pretty much all you’ll want after spending an hour and a half in the company of him and his beloved family, the Browns.

Go check it out!


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