Wait, what? So, Scarlett Moffatt got ready for the jungle by eating THIS

If you assumed that Scarlett Moffatt prepared for her stint in the I'm a Celebrity jungle by tending to her tan, nails and eyebrows, you would have been selling the Gogglebox star a little short.

While being interviewed on Capital North East Breakfast, the 26-year-old revealed that because she had been anticipating the horror involved in Bushtucker Trials she decided to get a head of her fellow campers by simulating her own trials at home.

According to the star, she has been "eating really chewy Scotch eggs and pretending they are kangaroo balls".

No, seriously.

And even if she's lucky enough to skip the kangaroo testicles once Down Under, Scarlett still fears the rations of rice and beans she will be provided with due to the effect they have on her intestines.

"I do get a bit windy on a night and you're, like, with people aren't you?" she said. "I'm going to have to be like 'eeee did you hear that!? What's that noise?"

Oh, and if you think our favourite Gogglebox star is planning to showcase her new figure in a Myleene Klass-inspired shower moment, think again.

"My tan will go really streaky. At some point it will look like I have some sort of disease!" Scarlett said. "I think I might just go for dips in the lake, I don't think I'm a shower sort of person."

We can't WAIT to see her in action around the campfire.