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Here at SHEmazing! HQ, we love a good celebrity transformation.

But while weight loss and hair dye can do A LOT for a person’s image, there’s nothing like a solid throwback to prove the strength of time’s transformative properties.

Yesterday, Blac Chyna took to Instagram to give fans a glimpse of “Young Chy” during her “tomboy” days, and it’s safe to say the girl in the photo looks nothing like the curvaceous reality star we’ve come to know.


Young Chy  I was a tomboy for the longest  !!!

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

While fans were quick to express their surprise at Chyna’s share, many commented on how much she used to look like her four-year-old son, King Cairo.

One follower wrote: “When you do a double take, thinking, kingy has had one hellavah growth spurt (sic).”  While another said: “I thought she Photoshopped her sons head on another body but look at the caption (sic).”


My Firefighter King Cairo

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

We wonder will Chyna’s next baby looks as much like her as King does.



If ever we need further evidence that babies – and even photographs of babies – can turn people (and their brains) to absolute mush, we need look no further than Blac Chyna's Instagram page.

After uploading a photograph of her four-year-old son captured soon after his birth in 2012, Chyna was inundated with congratulations from fans who clearly misunderstood the situation.

Assuming that Chyna had given birth to Rob Kardashian's baby, countless Instagram users rushed to share in their delight last night despite the fact Chyna had captioned the image with her son's name – King Cairo.


King Cairo

A photo posted by Blac Chyna (@blacchyna) on

"Rob finally is a daddy! Congrats to you all," wrote one confused member of the public while another added: "Ohhhhh soo nice to share the first photo of her!"

"He's so beautiful@blacchyna and @robkardashian! Congrats to you all!" added another.

Rushing in to clear up the confusion, more alert members of the Instagram community urged their fellow followers to pay closer attention to the captions which accompany images.

"Dats not Rob's baby. It's Chyna's son when he was born. It even says his name at the caption," one explained. (sic)

"This is her son, not her daughter that she's having with Rob," clarified another.

So nope, Chyna 'did not have her baby early', she was merely going for a ThrowbackThursday vibe, and probably regretting it now…


Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's engagement has brought up SO many questions in Shemazing HQ.

Did the Kardashian/Jenners know? Are they happy about it? Does this change anything for Kylie and Tyga?? We just want to know EVERYTHING.

But one of our questions has been answered today by Tyga, who had a little rant on Twitter.

Now, his rant wasn't bad or abusive – he was simply telling the world he only wants to protect his son, King Cairo. As well as that, he also addressed the complicated family ties and blasted any negative reactions to it.


Tyga, and girlfriend Kylie Jenner, are huge Snapchat fans.

The pair use the social media app to give their fans and followers, over 30 million combined, and insight into their daily lives. Also, they enjoy showing us their fancy new cars from time to time.

Rapper Tyga often includes his son, King Cairo who is 3-years old , in his Snapchat videos and Instagram posts.

However, TMZ have claimed that in his latest video (which was then deleted) Tyga appears to have left King playing in his living room next to what they say looks suspiciously like drugs.

The toddler is seen dancing and playing in the video, wearing a very cute green cap, but on the table next to him sits what the site are calling a “green pile”.

The packet of rolling papers also seen in the video appear to be what are leading some tabloids to suggesting Tyga allowed his son to play in close proximity to a pile of marijuana.

When TMZ approached the rapper’s lawyer for comment, there was no response. However. They highlight that shortly after they made the call, the video was removed from his Snap story.

Blac Chyna, King’s mom, and Tyga have been in an on-going custody battle since they split. Something which Tyga’s relationship with 18-year old Kylie Jenner has supposedly been fuelled by.

The reality TV star has recently been spotted out and about with her model sister Kendall in NYC as they stepped out on the red carpet for the launch of the highly-anticipated Balmain X H&M launch.



Kylie Jenner might only be 17, but she's already living an adult life. Not only has she just moved into her own luxury home in Calabasas, California, but the reality star is also paving the path to becoming the best future stepmum in the world.

It seems that the finishing touches to her €2.3m mini-mansion included a special something for her boyfriend Tyga’s toddler son, King Cairo.

Reportedly, Kylie has made sure King has his own space in her house, with a specially designed bedroom in keeping with the "royalty" theme set by his name. Even as a toddler, little King will actually be sitting like a king, with a source telling Hollywood life that Kylie has installed a throne in the little boy's bedroom.

A THRONE. Can we move in too?

The house is huge, and Kylie apparently wants Tyga and King to feel right at home. A lavish "King's Court" playroom is certainly one way to do that. 

It's not all for King's benefit though, as an insider tells Hollywood Life that all Kylie wants is to "feel safe and secure" in her relationship with Tyga. And while we’ve gotten plenty of glimpses into the 17-year old’s ultra-lavish looking mansion, complete with a glam room and walk-in shoe closet, we have yet to see the throne… so she must be holding off to unveil King's room as a big surprise.

Kylie is obviously smitten with Tyga’s young song, even recently changing her name on social media to King Kylie. Well, it's a better title than "stepmum" anyways.


Kylie Jenner and her 26-year-old boyfriend, Tyga, were on the way to North West’s birthday party in Disneyland when they were pulled over.

The 17-year-old was in the passenger seat when Tyga was stopped for speeding. Apparently the rapper was driving at 82, which is 17 MPH over the speed limit.

“What’s the rush?” That was reportedly the police officer’s first question when he stopped the pair.

Maybe Tyga was worried that if he didn’t make it on time Kimye would take back his surprising invite!

As it was previously reported, everyone was shocked when Tyga got the nod to attend the two-year-old’s lavish birthday party, given that his relationship with the youngest Jenner has been a source of concern for her family.

The rapper, who is nine years older than Kylie, brought along his son to the Disneyland bash. King Cairo is the son of Tyga and Blac Chyna, a 27-year-old model and entrepreneur who is now in an open Instagram feud with Kylie.

While the police officer let Tyga away with a warning for the speeding, he did get two citations for having tinted windows and for driving without license plates. 



Oh dear, we can see this turning quite bitter.

TMZ have reported that Blac Chyna is fighting for full custody of her and Tyga's son, King Cairo.

She hired a top divorce lawyer last week and wants primary custody of their 2-year-old son. 

She is not keen on the idea of her son going back and forth between different homes because he is starting preschool soon, sources close to Blac Chyna have told TMZ.

However, there are more issues surrounding the situation and Tyga's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, has a lot to do with it. 

She thinks the fact that 25-year-old Tyga is dating a minor reflects his parenting skills and she doesn't want Kylie around her son too much either because she believes the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star lacks maturity. 

She only wants Tyga to have weekend visitation. Things have certainly changed since Tyga wanted full custody after their split. He eventually settled for joint custody. 

She also wants child support to cover housing expenses, food, clothing, school and nannies.

Things have turned bitter between the pair due to Blac Chyna's disapproval of Tyga's relationship with Kylie.