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If you've ever felt guilty for cancelling plans or declining invites after a day spent in front of the computer, you can rest assured that scientists know exactly how exhausted you feel.

While your office job may not require much of you physically, it undoubtedly requires a staggering amount of mental output, and this is why your couch is the most appealing place after nine hours sitting at a desk.

Your need to take a nap after work or disinterest in socialising comes down to something known as mental fatigue and actually has the same effect on the body's energy levels as a long run.

How validated do you feel right now, ladies?

Explaining the science behind it, director of sleep medicine at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. Steven Feinsilver, assured the public that their body's response to mental fatigue is legitimate, and feeling thoroughly exhausted after nine hours stressing at your desk is unsurprising.

'Your heart will pump and you’ll produce adrenaline whether somebody’s chasing you, or you’re just really upset about something,' Dr Feinsliver said of mental fatigue when speaking to The Cut.

Further to this, he explained that using our brain requires an inordinate amount of energy, but as we don't break a sweat like we would expending energy during exercise, we don't realise it.

'Your muscles normally aren’t sucking a lot of oxygen out of you,' he said.

'With exercise, they will. But the brain always takes a lot of your energy.'

'We’re animals that are designed to exercise physically as well as mentally,' he continued.

'Mental exertion is real, and certainly may be tiring, but I think it’s probably true that physical exertion makes it more likely that you’ll get a good night’s sleep.'

If you have a desk job and find yourself utterly exhausted at the end of every day, you need to ensure you stay hydrated and take short strolls around the office in order to maintain your wellbeing.


Tiredness: the problem that we ALL battle all too regularly.

Whether brought on by the likes of cramming for exams, partying, work, or Netflix binges – folk these days are constantly exhausted. 

But beyond the basics of coffee (and LOTS of it) there are various tips and tricks that will help you power on through. 


1. Stay hydrated:

Especially if you're downing cups of caffeine, you need to make sure that you're hydrated too – so ensure you're having plenty of water to aid better focus and concentration. 

2. Get active:

Getting your heart pumping: a brisk walk, a dance around the sitting room to your favourite tunes, or skipping in the garden – working up a sweat will do wonders to keep you awake.

3. Don't overheat:

Keep the central heating on low (or better still, turn it off altogether) – being too warm will only make you more sleepy. 

4. Stay away from sugar:

It's tempting to hit a chocolate vending machine if you're working shifts or travelling early/late. But while sugar might give you a temporary hit, studies show it will only make matters worse longer-term. So choose your snacks wisely, opting for slow-burning carbs or protein-fuelled nibbles to keep you going.

5. Chew gem:

Bizarre – but apparently true: a study published in Nutritional Neuroscience shows that chewing gum can increase alertness.

6. Sing a song:

The Journal Of Music Therapy says that singing a song will help perk you up – so pop on your earphones and blast out a tune! 



Rita Ora was taken into hospital last night, with sources telling the Mail Online that she "has been working solidly for the past few months."

Just days before, Rita was in court for the sentencing of an intruder to her home, who stole up to £200,000 worth of goods.

Following a busy past few days, the Hot Right Now singer took to Twitter to share a snap of her lying in a hospital bed with a drip in her arm.

She captioned the post: "Today was pretty tough but I'm getting through it thank you to all of you for the support! I love you!! #exhaustionisreal."

The insider revealed: "Yes, she was exhausted – a result of not having a break. She's been working solidly for the last few months and then when she can she parties.

"Over the last few months she has been flying back and forth between Vancouver and LA – on 50 Shades set in Vancouver and then recording studio in LA."

The source added: "She then flew to the UK for the court trial and then went to Glastonbury for a few days partying and then came back on Monday and shot a two day campaign in London this Tuesday and Wednesday."

We hope she's feeling better now!


The year was a rollercoaster for the Kardashian/Jenners, but it seems like they all need to slow down a little bit now.

In the same day it was reported that Rob Kardashian was hospitalised for diabetes, his sister Kendall has revealed that she too was taken into hospital.

The model was explaining her New Year's resolutions on her website yesterday, and in the blog post, Kendall said that her work schedule made her extremely exhausted this year.

"I actually had to go to the hospital because I was so exhausted—it was definitely a wake-up call that I need to take better care of myself," she said.

We're not sure when exactly Kendall was taken into hospital, but it was over the past year, as she packed so much into her schedule.

"Honestly, I worked so much this year that it freaked me out a little," she wrote. "So, I guess my resolution would be to chill out more and have the ability to be a little more spontaneous."



Jared Padalecki is not in a great place at the moment, despite getting ready for filming the next series of Supernatural in July.

Jared shared the heartbreaking news with his followers on Twitter as he said he desperately needs his family and all the love he can get.

He has also cancelled several upcoming appearances.

His manager told zap2it: "Jared wanted everyone to know he loves meeting his fans around the world and was very upset at having to cancel his trips to Rome and Australia."

"Jared has pushed himself to his limits and is suffering from exhaustion. His SPN family is so important to him, and he asks that they Always Keep Fighting. At this time he needs to be home with his family," his manager added.

His onscreen brother Jensen Ackles tweeted his support for his friend and co-star: "@jarpad get some rest, my brother. I got ur back…Always. #AlwaysKeepFighting #SPNfamily".

He also thanked fans for their support by talking about Jared's absence on stage.

"He's a big guy with a big heart, and sometimes he just doesn't know when to stop giving himself," he said.

He went on to add: "And he gives himself a lot to what he does, he gives himself a lot to you guys, and he gives himself a lot to his family, and his friends, and his work, and his job. Sometimes you just need to get home and rest with your family. That's what he's doing." 

"I know how much he loves you all, and I know how much it saddens him that he's not here right now. But just know that he is ever-present on this stage with us," he concluded.

We are so sad to hear this and are wishing Jared a speedy recovery.