‘Ridiculous’: Sarah Hyland laughs off binge drinking allegations

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has hit back at a defamatory article which insinuates that she has a drinking problem. 

The article, which was published in OK! Magazine, used comments made by the pretty actress out of context and alleged that the star has a drinking problem. 

According to the article, Sarah loved being at home with "a glass [of wine], or maybe two bottles. All I want is pizza and wine. Correction. More wine."

The piece went on to claim that the star was seen downing four glasses of wine over a lunch in the city of Brentwood, California. 

How many of us have joked with friends over needed several glasses of wine? All of us, we bet. 

The 25-year-old has hit back at the article in a jokey way, tweeting "Hahahaha the most ridiculous thing about this article is me having lunch in Brentwood. #dominosathome."

Yep, Domino's at home. And wine. She sounds like our kind of girl (and also like every girl we have ever known.)