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The haters are back again and have been more relentless than ever to former Googlebox star Scarlett Moffatt. We're sorry you have to deal with this, girl!

The poor actress had an emotional breakdown yesterday after incessant trollers insulted her on social media.

Scarlett appeared on the Love Island spin-off show, Aftersun, last night. During which her low-cut dress revealed a part of her bra while she spoke to the show’s host Caroline Flack.

People immediately took to Twitter to bash the I’m a Celeb winner’s appearance, starting with her bra and then moving on to her weight. There was no holding back as opinionated viewers began fat shaming the 28-year-old for her appearance, calling her ‘utterly revolting’.

Scarlett went home to see tweets judging her body and insulting the way she looked and could not believe the cruelty of women online. The reality TV personality revealed on social media that she cried her eyes out after reading the comments.

‘I’m honestly ashamed of some people on here. Hard to pretend I’m ok and be  a good role model to others about how it’s ok to just you,’ she wrote.

It is hard enough living with an insecurity, let alone when people publicly attack your appearance. However, fans quickly came to her defence after her post, advising her to ignore the nasty comments and to ‘keep shining’.

Love Island star Olivia Buckland also replied to Scarlett saying that she had received similar online treatment.

‘Babe I can feel this so much. Happened to me yesterday I broke down. From one strong lady to another; we’re better than that.[…] All I know is that you are better than words.’

Olivia’s fiancee, Alex Bowen, also vented about the way fat shamers were treating Liv, discrediting their remarks and calling her ‘unreal’.

‘Had liv crying in my arms this morning because of hurtful comments made by disgusting girls and elder women too […] no one should be made feel like that.’

Caroline Flack and Love Island narrator, Iain Stirling, stood by Scarlett’s side, reassuring her how ‘brilliant’ she was and dubbing her the ‘sweetest most approachable individual out there’.

Once again, people hide behind their computers to judge women in the spotlight, but we were happy to see others defending Scarlett and Liv.

Liv also tweeted a powerful message: ‘Lots preach for women in the public eye to be good role models and teach the love yourself motto; yet the parents of the kids they want us to influence are often the ones writing the hate.

‘Self love starts at home, at your heart and not at hate.’

Online bullying has become a serious issue, especially after the suspected suicide of Love Island star Sophie Gradon. The actress had recently addressed social media commentators who were relentless in their tormenting judgements about her looks.

We stand behind women everywhere who are verbally attacked and shamed online because of judgemental comments regarding their appearance.

It is so important to speak out and tell others how you’re feeling. Keep defending your friends and loved ones, encouragement can make all the difference.


Scarlett Moffatt is earning huge praise for her latest Instagram post.

The former Gogglebox star and Extra Camp presenter recently took to the social platform to remind her young fans not to believe everything the see online.

The image shows a side-by-side comparison showing a bare-faced selfie and a highly edited full makeup look.

The 27-year-old captioned the upload with a heartwarming message.

“To all you young girls (and older ladies) out there don’t believe all you see on social media,” she wrote.

“This goes to show what make up and a filter can do love who you are and don’t compare yourself to anybody else. As dr Seuss once said…. Today you are You, that is truer than true . There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Fans were quick to praise the star for her honesty and were full of compliments for both pictures.

“Filter or no filter Scarlett you are beautiful inside and out,” one user wrote.

Another said: “U are amazing and so genuine Scarlett and such an inspiration.”

Scarlett won the hearts of the nation when she appeared on Channel 4's Gogglebox and once again when she was crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2016.

She has her down-to-earth nature and larger than life personality to thank for her successful TV career and this latest post proves that she won't be changing anytime soon.


Some viewers know her as the witty and personable 'Scarlett off Gogglebox' while others know her as the fearless winner of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

But what many of us don't know of is the internal dialogue Scarlett is forced to battle against on a daily basis in order to live a normal life.

Like many people who live with anxiety, 27-year-old Scarlett is able to identify the trigger which acted as a catalyst for her most recent episode.

Speaking to The Mirror, she said: "Recently my anxiety has been really bad, especially after seeing those acid attacks on the news."

"In In my head I was going to be an acid attack victim. It sounds bizarre, because the chances of that happening are so small, but that’s how my brain works."

Giving the public an insight into the lived experience of someone with anxiety, Scarlett explained what it felt like to endure a panic attack.

Recalling her first one which coincided with her foray into the world of television in 2014, she said: "I got to the front door and convinced myself something was going to go wrong."

"I had palpitations and I could feel the blood rushing round my body. It felt almost like I was having an out-of-body experience. Everything seemed to go silent."

Elaborating on these experiences, Scarlett, who was the victim of bullying as a child, explained the physiological implications.

"Sometimes I would pass out. I would know if that was happening because I would get tingly fingers, so I would lie down on the floor," she continued.

The reality TV star explained that her condition often meant she was unable to simply leave the house.

"It became a daily struggle. I would get to my front door, cry, then go back and try to pump myself up again. Sometimes I got out the door after nine or 10 goes. Sometimes I stayed inside all day."

We applaud Scarlett for being so vocal with regards her struggle.



Do any of us have a clue what we're doing?!

Scarlett Moffatt has admitted that she certainly doesn't, and it's safe to say we're all breathing a sigh of relief.

The former Gogglebox star's career is going from strength to strength after winning I'm A Celeb… and scoring a regular spot on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Take Away.

But even still, Scarlett told Reveal Magazine that she, like many of us, is struggling with her living situation.

“I haven’t bought a place yet. I’m still renting, I’m just trying to work out what I want to do with my life."

The 26-year-old also admitted that she's getting by with the help of her friends, and Ant and Dec.

“The advice they kept giving us is to just be me. That gives me so much confidence in who I am.

“They’ve also been helping with autocue and talk back. I just feel very privileged," she added.



Saturday Night Takeaway came back to our TV screens with  bang last night, and this time it was joined by the lovely Scarlett Moffatt.

After a few weeks of controversy, surrounding her parents being axed from Gogglebox, Scarlett looked happy and relaxed while standing beside Ant and Dec throughout the whole show.

And everybody noticed.

Fans took to Twitter to share their delight that Scarlett is on the show, and even believe that this is going to be the best series yet:



We were sad to hear that as a new series of Gogglebox begins filming, one family that won't be sitting on the couch is the Moffatts.

The producers of the show are giving the excuse that Scarlett is too well-known now and it would effect how people see her parents.

Image result for the moffatts gogglebox

The brunette beauty originally took time off the show to film I'm A Celeb last year, and it was thought she'd eventually make her way back to the TV-watching series.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 told The Sun: The Moffatt family will not be appearing in this series.” While an insider told Sunday People: “The whole premise of Gogglebox is normal people commenting on the TV. 

Related image

“Scarlett is now a celebrity in her own right, so it made sense she wouldn’t continue.”

We're sure going to miss their banter on the show.


From Gogglebox glory, to Queen of the Jungle, it's safe to say Scarlett Moffatt had a pretty good 2016. 

However, the reality star's new year is off to a brilliant start, with a new job on the cards. 

Scarlett has signed up to host two shows on Channel Four, and we are absolutely delighted for her.


Bee merry on Christmas everybody  #Christmas #ootd

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T  (@scarlett_moffatt) on

Following in the footsteps of Davina McCall, the 26-year-old beauty will host a new version of Streetmate.

She spoke to The Sunday World about her excitement, saying "it’s such a fun show and it’s two of my favourite things to do, chat to randomers and a love story."


Soho tim #selfie #soho

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T (@scarlett_moffatt) on

Scarlett will also co-host a brand new show with the hilarious Alan Carr (really excited about this one!)

The two shows will air later this year!

You go, girl! 


While 2016 has been an absolute sh*tshow for most, Geordie lass, Scarlett Moffatt, has watched her career go from strength to strength over the last 12 months.

Not only did she find time to throw out classic one-liners on Gogglebox, pen a best-selling book and embark on a new fitness and nutrition plan, she was also crowned Queen of the Jungle in this year's I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

Not bad for one person, right?

But it doesn't sound like Scarlett, who also netted herself a job on Capital FM, is about to stop now…especially if emerging reports are anything to go by, anyway.

With the Great British Bake-Off currently seeking new hosts following Mel and Sue's decision to leave the much-loved programme, rumours have begun circulating that the Gogglebox star is in the running for the position.


Bush tucker eclairs#foodie

A photo posted by S C A R L E T T(@scarlett_moffatt) on

"Scarlett is now a serious contender – she opened a lot of eyes to her potential on I’m a Celebrity," a source said recently.

"She is young, very funny and just the type of presenter Channel 4 are looking for to front their version of the show."

"Scarlett may be inexperienced but the thinking is she could be paired with a more senior co-host," the insider added.

How amazing would Scar be in that role?!


When we heard Luke Crodden didn't meet Scarlett Moffatt at the airport after she was crowned Queen of the Jungle in this year's I'm a  Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, we were far from impressed. but it turns out there was more to the decision than meets the eye.

While being interviewed on her homecoming by OK! Magazine, the couple revealed the circumstances surrounding their reunion, and it seems the couple's pet dog, Bonnie, meant he was unable to make the tearful reunion in the Arrivals hall.

Explaining why he didn't show up, Luke said: "Because I had our dog Bonnie and I had so much stuff to take over to her parents."

But once they did finally find themselves in the same location, Luke struggled to hide his emotions, saying: "I basically kicked the door through to get to her. I ran into the sitting room, grabbed hold of her and didn’t let go for the rest of the night."

Admitting he cried after seeing Scarlett in person for the first time in almost a month, he added: “I was going to say no I wasn’t, but aye, I was.”

Chiming in, the Gogglebox star revealed there was a pair of them in it, saying: "Yeah, we couldn’t stop crying when we were reunited. It’s the longest we’ve ever been apart. Never, ever again."

Celebrating his girlfriend's triumphant return, Luke went all out on the food front, and stocked up on Scarlett's favourites.

"When I got home me and Luke ordered two pixies, chips, doner meat, loads of garlic sauce and chilli," Scarlett said. "And Luke bought us some bourbon biscuits, custard creams, chocolate digestives and Hobnobs."

“He was my Prince Charming, coming round with a bag of biscuits," she added.

Sounds like our kind of lad.


She may have arrived in the jungle looking pretty high-maintenance, but behind Scarlett Moffatt's nails, tan and hair extensions, it sounds like she was only dying to go au naturel.

After being crowned the Queen of the Jungle, the Gogglebox star opened up about her hygiene routine while Down Under, and it doesn't exactly tally with the gal who made a spray tan her priority before taking her place on I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the reality star revealed that over the course of three weeks, she showered – wait for it – just four times.

Reflecting on her camp mate Sam Quek's shower routine, Scarlett said: "We did it together, so four! And I had a couple of dips in the creek."

Justifying her decision to avoid the shower, Scarlett joked: "It's not smell-o-vision, is it?"

"I fully embraced being feral. My hair still smells of campfire. I've tried washing it out and it just takes forever." the 26-year-old admitted.

And while the rest of us would just keep trying on that front, it sounds like Scarlett's mum, who rose to fame alongside her daughter on Gogglebox, has other ideas.

"My mam told me to Febreeze my hair. I said: 'I'm not Febreezing my hair!'" Scarlett exclaimed.

We're with her on that one, Betty.


Even though there was controversy that it was fixed, Scarlet Moffatt came out of the jungle a queen, and we couldn't be happier.

Now, we all know that the winners of I'm A Celeb get a heap load of money, and Scarlet has some very specific plans on what to spend it on.

Image result for scarlett moffatt im a celeb

Speaking to The Sun, the reality star said: "Now that I've lost weight, and my t*tties are cleaning my shoes, I would like them lifted to where they are meant to be.

"When I was bigger I had J-cup boobs and I would get a really bad backache. I was advised by the doctors actually that I should probably get them reduced.

Image result for scarlett moffatt im a celeb

"It isn't that it bothers me particularly, but I would just love to be able to not have to wear a maternity bra, and have one that normal people wear. And that is one thing I'm going to look into next year.

"It would just be nice to buy my dad a caravan. I don't think I've ever felt as happy or content as I have now, so a million pounds isn't going to make any difference.

Image result for scarlett moffatt im a celeb

"I'm really sensible with my money. So I would like to own my own house rather than rent. That's really boring isn't it? What else can I buy? Loads of chicken kebabs!"

Yes Scarlet, you QUEEN.


She may be in a very happy relationship right now, but it sounds like Scarlett Moffatt's new-found fame played a role in the demise of a previous relationship if recent remarks made by an ex are anything to go by.

Opening up about the TV star who looks set to take the crown in I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, Ian Billett revealed that the pressures of Scarlett's rising profile resulted in him calling time on their relationship.

The 30-year-old who met Scarlett at a book signing insists that he has nothing but goodwill towards her and simply feared their relationship might put the skids on her burgeoning TV career.

"It sounds like I’m a softie but her career was really starting to take off and she was being invited all over the place, the door was just opening for her," he said.

Reflecting on Scarlett's response to her newfound fame, Ian added: “She is sometimes a bit too eager to please and would never cause offence by asking someone to leave her alone."

And while Scarlett did show concern about the public's perception of her during her time with Ian, her ex insists her conduct in the jungle is "100 per cent genuine,"

According to Ian, Scarlett, who is now in a relationship with Luke Crodden, was taken aback by his decision to call time on their romance.

“She didn’t take too kindly to it at the time. It was my decision and it was the right thing to do for both of us." he insisted.