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It seems that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is seriously into older woman and more specifically, moms.

In fact, if this new video is anything to go by, he won’t even LOOK at any younger women, claiming that they’re not his type.

The 34-year-old Inception star features in a new hilarious video alongside one of The Gregory Brothers where he declares his love for mothers.

When his buddy points out a seriously hot girl sitting across from them, Joseph explains just why she doesn’t do it for him.

“Our brains have been changed since our caveman days. A big-tittied, cavelady could feed so many cave babies. I want a girl who likes to eat organic and read Dr. Suess out loud.

“Moms are like no other lovers. Oh, I want a girl with a big fat vocabulary.”

Check out the hysterical clip. 



If Justin Bieber ever posted a photograph of us and talked about how hot we are and how he has a “#bigcrush” on us, like most girls in the world, we would probably pass out.

But oh no, not Kelly Ripa. The American actress and TV presenter had a hilarious answer when she was asked about the Biebs fancying her.


Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way no disrespect I know she's married! #bigcrush

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

When co-host Michael Strahan asked the 44-year-old mum of three her opinion on Justin having the hots for her, Ms Ripa answered that she thinks it is “a cry for help.” To which, Michael hilariously spit up his drink and nearly fell off his chair.

And how does Kelly’s husband feel about Mr Bieber’s crush on his wife? According to her he was just curious as to where he found the photo. The laughs continued when she answered saying, “a dentist’s office from 1980.”

While Kelly’s answers were seriously funny, we definitely think she must have been at least a LITTLE flattered by the Biebs. Come on, how could you not be? 




Nothing beats that butterflies-in-the stomach feeling when you have a crush on someone and suspect the feeling could be mutual.

But we've definitely let ourselves down a few times by turning into giggling messes whenever the object of our desire is within a ten foot radius.

Below are just some of the many, many ways we've embarrassed ourselves in front of a crush…

1. Giggling involuntarily any time he asks us a question
It would help if we had a cute laugh, at least.


2. Thinking so hard about what to say next that we forget what the conversation is about
"I'm sorry, you're going to have to repeat that… again."


3. Pretending we have the exact same interests as him
Ah, we can tell him later that we've never actually seen the Fast & Furious movie we discussed so intently on the first date.


4. Trying so much to smile that we forget how to smile
"Is this a smile or a grimace? I have no idea any more."


5. Acting overly aloof when he's around
In fact, sometimes we'd rather hide than play the "does he know I see him seeing ME?" game…


6. Social media stalking him to within an inch of his life
How else would we know what his ex looks like?


7. Analysing everything. And we mean everything
"He hasn't texted back in three minutes and last time it only took him two. He clearly hates me."


8. Freaking out when we get a message from him


9. Imagining what our kids would look like
Just in case, like.



It happens to most of us at least once a day. We walk past a stranger, fleetingly make eye contact, decide they're our one true love and that we want to marry them, and then… SNAP. They're gone. And with them your dreams of Prince Charming!

A new (only slightly weird) app aims to help you turn those passing crushes into something real. Crush Feed allows users to post descriptions of people they randomly fancy – be it someone on the Luas, the bus, at a gig or in Tesco. 

If someone's new post matches your physical description, you'll get an alert. You can then choose to connect and chat with your admirer, or you can of course back out and say no more about it.

There's also a public wall where all recent posts can be seen and voted on – so creeps won't be tolerated, hopefully!

The whole thing seems like a bit of a long shot, but we can still see ourselves sneakily checking it out on the 46A tomorrow morning!



From the childhood crush to the celebrity obsession, there’s always been that one guy we like doodle love hearts about. While majority of crushes never materialise into anything, it doesn’t make them any less fun to have. Here are five crushes that every girl will go through:

Childhood crush
He could be the star of the class or your childhood friend, but despite your protestations, you never forget your first crush.

The celeb crush
Let’s face it, it’s an ever growing list from Ryan Gosling to Michael Fassbender; there are too many good looking men to pick from!

The Twitter crush
You don’t even know him but you follow him anyway because he’s your friend’s friend. He’s so cute and has such witty tweets, that you can’t help but be in love with him.

The not-your-type crush
You have no idea why but you can’t help being attracted to this guy. He’s not your usually type in so many ways, but sometimes opposites really do attract.

The see-him-everywhere crush
This is the guy that you’re constantly bumping into. Whether it’s on your bus route home or in your local supermarket, you can’t escape him! But despite staring from a far you’re always too chicken to start a conversation with him.