Meet Paddington the pup and be prepared to have all of the feelings


If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to get people smiling around these parts, it is going to be an adorable dog.

Another thing that makes us really happy, when the adorable dog has some equally adorable best friends.

That is exactly what happened when Annie, from Tasmania, Australia introduced her shar pei Paddington to her other pets, London, Butler and Sailor. Paddington and his three feline friends live a life that is just made to give us all of the feels and want to run out and buy our own super soft dog with ridiculously cute wrinkles.

Paddington also has a great wardrobe:

He will even coordinate his colour scheme to his pals:

Paddington is also a fan of the original Paddington:

Paddington and Butler make teamwork look easy:

They also enjoying napping together:

Thank you Paddington and pals for brightening up our day. If you feel the need to spend more time with the cuddly guy, the group have their own Facebook page, enjoy.