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They were on, then they were off. Then, they were on again, and then they were off….again.

Now it looks like Katy Perry and John Mayer may be giving love another shot, if the latest rumours are anything to go by.

According to reports, the singers were spotted enjoying a romantic date together this week in Los Angeles, just days after being seen leaving a friend’s house hand-in-hand.

An eye witness at the Tower Bar, where Katy and John dined together, said that there was no mistaking their closeness during their date.

“Katy Perry and John Mayer walked in together, arm-in-arm, and the whole room literally fell silent…[It was] as if they wanted to announce to everyone in Hollywood they are back together,” the source told Page Six.

Wow, sounds dramatic!

Katy and John first stepped out as a couple in 2012, splitting briefly the following March, before getting back together and releasing the duet Who You Love. However, the couple called it quits on their relationship once again in February last year.

Will it be third time lucky for the stars this time around?



It’s been almost a year since Katy Perry and John Mayer called it quits, but now they’ve started the rumour mill moving after being spotted together.

The former couple were seen enjoying a meal together in Beverley Hills and a source tells US Weekly that the couple have “reconnected”. It was also reported that following their meal together, John went back to Katy’s home.

The pop star was rumoured to be dating Diplo, but it appears things were very casual between the two, with a source saying: “It was only ever a hook up with Diplo and never serious. Katy was so busy touring all last year that she couldn’t be with anyone seriously.”

Could Katy and John decide to give their relationship another go? The couple began dating in August 2012 and had an on-off relationship until February 2014. 



John Mayer never had a problem attracting the ladies, no matter what weight he was!

But friends of the singer are worried that he has dropped way too many pounds, and fear he has gone too far with his weight loss since splitting from Katy Perry a few months ago.

Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift’s ex was looking noticeably slimmer than usual as he arrived for a flight out of LAX on Friday,

We hope the Your Body Is A Wonderland singer is OK! He does look like he could do with a proper meal!




We really did think these two would never, ever, ever get back together (sorry).

It has been rumoured today that Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer have been seeing each other again, after being spotted at the same place recently.

Taylor and John dated for three months back in 2009 but had a rather bad break-up that resulted in Taylor writing the not-so-flattering ballad, Dear John.

He did not appreciate the gesture, needless to say: “It made me feel terrible”, he said, “Because I didn’t deserve it.”

However, now it seems like all may be forgiven between the two after they were both seen exiting the Chateau Marmont last night – could they be seeing each other again?!

The sighting comes only three days after Taylor released the video for her hit song, Shake It Off, which has instantly become a hit.

The song is also said to be a diss against Taylor's exes – John included. We wonder how that went down over dinner?! 




Katy Perry has dated her fair share of famous men from John Mayer to Russell Brand.

But Perry has now admitted in a new interview with Rolling Stone, that she has also dated non-famous men.

"I've done that before. It's not that they have to be famous, although there's a level of understanding when they're in the same business, you know?"

Katy says when it comes to relationships, she feels it’s better to date men who are in the same industry as her.

"They understand what it means when you're tired from a show or the tour's exhausting you or if an interview went wrong—they know all the ins and outs, so you can just walk in to the house with a certain face and they understand, you know? Rather than, like, having to explain everything and that takes two, three hours."

Katy also opened up about her divorce from Brand and the lessons she’s learnt from it.

"Now I know—first and foremost, self-love, and then give love away. Back then it was mostly just me giving love away with no self-love. I went through my ‘return of Saturn,' is what they call it." 



Katy Perry decided to dish all the dirt on her love life in a recent interview for Cosmopolitan.

In the last few months, Katy has been rumoured to be dating the likes of Robert Pattinson and DJ Diplo, since her split with ex-boyfriend, John Mayer.

But the 29-year-old singer revealed that despite all the rumours, she’s still single but doesn’t plan on staying that way for much longer.

“I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I need to calm it down with the amethyst. I’m not like Professor Higgins with my sex life. I’m not super strict. For me, the most important thing about sex is connection.”

The singer then admitted that she isn’t really into one night stands: “I’ve never been that way.”

Katy went on to reveal that she doesn’t have sex that often and said the longest she’s gone without sex has been “maybe six months or a year”.

But Katy was quick to point out that even though she doesn’t have sex that often, it doesn’t mean she enjoys it any less.

“If I could bottle up oxytocin—that chemical that’s released when you’re having sex—and put it in a new perfume, I would do it for sure.”

Well one thing is for sure, Katy doesn’t hold back when it comes to her sex life.




SHEmazing! TV offers you your daily 90 Second Update rounding up the showbiz news!

Today’s highlights include:

  • Keira Knightley speaks out on media abuse.
  • Beyonce is seeking marriage advice from  best pal Gwyenth Paltrow. Will there be another conscious uncoupling?
  • Katy Perry’s ex boyfriend John Mayer reveals he stills want to be a part of her life. How will Rob Ackroyd feel about that?
  • Find out why Kendall and Kylie Jenner are taking over New York, without their sisters help!
  • Sinead O’Connor has undergone a dramatic makeover! Check out her new look here.

Niamh Geaney reports.



John Mayer has a major crush on Lea Michele – and she is caving to his charms!

John, who split from Katy Perry three months ago, has reportedly been texting the Glee star non-stop and has all but begged the actress to go on a date with him.

The 36-year-old singer has been telling Lea how beautiful she is, and that he has fancied her for ages.

Even when he was with Katy?!

Lea was not too sure at first, but is apparently caving to his charming ways, and is said to have lined up a date with the singer for the not-so-distant future!

It’s no secret that John has a bad rep when it comes to dating.

The playboy just recently split from his Roar singer girlfriend and has been previously linked to Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few.

While Lea is still be nursing her heartbreak over the tragic death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith who died less than a year ago from a drug overdose, the actress is said to have been bowled over by John’s persuasions.

Be careful Lea!




Just when we thought these two had finally kissed and made up, rumours are now circling that BFFs, Rihanna and Katy Perry have fallen out again and this time, it seems to be over a boy.

Katy apparently lost it, when she discovered that RiRi was planning to record a duet with her ex, John Mayer.

Even though Katy has moved on and rumoured to be dating DJ Diplo now, a source said that she’s still hurt that Rihanna would betray her in this way.

“Katy’s been left shocked and hurt after finding out John and Rihanna met up at an LA recording studio two weeks ago before having dinner. But Katy’s flipped out and told her best mate she’s gone one step too far this time.”

It’s not the first time these two friends have fallen out, as Katy was not impressed with Rihanna, when she decided to get back together with her ex, Chris Brown.




Despite rumours popping up in the last few days that Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry were caught smooching at the Coachella festival.

Katy Perry has confirmed that she is still single and often spends a lot of her time on the dating app, Tinder.

The signer was questioned on her single status whilst out promoting her new single, Birthday. She said she was addicted to the dating app, as she doesn’t have a lot of time to meet new guys.

“Uh, yes I am, hello. I’m really deep on Tinder so I don’t have a whole lot of time.”

The 29-year-old singer spilt with her previous boyfriend John Mayer, last February and is said to be happy with her new single status.



Ever since her split with John Mayer, Katy Perry has apparently been loving the single life.

One source, who is close to Katy, has revealed that the singer doesn’t plan having a relationship, anytime soon.

“Katy will not let romance derail her life right now.”

The source went onto say, that Katy simply doesn’t have time for a relationship and is happier that way.

“She is happy being single. I don’t see her getting into another relationship for a very long time. Why would she? She has a fantastic career, a ton of friends and is generally happy with things. She thinks that a relationship will complicate things right now.”



Katy Perry is one ‘Dark Horse’ as she steps out with a new man while ex John Mayer’s side of the bed is barely cold.

The singer has gone on a date with bad boy rapper Riff Raff after breaking up with her Who You Love duet partner what feels like five minutes ago.

The rapper is said to be completely smitten with Katy after taking her on the “holy trinity” of dates – sushi, bowling, drinks – and is eager to see her again.

“Who knows where things might go. Just got to see where things lead,” he said. “When I get back, think she’s in Belgium right now, so probably next week. But me and Katy Perry might go on a second date … round two.”

Katy posted a photo of herself and Riff Raff enjoying a night out together on Instagram. “TBT to when I went on a date with Riff Raff,” she captioned the snapshot.