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Just two months ago, Suzanne Jackson married her sweetheart Dylan O'Connor today in a beautiful ceremony. 

While the pictures were leaked all over social media, and uploaded by the blogger herself in the weeks following the wedding, fans have been hankering for the wedding video to get a true insider's look at the festivities. 

Now, Suzanne has shared her ceremony with her 223,000 followers via Instagram. 


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'So.. as I said on Snapchat, I was going to keep this private… buuut, considering I shared so much of our big day with you all already, I figured, you'd like to see this too…' the influencer captioned the post.

'It's a lil teaser we received to get us excited for our main video in a few weeks!'

'This was simply the best day of my life.'


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 The wedding itself was a stunning affair, set off by the backdrop of the five star Powerscourt Hotel in Eniskerry, Co. Wicklow. 

The blogger wowed in a lace-sleeved ball gown on the day. 

'I kind of want to go all out,' Suzanne previously told SHEmazing. 

'I’m going to have something that hasn't’t been seen before on another bride…' 

Check out the vidoe for yourself above. 


Remember the last time you watched a wedding video and found yourself comparing it to a production worthy of Tinseltown?

No? Well, you've clearly haven't laid eyes on Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole Johnson's one, so.

Directed and shot by Taylor Chien, the Olympian and his new bride, who tied the knot in October, are captured in a sequence of seriously intense shots which had us transfixed from start to finish.

From the slo-mo delivery and aerial views to the countless close-ups of the newlyweds, you're going to either love or hate this one.

Don't say we didn't warn you.



What do you do when you've already become a viral sensation with your wedding speech? Aim to top that with an even more epic video from your first dance, of course.

Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins tied the knot in Malibu, California this month, and made headlines with their *unique* pre-recorded wedding speech, showing them drunkenly discussing how they'd met.

But a week on they've released footage from their first dance, and it's already beaten their speech video by over a million YouTube hits.


As a comedian and magician by trade, Justin didn't hold back for his first dance with Jillian, which goes from 'aaaaw' to 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON' in a matter of seconds.

Rather than sticking to traditional dance moves, Justin actually manages to 'levitate' on the dance floor in front of guests.

How? We have no idea. But we'll watch it on repeat until we figure it out…