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Huge congratulations are in order for Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt who have welcomed their second child together.

The doting dad took to Twitter to confirm their joyous news.

He revealed that Lauren gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on October 2.

“10-2-19 my wife and I received the most beautiful gift a Father and Mother could ever ask for,” he wrote.


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“We are overjoyed to announce that we welcomed into our family and this world a healthy beautiful baby girl. She came back to us. God is real!!” the dad added.

The dad even added the #rainbowbaby to honour the baby they lost last year. A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or death in infancy. 

The term symbolises the rainbow that often comes after a storm.

Nick and Lauren experienced the most harrowing loss in September 2018. Lauren suffered a tragic miscarriage when she was three months pregnant. The mum was expecting a baby girl.

The I Want It That Way singer stated at the time, “God give us peace during this time. I really was looking forward to meeting her after 3 months.”

The dad added: “I'm heartbroken. It was a little sister for Odin.”


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Nick and Lauren are already parents to three-year-old son, Odin. 

We can’t wait to find out what name they chose for their darling daughter.


Earlier today news broke that former Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter, has been accused of sexual assault and rape by a former member of US girl band DREAM.

In a lengthy blog post, Melissa Schuman detailed an incident which took place in Nick's Santa Monica apartment, and insisted that the pop star had forced himself on her against her will when she was 18-years-old.

"I  told him I didn’t want to go any further. He didn’t listen. He didn’t care," she wrote.

Nick has since responded to the allegations, and insisted that he was stunned by Melissa's interpretation of that particular night in 2002.

"I am shocked and saddened by Ms Schuman's accusations," he began.

In a description of events which contradicts Melissa's entirely, Nick insisted that any relations between the pair was wholly consensual.

"Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual."

Nick also addressed their showcase which Melissa described in her blog post, and again contradicted Melissa's version of events.

"We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally."

The BSB singer insists that the accusations have come as a shock, not lest because Melissa has waited 15 years to come forward.

"This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later. It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm."


Former Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter, has been accused of sexual assault and rape by a woman named Melissa Schuman.

In a lengthy blog post, Melissa explained that Nick, who she didn't name until the end of her post, forced himself upon her in his Santa Monica apartment in 2002.

Melissa, who was 18 at the time of the alleged assault and a member of a girl band known as DREAM, began her post by explaining that she has kept the incident to herself for 15 years, and ultimately suffered in silence as a result.

She explained that she attempted to come forward, but was met by obstacles along the way.

"I confided in my then manager, Nils Larsen, that I wanted to come forward," Melissa wrote. "He heard me out and said he would do some investigation and would try to find me a good attorney as I intended to press charges."

"He later informed me that my abuser, who’s name I will disclose later in this article, had the most powerful litigator in the country."

Opening up about the assault, Melissa wrote: "The first time I met my abuser wasn’t the first time the abuse occurred. The first time we spoke was briefly over the phone while I was filming “This Is Me Remix” music video with my group DREAM and then boss, P. Diddy."

"My abuser was and still is, in a very well known boyband. My label informed me that this person’s rep had reached out to them and he shown romantic interest in me and would like to set up a chat over the phone."

After a brief but polite phone call, Melissa didn't hear from her abuser for a few years until he got back in touch and invited her over to his apartment.

"That evening my friend and I arrived to a barely furnished apartment. No dining room furniture, No living room furniture. Just a TV and a game console which both the guys were playing on," Melissa recalled.

"My abuser, 22, provided liquor for the get together and asked us what we would like to drink. We all took a shot and proceeded to the living room to play some video games. This wasn’t a crazy house party, just a casual hangout. We were laughing, talking, nothing out of the norm."

Melissa recalls kissing his abuser in private, writing: "He was aware that I was a virgin and that I held to religious conservative Christian values. I was vocal about this. Everyone knew about this, including those who repped me."

At this point in the post, Melissa warns readers that the detail becomes quite graphic, writing: "He then picked me up, put me on the bathroom counter and started to unbutton my pants. I told him I didn’t want to go any further. He didn’t listen. He didn’t care."

"I told him thats not why I didn’t want to do it. He took off my pants anyway and then proceeded to perform oral sex on me. I told him to stop, but he didn’t. So I turned off the bathroom light so I wouldn’t see anything."

"He kept turning the light back on because he told me he wanted to look at me. I remember thinking at that point that maybe after this he will just stop, but he didn’t."

After Melissa refused to perform oral sex on her abuser, she recalls him growing impatient and saying:"I did it for you and it’s only right you do it for me.”

"I felt scared and trapped. He was visually and clearly growing very angry and impatient with me. I couldn’t leave. It was evident to me, that i couldn’t leave. He was stronger and much bigger than me, and there was no way I would be able to open that door or have anyone help me. My friend couldn’t help me, I didn’t even know where she was."

Following the assault in the bathroom, Melissa recalls being taken to the bedroom, writing: "He threw me on the bed and climbed on top of me. Again, I told him that I was a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex. I told him that I was saving myself for my future husband. I said it over and over again. He whispered in my ear as to entice me “I could be your husband.”

"He was relentless, refusing to take my no’s for an answer. He was heavy, too heavy to get out from under him. Then I felt it, he put something inside of me. I asked him what it was and he whispered in my ear once more. “it’s all me baby.”"

"It was done. The one thing I had held as a virtue had been ruined. I went limp, turned my head to my left and decided I would just go to sleep now. I wanted to believe it was some sort of nightmare I was dreaming up." Melissa wrote.

After withdrawing from her friends in the wake of the assault and dodging her abuser's calls, Melissa attempted to put the incident behind her, but was thrown back into a situation with her abuser.

"I later signed with his manager, Kenneth Crear. Kenneth Crear was a very powerful manager who I thought could help me make my mark as a recording artist," Melissa recalled.

"Kenneth set up a showcase for me for a major label. We recorded a few songs, one of them was a duet with my abuser. We never recorded together. He had pre-recorded his part and I went in and recorded mine."

"Again, what was I supposed to do? I could’t tell my manager that his best friend had raped me so I won’t record this song."

"The day of the showcase, he arrived. I waited quietly and anxiously backstage bracing myself for the confrontation. We stood next to each other in awkward silence. He was irritated with my lack of warm welcome and appreciation for the favor he was doing for me," Melissa wrote.

At this point in the blog post, Melissa revealed her abuser by recalling the moment they were introduced on stage together: "Ladies and gentleman, please welcome Melissa Schuman and from the BackStreet Boys, Nick Carter."

Following the showcase, Melissa learned that she wasn't going to be signed, with her manager telling her: "He isn’t interested in signing you. He told me your vocals were weak in the duet and that he was interested in the song only. Nick will be moving forward with the song elsewhere.”

Melissa recalls the effect both this and the assault has on her writing: "I was broken. I was tired. I was traumatized."

"I told my therapist. I told my family. I told my friends. I have a plethora of people who can attest that I eventually became open vocal about my experience, i’ve just never had the platform to come out publicly."

"When the news broke about the gross accusations of Harvey Weinstein, many of my friends and family asked me if I wanted to come forward with my story. I said no."

Fearful of victim-shaming, Melissa didn't want to come forward until she decided she had an obligation to do so.

"I feel I have an obligation now to come forward with the hope and intention to inspire and encourage other victims to tell their story. We are stronger in numbers.. I know it’s scary. I’m scared."

"I believe you. I stand with you and together I hope we can bring light to things that have been lost in the darkness for so long."

Nick, who is now 37, is married to Lauren Kitt and is a father of one.



Massive congrats are in order today following the news that former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, has welcomed a baby boy into the life he shares with wife Lauren Kitt.

According to ET. the couple, who tied the knot in 2014, welcomed their first son yesterday and have named him Odin Reign.

Commenting on their chosen name prior to their son's arrival, Nick told press: "We can't say the name yet. I've been instructed by my wife to keep it under wraps, but we have a name. It's a very strong name."

After a 30-hour at-home water birth this week – Hats off to Lauren, right? – the  overjoyed couple have finally become a trio!

We are LOVING that name!


We know January is a crappy month for everyone, but former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter is making this month hell for himself.

The singer was arrested earlier this month at an infamous Florida bar called the Hog's Breath Saloon. 

According to TMZ, Nick "was originally escorted out of the Hog's Breath Saloon for unruly and disrespectful behaviour."

Mr Carter then became aggressive, "striking and choking" the bouncer after he was thrown out.

And now the bouncer, Skylar Carden, has filed a lawsuit against Nick, where he is stating the singer physically assaulted him. 

This comes less than a week after the 35-year-old publicly apologised on Twitter.

Last Saturday, he posted a tweet saying: "I am human and at times it can be a struggle to balance a healthy lifestyle. I'm not perfect and for that I am sorry."

He then went on to share another tweet: "When we fall we have to get up and keep on walking. I hope you stay by my side and continue to walk with me."



It seems that a certain former boyband member got caught in a bit of a scuffle yesterday. 

Nick Carter was arrested last night at an infamous Florida bar quite spectacularly called the Hog's Breath Saloon. 

According to TMZ who broke the news, the handsome singer was involved in an altercation at the Key West establishment with another customer and the police were called to break the argument up. 

The singer was arrested and charged on a count of "misdemeanour battery" which sounds like he gave his opponent a bit of a knock. 

Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys just released their feature length documentary this month entitled In a World Like This. 

The group saw significant success in the nineties and early noughties before Kevin Richardson left the group in 2006. 

The band have remained together however and according to reports, they are currently working on a ninth studio album.

That's assuming Nick doesn't land himself in anymore trouble. 

The 35-year-old is reportedly still behind bars and there has been no word about his release yet. 

Nick and his wife, Lauren Kitt, announced that they are expecting their first child together in November of 2015. 



Our favourite Backstreet Boy is going to be a dad!

Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Carter Kitt are expecting their first child together, sources confirmed this week.

The couple tied the knot last year at a resort wedding in Santa Barbara, after documenting their romantic journey on the VH1 reality show I Heart Nick Carter.

Over the years Nick was linked to a string of models and singers including Tila Tequila, Ashlee Simpson, Haylie Duff and Paris Hilton, but he admits something changed when he met Lauren.

"I always said I'd never get married," he told People magazine last year, just months after announcing his engagement.

In the end, it was a chat with his fellow Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough that sealed the deal.

"I asked Howie [for advice]. I was like, 'I love her, and I don't want to lose her.' And he was like, 'Just do it!'"

Tweeting after the couple's wedding last year, Nick called it the "happiest day" of his life.

And his bandmate AJ McLean says the Backstreet crew couldn't be happier for their frontman.

"It was bittersweet," he said of the couple's wedding.


"We're so, so proud of him [Nick]. He's been through hell and back as we all have, once in our life here or there." 



This year’s San Diego Comic Con brought an awful lot excitement, as it does every year. With all the fuss about Jared Leto and his fellow villains there’s a chance you may have missed something more important.

Two of our favourite boybands are getting together and making dreams come true! NSync and the Backstreet Boys are actually working together again. Even better news: our favourite One Direction member and Mullingar native Niall Horan might join in the fun.

Nick Carter announced that his fellow Backstreet Boy buddy A.J McLean and Joey Fatone of ‘N Sync would be starring in his new film Dead 7.

We thought the boys hated each other? Was there not a boy band rivalry going on for all these years? Apparently not according to Nick: "We've been friends for a long time."

He continued "I wanted my friends in the film with me. What is more fun than riding horses and being zombies shooting things?”

We can think of a few things. 

We might be forced to change our tune if Nick’s dream comes true. Not only does the boy band alum want to make movies with his singing and dancing pals, he has his eyes on a certain One Direction member to join the cast.

Only days ago he tweeted Niall to ask him about joining the project. Nick thinks Niall would be the best person to play his brother. The pair manage to get themselves in a love triangle, naturally.

Hilary Duff, yes his brother’s ex-girlfriend, is who Nick has pictured to play the lady at the centre of the brother’s spat. Niall has yet to respond to the request, but we think this sounds like a great idea. Bizarre, but also really great.

Can you imagine the soundtrack?



Well, we are heartbroken.

Nick Carter, a member of The Backstreet Boys, got married to Lauren Kitt in a ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, yesterday.

The bride looked stunning and it even seems like they got a little teary-eyed after the vows – adorable!

The couple got engaged in February 2013 when Nick proposed to Lauren with a seven-carat diamond engagement ring.

Unfortunately for Nick, his little brother Aaron couldn’t make the ceremony die to contractual obligations and we are sure Nick missed him on his big day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 17.20.24

We’ll always remember Nick a like this:

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 17.25.27