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Rumours have been floating about that actress Kate Beckinsale has found love with comedian Pete Davidson. 

The pair were first spotted hanging out at a Golden Globes after-party in January.

A source told Page Six at the time: 'They were sitting very close on the outside patio seating.' 'Kate had her hand on his knee, and she kept laughing at all his jokes.' 


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They were then papped holding hands in LA after one of Pete's comedy shows in February. 

The escalating rumoured romance now seems confirmed, as the new couple shared a smooch at a hockey game in New York this weekend. 

The couple had floor seats to the game, and were papped having an intimate PDA. 


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Pete recently struggled through a very ,messy and public break up from fiance Ariana Grande. The influx of scrutiny caused him to delete his social media platforms and focus on his work. 

Kate has been fielding criticism on her own social media platforms for her choice to date the Saturday Night Live comedian. 

'Disappointed in your dating choices,' one user commented on one of her Instagram selfies, to which she responded: 'Fairly let down by your wonky beard but thought rude to say.'

Hear, hear gal. 

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Our fave funny woman, Amy Schumer was in Washington DC yesterday to support Barack Obama's fight against gun violence.

And what many people noticed about her photos of support, was that she had a handsome new guy in tow.

The comedian called the good-looking fellow her "man", and we have to say congrats Amy, he's hot. 

Her new beau is called Ben Hanisch. He's a furniture designer based in Chicago, and it seems that he's pretty crazy about her. 

On New Year's Eve, he shared a photo on Instagram of Amy and captioned the snap, "Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here's to what adventures 2016 brings!"


And Ms Schumer, being the funny gal that she is, made a pregnancy joke on not one, but two photos. 

We're hoping this is the beginning of a very long romance, and you never know with Amy, she might really be pregnant.


The rumoured hot new couple were first pictured together as they left a Los Angeles party following the American Music Awards on Sunday. 

And now the duo were spotted yet again leaving  well-known Hollywood club, The Nice Guy, last night. 

The VS model and former One Direction singer desperately tried to conceal themselves from the paparazzi as they left the venue, with Gigi trying every trick in the book to hide herself.

At one point she is seen trying to cover her face with her hair… and then her phone… and then her bag, but she failed (obvz) as the paps snapped away. 

Gigi's sister Bella was also spotted with the pair, but when it was going-home time, Bella was noticeably absent from the car ride home, which left the two love birds alone. 

Us Weekly reports that the couple first met back in August as they both attended Kylie Jenner's birthday party – while Gigi was still dating Joe Jonas. We just wonder when they will become public… because it's pretty obvious what's going on!



It has only been a couple of days since Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton announced they are dating, BUT that’s not the only thing that these two love birds are up to.

It has been revealed that Gwen and Blake are making music together.

It's described as "a mid-tempo ballad" and the lyrics discuss "telling a lover to leave the relationship if that is what they truly want." Which we think is a bit awkward for a new couple to sing.

Neither Gwen or Blake have commented on the new song (which isn’t even finished yet) but People reports that it already sounds REALLY good.

Meanwhile, E! News reports that Blake’s ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, says she “doesn’t care” about her ex’s new relationship.

"Miranda is at a point in her life where she is really focusing on herself and her music," E!'s source added.

P.S. Here’s a totally cue picture of Gwen and Blake holding hands.



What do you do when you've already become a viral sensation with your wedding speech? Aim to top that with an even more epic video from your first dance, of course.

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins tied the knot in Malibu, California this month, and made headlines with their *unique* pre-recorded wedding speech, showing them drunkenly discussing how they'd met.

But a week on they've released footage from their first dance, and it's already beaten their speech video by over a million YouTube hits.


As a comedian and magician by trade, Justin didn't hold back for his first dance with Jillian, which goes from 'aaaaw' to 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON' in a matter of seconds.

Rather than sticking to traditional dance moves, Justin actually manages to 'levitate' on the dance floor in front of guests.

How? We have no idea. But we'll watch it on repeat until we figure it out…



No one wants to admit to turning into the kind of person who prefers a cosy night in with their other half rather than a wild night out on the tiles. What a snorefest! But, seriously, when you meet that guy, it is one heck of a slippery slope…

First, you find him.
He’s ok, but you’re happy being single. You don’t want a boyfriend. He did have nice eyes though. And he’s a Virgo. But no. You’re not getting your hopes up. Anyway, you have such a hectic social life you simply don't have the time for a boyfriend.

Then you start texting.
Big deal, ye know? It doesn’t mean anything. Sure doesn't he text his mam aswell? He probably doesn't ask his mam out for a few drinks though. And if he did, she probably wouldn't do a happy dance around her bedroom like you just did, young lady!

Then you meet up, during the DAY.
After a couple of night time dates, one of you suggests meeting up during the day. What does it mean? Not that you care, you’re still happy being single, seriously. This is just a bit of fun. You have NO expectations. Still, a day time date hints that he wants to see you when he’s sober. Is he a crazy person, or could it be something else? 

Then you make it official.
Yay! It’s official! He’s your boyfriend. And he’s lovely. God – how true is it that the second you stop looking they come crawling out of the woodwork, eh? Typical! It’s good though. You’re very happy. Not that you weren’t happy before – you were. VERY happy. But now you’re different happy. 

Then it’s his birthday.
Sorry girls, you won’t be out this weekend. It’s your boyfriend’s birthday and you have something special planned. No, you’re not turning into one of those girls who ditch their friends when they get a boyfriend, it’s just ‘cause it’s his birthday. And last weekend he had planned that thing for you. The weekend before? Well, you were just busy! You’ll be out next weekend though, promise.

Then you go on a girls’ night out.
You are VERY excited and spend hours getting ready. But after a couple of hours you start to look forward to being able to go home for a cuddle. You keep it to yourself though, because you haven’t, and never will, turn into one of THOSE people.

Then you upload a loved up photo to Facebook.
It’s not too mushy, just an innocent photo of the pair of you at the beach watching the sunset. What? It was a nice sunset, that’s all!

Then your single friends give you ‘the look’.
You meet up with the girls for lunch, and you can’t wait to tell them about how funny your boyfriend was last night. Guess what he said? Guess what he did? Isn’t he great? Cue: the ‘you’ve changed’ look. Brush it off and keep the rest of your cute boyfriend tales for your equally loved up friends.

Then you do a quick search for wedding dresses on Etsy.
You were just bored. It doesn’t mean anything – sure you used to do this when you were FIVE, for Christ’s sake. You delete your internet history, all the same.

Then he does something that really gets on your nerves.
You always swore you wouldn’t go out with someone who wore his jeans up around his nipples, but when he does it, it’s not a deal breaker. This is the ultimate sign that you have absolutely entered coupledom. You call your friends and organise an emergency girls’ night out – things just got serious!