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It would seem as though there might be a hint of bad blood between Xfactor boss Simon Cowell, and two former judges. 

Rita Ora and Cheryl Cole decided to spend time working on their respective careers, rather than returning to the judging panel. 

Simon recently gave an interview, where he comments on the "selfish" choices the two women made. 

The music mogul explained that  "when you're sitting as a judge and you're judging these shows you have to like people. If you don't, you can't do this job. It's as simple as that."

Simon goes on to explain that an issue he faces with his judging panel revolves around egos. 

"Singers don't want to find other stars. It's just not in their DNA. They only think about themselves. That is the nature of being a solo artist."

Rita Ora and Cheryl were replaced by veteran judges, and fan favourites, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Sherzinger. 


Earlier this year the world listened as One Direction’s Zayn Malik opened up about his ongoing battle with anxiety, and now another influential young popstar has decided to share her own mental health story.

As Cosmopolitan’s September cover star, Rita Ora sat down with the celebrated magazine to discuss her own anxiety issues and the impression Zayn’s decision to open up about his mental health had on her.

She told Cosmo: “I'm so glad someone has spoken out about it…I'm not scared to admit that I have had therapy.”



Meet our September cover star – @ritaora! Get your hands on the new issue Wednesday 3 August. #septemberissue

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“I have someone I speak to once a week. People suffer it in different ways, but for me it's more about thinking about the long-term goal.”

“I'm a very 'in the moment'-type person, so if I have to do something there and then, I'll be fine.  But if I think about it, that's when anxious thoughts start going in.”

The How We Do singer went on to stress the importance of having a strong network of people around her at times when she is struggling with anxiety issues.



Keep your heart light.

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She said: “I get so nervous because I care so much… Sometimes I get nervous about recording a song in the studio.  I'm like, 'I'm not ready to record this yet.' Or, 'I don't think I can do this.'”

“I'm relieved to have people around me who encourage me to do well.”

We think it’s brilliant that another big name has weighed in on this important conversation by sharing their own personal experience of anxiety.



Rita Ora and Lewis Hamilton have been buddies for years, but in recent snaps taken of the pair, it looks like they have stepped their relationship up a notch.

The pair were away in Montenegro this week, and in a video captured by The Sun, Rita is seen frolicking around in a bikini as Lewis throws his arms over her.

In the clip, Rita and Lewis are cuddled up on the deck of a private villa, and then things take a flirty turn when the sportman sprays Rita with a hosepipe.

Lewis is seen drenching her with water, before walking over to the end of a dock and throwing her in.

An onlooker told The Sun: "They looked very cosy and flirty. It was clear Rita had had a couple of drinks and Lewis was loving every second of it."

Oooh, could they be our next Hollywood couple?!


So many celebrities deny going on crash diets, having a little botox, or even admitting to hair extensions.

We get it. They're in the public eye and want to present their best possible selves; but we don't understand why they try so hard to hide the little bit of help they've received (especially when it's super obvious).

However, one gal that isn't afraid to hide her help is Rita Ora, and she even thinks it's "weird" that some people find it so hard to talk about.

“Some people feel really weird talking about hair extensions, but the reality is your hair can’t grow overnight, so why not get creative,” she told InStyle.

The 26-year-old is happy to admit that after years of damaging her locks with bleach and bad dye-jobs, she needs a little bit of a lift with her tresses now.

“The trick is, you have to completely own it, and that’s a confidence thing.

“I was only 14 (when I started dyeing my hair), which is why my hair is so short and damaged now," she added.

Being a natural brunette, Rita constantly has to dye her roots, but even with all the up-keep, the Hot Right Now singer says that blonde has "always been my thing," and she's not going to change anytime soon.



You'd think to woo a star like Rita Ora you'd have to go all out with the glamour – flowers, champagne, fine dining maybe?

But apparently the British singer is quite happy trade all that in for a simple cheeky Nando's!

According to The Sun, Rita was spotted in the popular restaurant with none other than Professor Green last week and the pair were reportedly looking pretty cosy as they chowed down on a portion of Peri-Peri chips.

The recently divorced rapper picked the former X Factor judge up from her East London home on Thursday afternoon before taking her for food.

And, according to a Sun source, the pair even shared a quick kiss when Rita got into the car: “Pro picked Rita up and she seemed really excited to be heading out with him. They had a friendly kiss in the car before heading off.”  Cute!

So what happens when two pretty major celebrities walk into a chain restaurant?  Well, everyone stares.

The source said:   “Inside it was really busy and people did stop and stare."

“It’s not every day two of the biggest pop stars in the country are just hanging out together in your local restaurant."

“They seemed totally relaxed and fine being somewhere down to earth. They were laughing and joking and very comfortable in each other’s company.”


Unfortunately friends close to the pair are insisting they are just old friends and that any car kissing was just to say a friendly hello.  

Rita – who was admitted to hospital for exhaustion last week – has recently been linked to her ex Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile rumours have been circulating that Professor Green has a romantic interest in our very own Vogue Williams, but Vogue told Loose Women the pair are just mates. 


There seems to be no stopping Rita Ora as she is set to replace Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model.

The singer has been involved in a number of projects over the last year, including 50 Shades, and after moving on from The X Factor she will reportedly take over from Tyra Banks on the reality show.

An insider told The Sun, “Rita is in a dream world as she’s landed the ultimate gig.


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“She’ll be mixing her two passions of fashion and music and taking over from a TV institution in Tyra.

“Next Top Model bosses wanted to inject some freshness back into the format and they see Rita as the ideal new face.

"She is releasing a new single later this year to coincide with it,” the source added.

We think she'll be BRILLIANT on the show.



Rita Ora was taken into hospital last night, with sources telling the Mail Online that she "has been working solidly for the past few months."

Just days before, Rita was in court for the sentencing of an intruder to her home, who stole up to £200,000 worth of goods.

Following a busy past few days, the Hot Right Now singer took to Twitter to share a snap of her lying in a hospital bed with a drip in her arm.

She captioned the post: "Today was pretty tough but I'm getting through it thank you to all of you for the support! I love you!! #exhaustionisreal."

The insider revealed: "Yes, she was exhausted – a result of not having a break. She's been working solidly for the last few months and then when she can she parties.

"Over the last few months she has been flying back and forth between Vancouver and LA – on 50 Shades set in Vancouver and then recording studio in LA."

The source added: "She then flew to the UK for the court trial and then went to Glastonbury for a few days partying and then came back on Monday and shot a two day campaign in London this Tuesday and Wednesday."

We hope she's feeling better now!



Justin Bieber and Rita Ora have sparked rumours of potential romance after they were snapped leaving an LA club together late last night.

The Sorry singer and former X Factor judge tried to conceal their identities as they exited the Warwick nightclub – with Justin zipping his black hoody up over his face and Rita allowing her peaked cap to cover hers.

But it wasn’t by accident that the pair left the club at the same time, as it turns out they had dinner together earlier that night.

This isn’t the first time suggestions of a romantic link between the singers have emerged.

Back in 2014 it was suggested that Justin may have been a factor in Rita’s split from then boyfriend Calvin Harris – who himself has just split from girlfriend of 15 months Taylor Swift.



A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

Shortly after breaking up with the Scottish DJ, Rita admitted to fancying the Biebs.

She told 4Music: “I like how he’s evolved, he’s growing up, he’s doing his thing. I like his stance and how he carries himself.”

Will things be made official this time?


Rita Ora has had one seriously dramatic fortnight, and it doesn't look like the press attention is going to calm down any time soon especially if her latest tweet is anything to go by!

Just weeks after the British star was forced to confirm she had nothing to do with Beyoncé and Jay Z's reported relationship trouble, the 25-year old singer has announced she will be stepping down as judge on The X Factor.

In a bombshell tweet, the How We Do singer revealed that her time on the long-running talent show had come to an end, tweeting: "I had a ball on @TheXFactor last year and will miss the team."

The news comes after the shock exit of fellow X Factor heavy-hitters including Cheryl, Nick Grimshaw, Olly Murs and Caroline Flack, and will undoubtedly send the rumour mill into overdrive as the public grapple to understand why Rita has decided to say her goodbyes after winning last year's show.

Putting rumours of a rift with Simon Cowell to bed, the singer continued: "@simoncowell can't wait to work with you again… I'll be round for dinner soon. Thank you for the experience & love X.'

Fans of the former judge wasted no time lamenting her surprise departure, with one writing: "Gutted you are leaving you were such a good judge and will be a big miss on this year's show."

Hmmm…what next for Miss. Ora?!



We've all had times when we've dreaded a big night out for fear of running into a certain person, and despite her high-profile status it looks like Rita Ora is not immune to The Fear.

Following on from last week's Lemonade scandal, the British star is said to be reconsidering her invite to one of the biggest celeb bashes of the year – the Met Gala in New York.

Despite having last week strenuously denied allegations that she had a relationship with Jay Z on the side, it seems the 25-year-old star is still seriously feeling the pressure of last week's 'Becky' debate.

According to Hollywood insiders, the X Factor judge is reluctant to attend tonight's star-studded event for fear of coming face-to-face with Queen Bey herself.

Commenting on the star's dilemma, a source told Hollywood Life: "Rita is having second thoughts about attending the Met Ball. At this point, she may not even go."

"She has her gorgeous outfit picked out, but she's dreading a confrontation with Beyonce and wants to avoid her and Jay Z, " they added. "She may pull out at the last minute."

Only time will tell with this one, we guess…



Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know ALL about Beyoncé and Becky's major bust-up.

Throwing shade at a gal with good hair in her latest track, Queen Bey had us all wondering who the elusive Becky was, and it wasn't long before people started pointing the finger at British star Rita Ora.

With fans suggesting her choice of bikini, dress and pendant were all signs that she was Jay Z's bit on the side, it's no surprise the X Factor judge felt compelled to respond to the rumours.

Taking to Twitter last night, the 25-year-old How We Do singer weighed in on the controversy, writing: "I never usually address tabloid gossip but let me be clear, these rumours are false."

Making her feelings for the Drunk in Love singer known, Rita told fans and followers: "I have nothing but the utmost respect for Beyonce. Let’s continue enjoying Lemonade."

Unfortunately for Rita, not everyone had her back, with many followers reflecting on the close relationship she seemingly had with Jay Z at the beginning of her career.

One fan shared a picture of the pair in an embrace, writing: "Were you respecting @Beyonce when you was on her husband? You over stepped your boundaries!"

"You had a physical encounter with Jay Z while he was married. of course you'll never admit it, but you're definitely no saint," added another.

Well, that definitely didn't go to plan…



Lemonade has been the biggest topic of conversation this weekend. Did Queen Bey write the album about her husband? Did Jay Z really cheat on her? And if so, is he CRAZY?!

At first, the blame was promptly put on Rachel Roy from the Food Network, but now fans are starting to believe that Bey's song Sorry is about one blonde British popstar.

Some theorists are beginning to believe that 'Becky with the good hair' is now Rita Ora. Oooh…

Fans flocked to social media last night to accuse the singer of causing trouble between Bey and Jay, and it was one very specific picture that sparked all of the rumours.

A few days ago, Rita shared a photo on Snapchat of her wearing a yellow bra with lemons in the middle.

But, the thing that really sparked the rumours was the fact that she was also wearing a necklace with the letter 'J'.

While her undergarment seemed to be a novelty item at first, it was the necklace that set tongues wagging.

In the past few hours, Rita's IG has been flooded with insults, along with bee and lemon emojis.

However, Rita has blasted rumours of cheating with Jay Z in the past so whether it's true or not, we'll have to wait to find out.