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Kylie Jenner's pregnancy was deffo the best-kept secret in the celeb world last year.

And now, finally, the topic is being given the spotlight on Keeping Up with the Kardashians – and boy, are we finding out all the deets. 

The latest KUWTK episode shows the youngest Jenner welcome her gorge baby girl Stormi, with her rapper boyfTravis Scott on February 1st. 

We find out that momager Kris was in the delivery room when the baby arrived, alongside Travis.  


Baby on the way! See Stormi’s #KUWTK debut Sunday at 9|8c, only on E!

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The fact that the pregnancy was kept hidden did take it's toll on Kylie's sisters, with Kourtney saying, ''it’s pretty crazy that it really hasn't been confirmed. So I don’t want to be the one with the info, or getting blamed for someone finding out the secret.”

The 21-year-old didn't publicly address it until after she gave birth to Stormi. 

Kim was also shocked that the secret was never spilled to the media.

She said, “can you believe that Kylie got out of the hospital with not one report? Now Caitlyn [Jenner] can never say we have big mouths and we leak everything.”

Kris did divulge that the whole thing gave her a lot of anxiety but overall, she was so happy for her youngest daughter.

The 62-year-old said, ''people were saying, ‘we're going to post, we’re going to announce,’ and I’m like, ‘no!’ But she did it perfectly and it was such a positive experience for her.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise to come from KUWTK was that Kris actually delivered Stormi herself.

Yes, the family matriarch was responsible for bringing her grandchild into the world – pretty cool, huh? 

She gushed, “I can already tell that Kylie is going to be the most amazing mom and is so in love with her baby.'' 


When we heard that Life of Kylie was going to be an actual thing, we instantly wondered if model sis Kendall would ever do her own show. 

We can see it now – behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week, hobnobbing with Gigi and Bella, and generally living the jet set model life. 

However, momager Kris put a swift end to our dreams in a recent Variety interview. 


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'No,' she replied straight up when asked if Kendall was planning a show of her own. 

'Kendall is really satisfied on her role in KUWTK.'

'With her modelling career she's so busy,' Kris continued.


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'If she's not walking a runway, she's shooting a campaign or travelling around the world with her fashion obligations.'

'She's a pretty busy little girl.'

Maybe the sisters could have a joint spin-off, much like Khloe and Kourtney.

Kylie and Kendall take Calabasas perhaps? 


There's been radio silence from Kim Kardashian's numerous social media platforms following her ordeal in Paris at the beginning of the month.

Retreating from the public eye in the wake of her assault, the mum-of-two chose not to communicate with her fans and followers as she attempted to recover from the shock of her multi-million dollar robbery in the French capital.

But it looks like 35-year-old Kim is more than aware that her fan base is keen to hear from her, so the reality star made the decision to update her website for the first time since the armed break-in on October 3.

Using her personal assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, to spread the word that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star would be taking some time out of the spotlight, Stephanie posted a handwritten note which detailed Kim's plans for the future.

"Hey guys, so you may have noticed we haven’t updated the app in a couple of weeks." she wrote. "Keeks is taking some much needed time off."

"But not to worry. We’ve called upon Kim’s closest friends, fam and yours truly to serve up some exclusives. Stay tuned for new posts and app takeovers!"

‘Thank you so much for your support for my girl. Love you mean it," Steph finished.

Kims sister Khloé recently revealed that her sister is, understandably, struggling in the aftermath of the armed robbery.


The Kardashians themselves accept that had there been no sex tape, there would have been no reality TV show.

Turning what many considered a PR disaster completely on its head, astute businesswoman, Kris Jenner, harnessed her second oldest daughter's infamy into a multi-million dollar empire.

And while Kim may have her mother to thank for creating her career, the same can't necessarily be said for Kris' two youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie.

Filmed from a young age, the Jenner sisters had little say in the matter, but unlike their older sisters, their current careers aren't based solely on reality TV, with both of them having branched out in other directions.

With Kendall making waves in the world of modelling and Kylie devoting much of her time to her cosmetic line, insiders say it's only a matter of time before the Jenner girls break free, and it sounds like Kylie is with them on that one.

According to Star magazine: "Kendall‘s got her modelling career, and Kylie would rather focus on her lipstick and cosmetics lines. They don’t need the show to survive."

"Kylie is so sure of herself that she recently dissed Kim, telling her big sister she was more famous now," they added.

Will Kris loosen the leash, though?!


When we come to the conclusion we need to lose a little weight but have absolutely no time to do so, we simply opt for our failsafe black outfit, and ban the use of cameras until we've had a vino or two.

And that's because we're mere mortals, and not members of the Kardashian family.

According to Kim, when any one member of the Calabasas clan feels the need to drop a few lbs, they turn to Khloé who has created a – wait for it – fitness emergency kit.

Kim, who has been attempting to shed weight since giving birth to baby Saint, insists she has a plateau since edging ever closer to her goal weight.

"It's impossible. Khloé has this fitness emergency kit that she's made and created herself," Kim told E! News yesterday.

Explaining that Khloé is basically the Inspector Gadget of the fitness world, Kim said: "It's a backpack full of these things and one of them is a sweat suit that she made that makes you sweat."

"And there's this workout band and these workout things," Kim added.

Coming to the rescue of her sister, Khloé even provided a personal drop-off service so her older sistser can sweat herself into oblivion.

"She literally dropped it off yesterday because I was like, ‘I've gotta just lose these last 5 pounds,' so I'm just going to follow Khloe's lead," Kim admitted.

Cool, just don't it in the hairstyle stakes.



It seems like things didn't go very well in the Kardashian household over the Christmas break!

TMZ has reported that Rob Kardashian has been hospitalised in LA, near his home in Calabasas.

It all started over the weekend, when Rob began to feel sick and he was brought into hospital where an abundance of tests were carried out on him. It was then that doctors found out he had diabetes.

E! News is now reporting that Rob is now at home, recuperating from the ordeal with his family.

A source close to the family said that Rob's blood sugar was very high and the doctors recommended a major diet, exercise and weight-loss. 

"It was a wake-up call," said the source. 


In a move that will probably make most of the world confused, Kris Jenner wants to trademark the phrase, #ProudMama.

TMZ reports that the momager is trying to trademark it for "advertising purposes," apparently because it's been a vital part of her personal brand on social media.

So if this does turn out to be true, the reality star will be pulling in more money from the public. 

And what about all the other mothers out there? Can they not be proud too?! 

As much as we love KJ, we think she might be going a tad too far with this one.