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Whether you love them or hate them, there's no denying that the saga that is Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell has made for some very compelling internet fodder this year.

Having broken up almost once a month since they got together earlier this year, interest in the reality TV couple was starting to dwindle until Stephanie dropped a serious bombshell earlier this week.

Claiming to be pregnant with the Irish model's child, the former Hollyoaks star revealed that she was heartbroken by his lack of interest in the news, and announced that she was taking time out from social media in light of the revelation.

While Instagram and Twitter went into total meltdown over the actress's post, all was quiet in the McConnell camp apart from one cryptic tweet from Jez which read: "The loudest in the room is the weakest."

But with speculation at fever-pitch, Jeremy took to Twitter last night, writing: "First of all I think it's ridiculous this being on social media as it's no one's business, but this is what I've to deal with, and clear my name."

"Just to clear if what is circulating is true, I'll always be responsible for my actions. And I explained to Steph I'll speak to her, and do everything for her if she stops drinking and partying knowing she's 'pregnant'".

"I'm sick of tit for tat but I won't let anyone slander me, I haven't been ideal in the relationship whatsoever, I'm trying to move on peacefully, it's a shock to most, but a kid can't fix a broken relationship."

The backlash to Jeremy's post has been off the charts, with Twitter users weighing in and offering their own thoughts on the situation.

"You are disgusting writing this, you should actually be ashamed," wrote one while another slammed: "He's a p*ssing idiot" Why any lad would treat a girl this way is sickening."

This is definitely going to get worse before it gets better.



After months of ups and downs with Jeremy McConnell, it looks like things have finally reached breaking point for former Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis.

According to numerous reports, the Celebrity Big Brother star has revealed she is pregnant with Jeremy's child, but claimed the Irish model wanted nothing more to do with her in light of the news.

In an online post which has since been deleted, the 23-year old actress poured her heart out and told fans and followers she has been left heartbroken by her former Celebrity Big Brother housemate.

Shocking Instagram users last night, Stephanie explained that she was pregnant and stunned by Jeremy's response to the enormous news.

'Yeah I loved him unconditionally, after a week of hell and late phone calls and pain he’s caused I still kept my phone so I could find him." she wrote. "Find out I’m pregnant and he says he doesn't love me any more and blocked. Heartbroken. Pain I can’t understand or deal with."

"Utter heartbreak", she continued in the candid post. "He never wanted a smaller in a broken home."

Stephanie also uploaded an image of baby's feet to her social media page, with the words: "Life will be full of ups and downs. It will be one tough ride. But your love for your child will be the anchor that will see you through it all…”

In the saga that is Steph and Jez, this latest drama has definitely taken first place.



Well, it seems like Scotty T is sick of Steph and Jeremy's drama.

The Geordie Shore star has disowned the couple, saying that they've "gone off the rails" and Stephanie is a "liar."

While talking to BANG, Scott admitted that he'll stay friends with a few of the housemates – but Jephanie haven't made the cut.

"I don't want to be friends with them because I feel as if they have gone off the rails. I mean Jeremy, when he left Big Brother, apparently he said some things about me. He was like 'Scott's been getting with Megan [McKenna] but he's got a girlfriend.

"But, she's not my girlfriend, it's just a girl I've been meeting. Then apparently he had a presenting job [Xpose] and he missed it," he told the website.

"Steph just does my head in because she's a liar. When she came in she was like, 'I've got a boyfriend. I want to marry him. I love him, I love him.' 

"Then she pulled Jeremy she said: 'My boyfriend's done so many bad things to me' using that as an excuse because she got with Jeremy."

Even though Scotty and Jeremy were close in the BB house, Scott wants to keep his distance from the wild model.

"I just think Jeremy is not doing himself any favours, and I don't really want to associate myself with that because I can get out of that.

"Last year I was out loose going out every day but I'm in work mode so trying to keep myself to myself."

We think Scotty is making the right choice.



Even though we reported yesterday that this relationship has officially ended, it seems that drama follows Celebrity Big Brother stars Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell around. 

After Jez finally admitted that he did in fact cheat on her while she was still in the CBB house, Stephanie reportedly broke things off with the Irish model. 

However, it would seem that she did not take the news well as she was hospitalised yesterday over a severe asthma attack. 

While all the drama has been unfolding at home, Steph had been doing some promotional work over in in Majorca when she fell ill. 

"Stephanie was admitted to hospital yesterday after suffering an asthma attack. She is currently recovering," said a spokesperson for the actress to the Daily Mail. 

"Stephanie was panicked after having a really bad stress-induced asthma attack," added a friend. 

"She always travels with her inhaler but didn't have it with her yesterday whilst working so had to be admitted to hospital for stabilisation.

"She's recovering now and feeling much better. It was very scary."

Close pals of the star revealed that Jeremy's confession of cheating was a huge surprise to the former Hollyoaks star. 

"Jeremy has point blank denied this until his TV appearance and so it was a massive shock to her when he appeared and announced that without giving her any warning."

The revelation came after Steph was given a first hand confirmation of the cheating rumours from the girl in question, 19-year-old dancer Caroline Pope. 


And so apparently that is that. 

The love affair that broke up relationships, clogged our newsfeeds and caused turmoil in the Celebrity Big Brother  house is officially over, though we doubt this will be the last we hear of Jephanie. 

Jeremy McConnell spoke to Dáithí and Maura on the Today Show confirming the rumours that he 'cheated' on Stephanie while she was still in the house. 

"What happened, I was evicted a week and a half before the finale, she had a boyfriend in the house," said the Irish model. 

"When I got evicted, I went down to Newcastle, I ended up with a girl that night. But this was before she got out of the house.

“I was with someone that night. I didn’t deny it."

And it seems that Steph has called it quits. 

"I don’t know," came the reply when asked if the pair were still together. 

"Stephanie is in Majorca at the moment. The way she put it to me, she has split up with me."

The confession comes the same day as Steph tweeted her chat with the alleged girl in question, 19-year-old dancer Caroline Pope, which was since deleted. 

Jez also went on the share a pic of a ream of furious texts from the former Hollyoaks actress before also removing them. 

And that, as they say, is that (for now). 


They've been up and down, together and broken up, and honestly, we just can't keep up.

Steph and Jeremy's CBB housemate Scotty T has reportedly spilled the beans that Jez slept with another woman while he was in a relationship with Stephanie.

The newly-blonde then text the girl in question, Caroline Pope, and asked her out-straight if she did the dirty deed with her boyfriend.

Steph took a screenshot of the messages and then posted them on Twitter, before deleting them a while later.

In a string of texts, Steph said: "Is it true u slept with Jeremy, don't lie to me as Scott just said you did."

After the actress sent her more messages, Caroline finally replied and said: "Girl to girl yes I did."

Then Steph uploaded the snapshot on Twitter with the caption: "Yeah true. Girl to girl lol. Both vile. And liars. Sorry for hoping on true love. I'll never love anyone again."

Scott later took to social media to clear up what he said: "Just for the record that's not what was said..that has been fabricated to the max, I have no reason to drop people innit!! #betterthingstodo.

"I did not say that Jeremy cheated, he wasn't in a relationship at that point any way! But it's not true ano for a fact he loved her #jefanie."


We got the impression that Scotty T was not the biggest fan of Jephanie while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but he really exposed the couple in a recent interview. 

The Georgie Shore lothario revealed that he knew that Jeremy McConnell cheated on Stephanie Davis as soon as he left the CBB house. 

"To be honest, I think it’s quite funny," said Scotty to the Sun. 

"I see them doing this whole love thing, but then I hear he’s off sh*gging girls. I mean he sh*gged one of my mates, she’s called Caroline Pope.”

"He shagged her as soon as he got out of Big Brother. He met her in Newcastle. I think it’s pretty hilarious how they’re going on about this relationship and then all they’re doing is arguing. I just laugh."

The Irish model has already denied rumours that he had cheated on Stephanie with the 19-year-old model the night before the final, a stance that he has reiterated in a tweet today. 

The winner of this year's CBB also has little hope for the relationship lasting very long but wishes them well. 

"Good luck to them like, but I did say from the start I wouldn’t really like to get in a relationship with a girl who cheated on her boyfriend to get with him anyway.

“If she’s done it once she can do it again.

“It’s not what I call a healthy romance. But if they’re happy, they’re happy.”

Steph and Jez put up a total display of love in an appearance on Loose Women last week. 


Having pulled out of their slot on the show following a shock split, it seems that Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell have made it up to the Loose Women ladies by appearing on the show today.

Oh and they of course cleared up the split rumours revealing that they had had a few drinks and were at different events on the night in question. 

"I said, 'I can't do this anymore.' I meant us being apart," revealed the former Hollyoaks actress referring to texts she sent to the Irish model. 

"People selling stories to the press. It was all getting on top of me. He took it like I ended it with him. But I didn't mean that. He was angry.

"He thought I ended it. It was a misunderstanding."

Following the confusion over the text messages, Jeremy posted a cryptic post to Twitter which suggested that the couple were no more: "I have been the biggest mug… You live and learn. Onwards and upwards." 

All of the confusion resulted in the pair missing their appearance on the show scheduled for Monday. 

However, the duo look happier than ever as they discussed what the future holds as well as nailing a game of Mr and Mrs.

Watch Jephanie prove how well they know each other in the video below:



While many of us are getting swept up in the whirlwind that is the turbulent relationship between Celebrity Big Brother stars Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell, it seems one person is happy with the pairing. 

The rest of us may be sick to our back teeth of hearing about the ups and downs of the couple since they left the house, but Stephanie's ex Zayn Malik has reportedly given them the seal of approval. 

Stephanie has always had nothing but nice things to say about her brief fling with Zayn (even if it overlapped with his relationship with Perrie) and it seems that the former One Direction hottie is happy for his former flame. 

According to the Mirror, the Pillowtalk singer reached out to his ex to wish her and her new beau well. 

"Zayn has been in touch to check Stephanie is ok and to let her know he approves of Jeremy," a source told the paper. 

"He has invited them both to see him when he is in London."

While we find it kind of hard to believe that the super busy Zayn took time out of his day to chat to his fame-hungry ex, we would probably combust if we actually saw pictures of that trio hanging out. 


A photo posted by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on

Meanwhile, Zayn has given 'Zigi' fans something to drool over as he shared a snap of himself and Gigi sharing an intimate moment on Instagram. 

While the snap has no caption, it features a polaroid of Zayn leaning over to kiss a delighted Gigi and fans cannot get enough. 

"I love you two! Together you look truly happy," reads one enthusiastic 'Zigi' supporter. 

Maybe a double date between Zigi and Jephanie is on the cards… if the latter can manage to stay together that is. 


Like Phillip, we're on the fence about Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis.

Within two days they were broken up and back together about three or four times, and now there's more drama following them.

Jeremy's ex, Tara Omidi has warned Steph to "watch her back."

Tara met Jeremy while they were filming the reality show Beauty School Cop Out and she claims that Jez came on to her in the same way he came on to Steph.

The 22-year-old told The Sun: "When I was on Beauty School Cop Out with Jeremy, he used the exact same lines on me as he did on Stephanie.

"He's a very charming guy but this is obviously just a showmance, Stephanie needs to watch her back.

"When I was on BSCO with Jeremy, there was a love triangle with me and him exactly like the one he was in with Stephanie and her boyfriend Sam.

"Jeremy used to sleep with this other girl and then afterwards he’d tell her it was only a physical thing and he was really in love with me."

Will there ever be an end to the drama in their relationship?


While we're still trying to figure out what is really going on between these two, it seems that Stephanie Davis is busy trying to convince the world that she and Jeremy McConnell are still very much on. 

The former soap actress posted a NSFW snap to her Instagram featuring more of the Irish model than we were were probably expecting to see today or ever. 


Breakfast in bed

A photo posted by Stephanie Davis (@stephaniedavis88) on

"Breakfast in bed," reads the caption of the steamy pic which features Jeremy lying face-down with a plate of grub sitting on his back. 

Stephanie and Jeremy pulled out of an appearance on Loose Women earlier this week after a cryptic tweet from Jeremy seemed to infer that the couple had ended it. 

However, Steph then took to social media to dispel the rumours while Jez posted a snap of the pair together in bed

We literally cannot keep up with these two, either they are having a very turbulent relationship or this is an immaculately executed publicity stunt that is totally working at keeping us all hooked (and totally confused). 


He tweeted about it, he released a statement about it, but was it all lies?

Yep, after Jeremy confessed that his relationship with Stephanie Davis is over, within a DAY he shared a photo of them in bed together.

He captioned the snap, "cool story, bro." Erm… OK?

This comes after a whirlwind weekend where Jeremy went missing and Steph dyed her hair blonde.

The couple were supposed to make an appearance together on Loose Women yesterday but Jez's rep said that because they broke up, he won't make it to the show.

"He cares really deeply for Steph, however, the pressure of the relationship was just too much. He really wishes it could have worked out, and he wishes Steph the very best for the future."

BUT then, Steph took to Twitter to say the pair were definitely still a couple.

We don't know about you, but we're mega confused and wish they'd just make up their minds. #SorryNotSorry. 

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