‘Powerful motivation…’ Charlotte’s oh-so WOW before-and-after photo

She's known for her incredible weight-loss transformation – something that Charlotte Crosby laid bare on Instagram today.

Taking to the social media platform, where she boasts some 5.2m followers, the former Geordie Shore star was eager to motivate her fans to get in shape. 

"Some powerful weekend motivation for you all
," she wrote, adding: "I did it and so can you." The 26-year-old furthermore included the hashtags #3minutebellyblitz and #3minutebumblitz – a nod to Ms Crosby's popular fat-loss DVDs.

Charlotte famously dropped from a size 16 to a size 8 by overhauling her eating and exercise routie. In total, she's lost around two-and-a-half stone in recent years.

However, Ms Crosby's Instagram post prompted a mixed response. Indeed, some fans called her out for taking her healthy lifestyle regime too far.

"You need a bit meat in those hips hen," wrote one. Another added: "And u wonder why girls have massive weight issues with u looking like an anorexic? Jesus, There's more meat on a turkey on Boxing Day."

A third commentator offered simply: "Preferred you in the before pic."

This week it was announced that Charlotte and Stephen Bear – also a former Celebrity Big Brother star – will shortly present a Tattoo Fixers rival show on MTV.