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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been disputing custody of their children since their split in 2016.

And now that they have reached a wall, the two have decided that the best decision is to seek the help of the court.

According to documents obtained by E! News, their trial will begin at the start of next month and will hopefully settle the parent’s custody battle once and for all.

Starting on December 4, retired Judge John W. Odenkirk will work alongside them until the end of June 2019 to help them reach an agreement.

The private judge will also help them reach a property settlement, for the couple entered their marriage without a prenup, says TMZ.

The couple share six children together – Maddox, 17, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and ten-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Angelina filed for divorce over two years ago and is requesting full custody of the children.

Brad is requesting joint custody.

Unfortunately for the pair, the past two years have caused massive stress for both parties.

The Tomb Raider star spoke out after leaked legal documents about their divorce made headlines.

A judge encouraged the children to spend more time with their dad over this past summer, saying 'not having a relationship with their father is harmful to them'.

The mum responded saying that this leak misrepresented the situation, painting her in a bad light.

“From the start, Angelina has been focused only on their health and needs, which is why it was so important that this last court hearing be conducted privately,” said the actress’ representative.


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Most recently she had to temporarily drop out of her role in the upcoming film Come Away due to the mass amounts of pressure from her divorce.

We hope the couple will be able to reach an agreement soon, finding a solution that makes both of them as well as their kids happy.

A private judge could be the perfect arrangement for the two.

It could allow them to keep their discussions private while heeding advice from an experienced mediator.



Madonna is reportedly very worried about her son Rocco missing school as the teen has yet to return to the States after taking a trip to visit his father, Guy Ritchie, in London in December. 

According to inside sources, Rocco had become frustrated with his home life and left the US during his mother's Rebel Heart tour just before the Christmas holidays. 

Since then, the former couple has engaged in a bitter custody battle over the 15-year-old. 

An attorney for Guy Ritchie released a statement claiming that: "[Rocco] has expressed very clearly that he does not want to return to New York."

However, a Supreme Court Judge in New York ruled earlier this week that Rocco is to return to the city to be with his Mother. 

And according to People magazine, Madonna is now extremely worried as her son has not returned to attend school. 

"He should have been home already," a source close to the family revealed.

'"Madonna is a devoted mother, and a big priority is her children's education."

Guy has reportedly hired lawyers as he prepares to battle the iconic popstar for Rocco's custody, revealing that he believes that the teenager would have a healthier lifestyle in London with him, his wife and three children. 


It's very sad news to Kelly Rutherford this morning as she has lost the custody of her two children AND can no longer raise them in the United States. 

A Monaco judge has granted full custody of Hermes who is 9-years-old and Helena, who is 6-years-old. 

The Daily Mail reports that the children – who have lived with their father in Monaco and France since 2012 – will remain with their father Daniel Giersch and, while both parents must make decisions concerning their kids' lives jointly. 

Kelly is "only permitted to exercise her visiting and accommodation rights exclusively in France and Monaco."

Most recently, Kelly refused to put Helena and Hermes on a plane to Europe to live with Daniel. Then in August, Daniel declared that Kelly was kidnapping her children in doing so. 

"Kelly's visitation rights can only be used in France and Monaco, and the reason for that is because, this summer when she had visitation in America, she refused to return the kids, and courts really don't like self-help."


Chris Brown is one happy man this weekend.

The 26-year-old singer has been in a custody battle with the mother of his child, Nia Guzman, for weeks now but it has ben confirmed that Chris has won joint custody of his daughter Royalty.

Chris was allowed to take Royalty home yesterday but in addition was ordered to pay $2,500 (€2,200) every month in child support.

Nia originally pleaded with Chris to pay $15,000 (€13,200) a month in child support and limit him to supervised visitation. Soon after, Chris went on a Twitter rant accusing his former flame of using their daughter as a "meal ticket."

"Some men my age run from their responsibility as fathers. I embrace mine. Just sucks that some females use children as meal tickets," Chris tweeted.

"Using a child as leverage is never ok. The highest praise to the men who actually want their kids."

Based on the Loyal singer's Instagram, he's nothing but a doting father. He posts regular adorable photos of his little girl, with captions that call her the "best thing" in his life. He also refers to her as "Queen Royalty."



Superstar Britney Spears remains one of the world’s most successful musicians – but it was all looking remarkably bleaker in 2007.

Indeed, back then the 33-year-old was in the midst of a mental breakdown, and her family feared for her life.

In the immediate aftermath of her emergency psychiatric treatment, her father Jamie went to court seeking conservatorship of her personal and financial affairs – something which was quickly granted to him.

And now TMZ is reporting that after seven-and-a-half years that set-up will continue indefinitely – and very possibly forever.

However, the media outlet explains that “no one involved is complaining”.  It adds: “The conservatorships have worked remarkably well”.

At one stage, it looked highly likely that Ms Spears, who shot to global fame aged 16, would permanently lose custody of her two sons.

In early 2008, there was a tense stand-off at her home: an emotional Britney refused to hand over her children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline's representatives. He was later given sole physical and legal custody of Jayden James, nine, and Sean, eight.

At the time, Britney only had visitation rights to her children – a right which was then provisionally revoked in light of her mental state.

 “Britney's doctors have stabilised her to the point she can successfully work and maintain a personal life,” TMZ says.

Britney has a team of lawyers and doctors, along with Jamie Spears, managing the conservatorship, but reportedly has “substantial day-to-day freedom” to make her own decisions.

In late 2013, Ms Spears began a two-year residency show Britney: Piece Of Me at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. She is currently paid around €425,000 per performance. 

Last year alone the conservatorship raked in €12.75m; but that’s only a portion of Britney's financial machine and doesn't include substantial commercial deals. 


Chris Brown is in the middle of a difficult paternity battle, it would appear.

It has just been reported that the singer is so fed up with the mother of his child that he no longer wants to her to move to Los Angeles with their daughter.

However, this has nothing to do with Chris’s love for his daughter. The Wake Me Up singer seems so totally smitten with his one-year-old, Royalty. He even gushed over his beautiful girl in an Instagram post where he said “I honestly never knew I could love someone as strong as I do.”

But, it would appear that there is trouble in paradise. According to HollywoodLife.com, the 26-year-old rapper is sick of Royalty’s mother, Nia Guzman, and her over-the-top demands.

According to reports, Nia is demanding that Chris pay nearly €14,000 a month in child support payments. While the Five More Hours singer claims he loves his daughter more than anything, he also believes that no child needs €3,500 a week.


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Apparently the rift between the pair is becoming so strong that Chris doesn’t want Nia and her daughter to move to LA anymore.

“At one time Chris was really into moving Nia out here so he could be closer to Royalty. Now, that’s not his priority,” an insider told the website.

“He doesn’t want to see Nia on a daily basis like that. The only reason he ever wanted to bring her here was so that he could see Royalty as often as possible.” 



Oh dear, we can see this turning quite bitter.

TMZ have reported that Blac Chyna is fighting for full custody of her and Tyga's son, King Cairo.

She hired a top divorce lawyer last week and wants primary custody of their 2-year-old son. 

She is not keen on the idea of her son going back and forth between different homes because he is starting preschool soon, sources close to Blac Chyna have told TMZ.

However, there are more issues surrounding the situation and Tyga's girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, has a lot to do with it. 

She thinks the fact that 25-year-old Tyga is dating a minor reflects his parenting skills and she doesn't want Kylie around her son too much either because she believes the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star lacks maturity. 

She only wants Tyga to have weekend visitation. Things have certainly changed since Tyga wanted full custody after their split. He eventually settled for joint custody. 

She also wants child support to cover housing expenses, food, clothing, school and nannies.

Things have turned bitter between the pair due to Blac Chyna's disapproval of Tyga's relationship with Kylie.