Designer has refreshing take on plus-size models


When American designer and judge on the US Project Runway, Isaac Mizrahi, was asked about the lack of plus-size models on the show, he didn’t shy away from the question.

Instead, he embraced it.

The question asked was: “When will Project Runway have contestants who design specifically for plus-size persons? Not everyone is a size 2 and we are unrepresented. There is no reason why a plus-size person cannot be fashionable.”

Rather than agreeing that there should be contestants who “design specifically for plus-size persons”, Isaac spoke to Huffington Post Live about his belief in integration within the fashion world.

That instead of having separate designers for plus-size that all brands should create plus-size.

Isaac also spoke remembering how it felt as a younger boy who was “plus-size” being sent to the “husky” section.

He was also told he couldn’t wear platforms because they would make him look fat.