Taylor Swift back together with her most infamous ex!


We really did think these two would never, ever, ever get back together (sorry).

It has been rumoured today that Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer have been seeing each other again, after being spotted at the same place recently.

Taylor and John dated for three months back in 2009 but had a rather bad break-up that resulted in Taylor writing the not-so-flattering ballad, Dear John.

He did not appreciate the gesture, needless to say: “It made me feel terrible”, he said, “Because I didn’t deserve it.”

However, now it seems like all may be forgiven between the two after they were both seen exiting the Chateau Marmont last night – could they be seeing each other again?!

The sighting comes only three days after Taylor released the video for her hit song, Shake It Off, which has instantly become a hit.

The song is also said to be a diss against Taylor's exes – John included. We wonder how that went down over dinner?!